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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Keep some special things in worship

 Keep some special things in worship

In our religious texts, many important things related to the worship of the Gods have been told. These things are very important. Today we are telling you some important things related to worship - Surya, Sriganesh, Durga, Shiva and Vishnu have been called Panchdev. Every person desiring happiness must worship these five gods every day. Ketaki flowers are forbidden in the worship of Shiva.

Agastya flowers should not be offered in the worship of the Sun. Tulsi leaves are considered taboo in the worship of Lord Shriganesh. Flowers should be plucked for worship only after taking bath. According to the Vayu Purana, a person who worships a person without offering a bath or offering flowers or tulsi leaves to the deities does not accept the deity.

In the worship of the deities, the smell (sandalwood, kumkum, abir, gulal, turmeric, mehndi) should be applied to the ring finger. A lamp of pure ghee should be kept on its left side and oil lamp on its right side. In worship, the deities must show incense, lamps and nevaidya (bhog) must also be present.

Never extinguish the lamp yourself. God should never offer stale water, flowers and leaves. Ganga water, basil leaves, bilvapatra and lotus, these four are not stale in any stage. Seven revolutions of Lord Surya, three of Sriganesh, four of Vishnu and three of Shiva.

Do not place any junk or weight on the place of worship. Take care of purity at the place of worship. According to Shivpuran, the Durva offered to Shriganesh should be twelve fingers long and three knot. One should worship Sri Ganesha from 101 or 121 Durva. Yellow silk silk cloth should be offered to please Vishnu. To appease Durga, Surya and Shriganesh, one should offer red colored clothes.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

How to please Hanuman ji, what to offer, what to wear


How to please Hanuman ji, what to offer, what to wear

According to astrological scriptures, if a person in distress takes some special measures to please Hanumanji on Saturday, then his problems can be overcome in no time.

"Crisis severed, all pied. Joe Sumire Hanumat Balbeera."

Whether the problem is related to the common life or the workplace, Hanuman Ji's Sumiran destroys all kinds of problems. According to astrology scriptures, if the person in distress takes some special measures to please Hanumanji on Saturday, then in no time his troubles can be removed and his luck can change. Jyotishacharya Sakshi Sharma is telling some tried-out tips that will get rid of all your troubles as soon as possible.

1. To get the blessings of Hanuman ji, one should worship Lord Rama and recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly. If you cannot do it everyday, then read it on Saturday.

2. To appease Hanuman ji, on Saturday, devotees offer him various kinds of offerings and also offer many things. The offering of red mung bean to Lord Hanuman fulfills the wishes of the devotees.

3. Bundi is offered to Lord Hanuman on Tuesday. Keep in mind that it is red colored.

4. Hanuman ji loves vermilion. On Saturday, sindoor is offered to Hanuman ji. If your problem is not taking the name of ending, then you should offer vermilion on Hanuman temple on Saturday.

5. You can offer any flower garland to Hanuman ji but he likes marigold flowers very much. On Saturday, while offering a garland of flowers to Hanuman ji, tell us your concern. Soon it will be resolved.


The accuracy or reliability contained in any information / material / calculation contained in this article is not guaranteed. This information has been sent to you by collecting it from various mediums / astrologers / almanacs / discourses / beliefs / religious texts. Our aim is just to convey information, its users should take it only under information. Apart from this, the responsibility of any use of this will rest with the user himself. ''


Friday, September 4, 2020

Why are sacrifices offered in the yajna? Who composed the sacrifice? What is the difference between a yajna and a havan?

Knowledge of religion: Why are sacrifices offered in the yajna? Who composed the sacrifice? What is the difference between a yajna and a havan? Answers to similar questions related to Yagya

In the Ramayana and Mahabharata, there is a description of many such kings who have performed many yagyas.
The tradition of Yajna in Hinduism dates back to the Vedic period. In Hinduism texts, there are many references of yagna to avoid wish fulfillment and evil. In the Ramayana and Mahabharata, there is a description of many such kings who have performed many yagyas. There is a tradition of performing Yajna to please the gods. According to the scriptures, Yajna was first created by the Supreme Father Brahma. The complete description of Yajna is found in the Vedas.

The second name of Yajna is Agni Pooja. Gods can be pleased with yagna as well as desired fruit can also be obtained. Brahma also composed a yajna along with man and said to the man that through this yagna you will progress. Yagya will fulfill your desired desires and requirements. Confirm the gods through yajna, they will elevate you. In religious texts, Agni is considered the face of God. Whatever is fed (ahuti) in it is actually Brahmabhoja. Putting the sacrifice in the mouth of the sacrificial fire, you have to feed the divine. Of course, in the yajna, the gods are welcome. The glory of Yajna has been sung in religious texts. The theme of Yajna is also prominent in the Vedas. God is pleased with the sacrifice.

Science related to sacrifice
Yajna is an important science. The trees whose problems are used in it have special qualities. There is also the science of what kind of material is put for which experiment. The blending of those objects creates a special quality, which produces a specific effect in the atmosphere upon burning. The power of pronunciation of Veda mantras further enhances that effect. Those who are involved in that Yajna have a big impact on them and the nearby atmosphere. Scientists have not yet been successful in getting artificial rainfall, but the use of rain by sacrifice is often successful. Extensive pleasures, prosperity, rainfall, healing, peace require big yagyas, but small havans also benefit us within our limits and dignity.
Know the difference between havan and yajna
Havan is a shortened form of Yajna. The process of ahuti offered in fire after any puja or chanting etc. is popular as havan. Yajna is a sacrifice offered to a particular deity for a specific purpose. It consists essentially of deity, ahuti, Veda mantra, Ritvik, Dakshina. Havan is a ritual of purification in Hinduism. The process of sending havi (food) near the deity through fire in a tank is called havan.

Havya, Havya or Havishya is the substance that is sacrificed in fire. After lighting the fire in the Havan Kund, the sacrifice of fruits, honey, ghee, wood, etc. is prominent in this holy fire. It is believed that if there is an influence of an evil spirit around you, then the Havan process liberates you from it. Havan is also done for good luck, health and prosperity etc.

How do you get happiness and peace ?:

How do you get happiness and peace ?:
 Whenever the mind is disturbed, then no decision should be taken, mistakes can be made and life can be ruined.
A person said to Buddha that my wife quarrels again and again, make me your disciple, Buddha said, bring drinking water from the river, when the disciple reached the river, the water was very dirty.
Whenever our mind is disturbed, then we should not take any important decision. In such a situation, there may be a mistake in the decision, which may lead to problems in the future. Wait for the mind to calm down and only then take a decision. There is a prevalent incident of Gautama Buddha in relation to the restless mind. Know this topic ...

According to the context, a person was unable to keep pace with his wife, they used to have quarrels everyday. Because of this, his mind was disturbed. Fed up one day he went into the forest. At that time Gautama Buddha was passing through the forest with his disciples.

The unhappy person told the Buddha all the things and said that I want to retire, please make me your disciple. Buddha agreed to this. The next day in the morning, the Buddha said to the person that I am thirsty, bring water from a nearby river.

He went to the river bank to fetch water for Buddha. After reaching there, he saw that the water has become dirty due to the jump of wild animals. The soil beneath has come up. Seeing the dirty water, the new disciple returned. Upon reaching Buddha, he gave information about this.

After some time Buddha again sent him to fetch water. This time he reached the banks of the river and saw that the water was very clear, the dirt of the river had sat down. He was surprised to see this. He reached the Buddha with water. He asked how did you know that Tathagata would now get clean water.

The Buddha explained to him that the animals were jumping in the water, due to which the water became dirty. But, when all the animals left from there, the water of the river became calm, slowly the whole dirt sat down. In the same way, when many problems arise in our life, our peace of mind is disturbed. In such a situation, we take the wrong decision. We should wait for the turmoil of the mind to calm down. Should be patient. The mind should be calm.

The person remembered his life after listening to Buddha's words. He understood that he had taken the decision to leave the house with a restless mind, which is wrong. He asked Buddha to return home and he went to his wife. After this, the troubles of her married life came to an end. Now he started solving all problems by remaining calm.

How can we put our mind in worship ?:

How can we put our mind in worship ?:
 As long as we keep focusing on the works of others, our mind cannot concentrate, worship cannot be done without concentration.
A lady in the temple told the priest that the people who come here do not worship, because of this my mind is unable to worship.
They worship, but if the mind remains somewhere else, then the worship deeds are not successful. A folk tale is prevalent in relation to how to engage the mind in worship. According to the legend, a woman used to visit the temple every day. One day he told the temple priest that I will not come to this temple anymore.

The priest asked the woman the reason for this. The woman said that many people come to this temple, but most people sit in the temple and keep talking in vain. There is no attention in worship. Because of these people, I too do not mind worshiping.

Pandit said that it is okay, do as you think appropriate. But, if I do a small work today, it will be a great blessing. After this, you can take the decision as you wish.

The lady said okay, tell me what to do. The Pandit filled water in a glass and asked the woman to come back after circling the temple. However, keep in mind that water should not fall from the glass. The woman agreed to this task and took a circumambulation with a glass.

The woman was completely focused on the fact that not a single drop of water should fall from the glass. In time, she revolved around the temple and reached the priest.

The priest asked the woman that while you were doing the parikrama, did you see anyone talking in the temple?

The woman said no. I was completely focused on the fact that not a single drop of water fell from the glass. Because of this I paid no attention to the temple.

The priest told the woman that in the same way while worshiping, we should pay full attention to God. Who is doing what, others should not pay attention. Only then our mind is able to engage in worship.

Religion and Science: Worship of ancestors is considered incomplete without Kush; According to research, natural preservative is Kush grass, it also contains purification agents.

Religion and Science: Worship of ancestors is considered incomplete without Kush; According to research, natural preservative is Kush grass, it also contains purification agents.

The importance of Kush is told in the Atharvaveda, Matsya Purana and Mahabharata; Kush prevents the energy of the body from going into the ground.
Kush grass is considered sacred in the Vedas and Puranas. It is also called Kusha, Darbha or Dabha. According to Matsya Purana, Kusha is made from the body of Varaha avatar of Lord Vishnu. Kusha is used in Hindu rituals and rituals. The use of Kusha during the Shraddha in Pitripaksha is necessary. Without this the tarpan is considered incomplete. The ring of Kusha is worn in the third finger. Which is called Pavithri. It is mentioned in the texts that its use leads to mental and physical purity. Water is sprinkled with Kush to sanctify the place of worship. Kusha is also used at the time of eclipse. Kusha is put in the food and drink before the eclipse. This is done during the eclipse period, so that food does not spoil and remains holy. Research in Tamil Nadu's SASTRA Academy has revealed that Kush grass acts as a natural preservative. It is also used in medicine. Kush has a purification agent.

Religious importance: Kusha in Atharvaveda, Matsya Purana and Mahabharata

In the Atharvaveda it is said that Kush grass controls its control over anger. It has also been called inauspicious preventive medicine. Chanakya's texts reveal that Kush oil was extracted and used as medicine. The Matsya Purana states that Kush grass is considered sacred due to being made from the body of Lord Vishnu.
According to the legend of Matsya Purana, Lord Vishnu took the Varaha avatar and killed Hiranyaksha and established the earth. After that the water on his body was dusted, then the hairs from his body fell on the earth and turned into Kusha. After this Kusha is considered sacred.
According to another passage in the Mahabharata, when Garuda Dev brought amrit kalash from heaven, he put that urn on Kusha for a while. The placing of nectar kalash on Kusha started to be considered sacred. According to the Adi festival of Mahabharata, in the Mahadasha of Rahu, one should take a bath with water containing kusha. This gives relief from the inauspicious effects of Rahu. It is mentioned in the same book that Karna did not use Kush in the Shraddh of his ancestors. Hence it has been said that the shraadh performed by wearing Kush satisfies the fathers.
It is mentioned in the Rigveda that the posture of Kush was used during rituals and rituals. According to Buddhist texts, the Buddha meditated and attained enlightenment by sitting at the ease of Kush under the Bodhi tree. Sri Krishna has considered Kush's posture ideal for meditation.
Spiritual significance: Kush prevents the energy of the body from going into the ground
It is believed that energy is produced in our body during worship and meditation. If sitting on the seat of Kush and worshiping and meditating, then she is not able to enter the ground through her legs. Apart from this, there is a law to wear Kush ring in the third finger in religious works. So that the spiritual strength does not go to other fingers. It is the finger of the Sun due to its location under the ring finger. We get biographical power, glory and fame from the sun. The second reason is to stop this energy from entering the earth. During the ritual, if the hand accidentally falls on the ground, then the wart will come in the middle and energy will be conserved. Hence the ring of Kusha is worn in the hand.

Scientific Importance: Natural Preservative is Kush
Sukhi Kush grass is used in worship and rituals. This is done because this sacred grass contains purification agents. It is also used in medicine. Kush has anti-obese, antioxidant and analgesic content. It also has the property of maintaining blood sugar. Hence it is also used as a medicine. Research at SASTRA Academy in Tamil Nadu has revealed that Kusha grass is a natural preservative. Therefore it was kept in food items at the time of eclipse. Due to which bacteria do not grow in food.

How to get success ?:

How to get success ?: 
The Guru wants that the disciples do not make the mistakes that they have made, the Guru removes the shortcomings of the disciple and improves his ability.
Both the Guru and the disciple used to make the idols, the disciple's idols were sold for a higher price, but the Guru used to say that every time the disciple should bring cleanliness in the work, a true master learns from his mistakes and he wants to make mistakes. He should not make his disciple. The Guru removes the shortcomings of the disciple, improving his ability. The disciple should understand this. A folk tale prevails in this regard.

In olden times, he used to work with a guru and a disciple to make sculptures. His life was going on by selling idols. The disciple was making very good sculptures and his idols were getting more money too. Idols of the Guru were not much appreciated.

The disciple felt that he had become a better sculptor than the Guru. This thing started boasting. The Guru used to tell him every day that son and work cleanly. Your idols are still lacking.

Hearing the criticism of his work from the Guru, the disciple used to think that Guruji's idols are sold for less than me, perhaps that's why Guru has started burning with me. When the Guru continuously advised him to do good work for a few days, one day the disciple got angry.

The disciple told the guru, Guruji, I make good idols with you, only then my idols are sold for a higher price, yet you ask me to improve them. The Guru understood that the disciple has become arrogant.

The Guru calmly said that when I was your son, my idols were also sold at a higher price than the idols of my Guru. One day I too said the same things to my mentor like you. From that day onwards the Guru stopped advising me. My ability could not be improved. I don't need something very similar to transpire.

The disciple realized his mistake after hearing this, he apologized. After this, he obeyed every command of the Guru and gradually he started gaining fame due to his art.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Importance of Deepak: You can shine your fortune by lighting a lamp, know these 6 ways

Importance of Deepak: You can shine your fortune by lighting a lamp, know these 6 ways

In the scriptures, lighting lamps in the worship of deities is mandatory. In astrology, the importance of lighting a lamp everyday is explained. Also, some such measures have been suggested, by which you can shine your fortune. According to astrology, you should light a mustard oil lamp in the Bhairav   temple every Monday and Saturday to protect it from unknown fears and enemies. To maintain happiness and prosperity in the family, for this, you should light a lamp of desi ghee in front of Bal Gopal every day and in front of Lord Vishnu on Thursday.

Importance of lighting a lamp

Jyotishacharya told that in all auspicious works and religious rituals, worship of God is done only by lighting a lamp of oil or native ghee. It is clearly stated in the scriptures that the worship of deities by lighting a lamp removes all obstacles. It is said that in the light of the lamp, the Gods permeate. God takes all the miseries by lighting a lamp while performing the aarti. The special importance of lighting lamps daily is told in astrology. Such measures related to Deepak have also been told that your luck can shine. Lighting the lamp brings positive energy to the house. Peace and peace is inhabited. Let us tell you which remedies related to Deepak are described in astrology.

1. Saturn will get rid of the wrath

To get rid of Rahu-Ketu's defects, light a linseed oil lamp in the morning and evening. By doing this, you will get rid of Rahu-Ketu dosha present in the horoscope. Also, by burning a mustard oil lamp in the Shani temple on Saturday, one gets rid of Saturn's wrath.

2. Victory over fear

If you are scared If your mind is distracted in going somewhere or some unknown fear always follows you, then a mustard oil lamp should be lit in the Bhairav   temple on Monday and Saturday. All fears will be overcome by this measure. Not only this, even the tricks of your enemies will not deter you. By the grace of Bhairav, there will always be a security circle around you.

3. Honor will increase

Those who crave to establish their separate identity in the society should also light a lamp daily. To increase respect and respect, it has been said in the scriptures that water should be given to Sun God every morning. Also aarti should be done with a lamp of desi ghee. Your respect will increase with this measure. Sun God will speed up your stalled work.

4. These measures are necessary for happiness and prosperity

Burning a lamp of desi ghee in front of Bal Gopal everyday and in front of Lord Vishnu on Thursday brings happiness and prosperity in the family. 108 times Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Namah: One should also chant the mantra. By doing this, positive energy remains in the house and happiness and peace increases.

5. Income barrier will be overcome

In front of Maa Lakshmi, lighting a seven-faced lamp, seven money lights, removes money related problems. This solution will not only remove all the problems of money, but along with this, the stopped money will also be easily found. Burning a lamp with two lights in front of Maa Saraswati increases my intellect.

6. There will never be a shortage of money

On Wednesday, in front of Lord Ganesha, you should light a lamp of three-faced desi ghee and offer grass to them. With this remedy, there will never be a shortage of money in the house. This measure also proves effective for increasing income and finding new avenues for wealth.


Saturday, August 15, 2020

Vastu Tips: Don't forget to keep these things in purse, bring bad luck

Vastu Tips: Don't forget to keep these things in purse, bring bad luck
Often, people keep some items like keys and papers in addition to money in purse. But do you know that these things can make you poor. According to Vastu Shastra, it is considered inauspicious to keep any unnecessary thing other than money in purse. It is also believed to cause economic losses. Know what comes from keeping bad things in the purse and there is loss of money-

1. Unnecessary paper such as bills etc. should not be kept in the purse. According to Vastu Shastra, doing so brings negative energy and causes economic loss.

2. According to Vastu Shastra, one should never keep a cut picture of God in the purse. If there is such a picture, then it should flow in the river and keep the new picture in the purse. It is believed that keeping a cropped picture hinders progress.

3. Many people keep a picture of their ancestors in the picture. According to Vastu Shastra, it is considered inauspicious to keep the photograph of the deceased in purse. Doing so can result in interruptions and inauspicious news.

4. It is believed that a sharp thing should never be kept in the purse. It is said that by doing this negative energy comes and money is lost.

5. Many times people keep money in purse. According to Vastu Shastra, doing so is considered inauspicious. It is said that the rupee should always be kept in order from small to large.

6. It is said that keeping notes and coins together in purse leads to loss of money. It is believed that mother Lakshmi does not survive the sound of coins. In this case, coins should always be kept separate.

7. According to Vastu Shastra, one should not keep any obscene photograph or material in the purse by mistake. It is believed that it does not bring prosperous.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Remove 'Vastu Dosh' from Swastik, know its importance

Remove 'Vastu Dosh' from Swastik, know its importance

Swastika has its own importance in Hinduism. It is made up of two words in which 'su' means auspicious and 'asti' means to be. That is, the fundamental meaning of Swastik is 'auspicious', 'welfare'.
That is why the tradition of making swastikas on the occasion of any Mangalik or auspicious work has been going on in Hinduism for centuries. It is said that while making the swastika his four arms remain parallel and these four arms have great religious significance. In fact, they are considered a symbol of the four directions. Apart from the four Vedas, it is said to symbolize the four Purusharthas which include Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha.

Why Hinduism is the only use of swastika, you will find Buddhism, Jainism and even Harappan civilization. In Buddhism, the swastika is considered to be "very auspicious" and a symbol of "good deeds".

The symbol of the swastika will be seen in the heart, palm and feet of Lord Buddha. Apart from this, in Jainism, it is the seventh gin in Jainism, which is also known by the name of Tirthankara Suparswanath. Shwetambar considers Jaini Swastik the main symbol of Ashta Mars.

Similarly, it is said that when the Harappan civilization was excavated, the symbol of Swastik was also derived from there.

Remove 'Vaastu Dosh' from Swastik

Yes, if you feel that Vastu dosha has come in your house, then the Vastu Shastri gives the method of redressing it with the symbol of Swastik. It is said that the four arms of the swastika symbolize the four directions, and that is why the four directions can be purified equally by making a sign of Vastu.

For this, the Vastushastri says to place an Ashtadhatu or copper swastika on both sides at the main door of the house. If you want to eliminate negative energy from your house, then you should make a swastika sign on the door with vermilion 9 inches long and wide. This eliminates negative powers. At the same time, if you are using the swastika in religious work, then it should be made with roli, turmeric or vermilion. Swastik is being made during festivals, so Swastik can be made from Kumkum, Sindoor or Roli. This makes the Gods and Gods happy and live in your house.
Using swastika for business growth

If you are constantly making losses in your business and feel that despite all efforts, your business is not progressing, then you have been told how to solve Vastu defects through swastika. For this, you have to wash the Ishaan angle with Ganga water on 7 consecutive Thursdays and make a swastika symbol with dry turmeric there. After making Swastik, you must do Panchopchar Puja here and also offer half tola jaggery. Vastu Shastri says that by making a swastika symbol of turmeric in the north direction at the workplace, you get immense success in your work.

Use of swastik for sound sleep

Many times it happens that a person starts feeling restless at bedtime at night and does not sleep and nightmares start disturbing as soon as he closes his eyes. Vastu Shastri says that you should build Swastik before sleeping with your index finger and then sleep after it. This makes you sleepy.

Correct method of swastika construction

Astrologers and Vaastu Vidas say that one should always use red colored kumkum, turmeric or ashtagandha, vermilion to make a swastika. For this, first the sign of plus (plus) should be made and the upward direction should start to make the arms of the swastika from the top corner.
Importance of black swastika

You will often see a red or yellow swastika being made, but in many places you also see a swastika made of black color. There is nothing to panic, but it is considered as a way to protect the swastika made of black coal from evil eyes. It is said that swastika made of black coal prevents negative energy and ghosts etc. from entering the house and black swastika is also made to avoid any evil eye.

Avoid making swastikas here

Swastik is a very auspicious sign, so it should be avoided to make it unclean or dirty. According to astrology experts, making a swastika on a defecation wall or a very dirty place weakens the conscience and impoverishes the house.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Keep this in mind when lighting a lamp at a temple or place of worship

Keep this in mind when lighting a lamp at a temple or place of worship
Measures such as worshiping, chanting, chanting, yagna, home, donation, herbs or gems are taken to make life happy, prosperous, painless, but despite taking so many remedies many times, the expected fruit is not achieved. it happens. In such a situation, the blame is put on the astrologer who is giving luck or remedy. But somewhere behind it, we and our efforts or lack of information are responsible.

It is also not appropriate to consume alcohol, non-vegetarian or intoxicating substances, obscene laughter or profanity, insult someone and maintain unholy feelings in the mind during worship, chanting or other religious events. The added practice becomes meaningless. Therefore, always worshiping the holy and pure conscience while living a sattvik life is auspicious.

Even due to Vastu defects in the house or business place or a place of worship in the wrong direction, the poojas or remedies done do not give any benefit. Therefore, if there is a Vastu Dosh then it should be treated first and the place of worship should be shifted in the right direction.

While lighting a lamp at a temple or place of worship, it should be kept in mind that pure ghee or pure sesame oil or mustard oil and wick made from cotton should be used in the lamp. The lamp should be of clay or metal made of brass or copper. Lamps made of iron should not be used, otherwise you will not get good results.

Not cleaning the place of worship regularly or not removing the stale flowers, wreath, leaves, offerings etc. on the next day also does not give the required fruit. Therefore God should use new worship material every day.

Being in unholy and unclean condition while reciting prayers and chanting mantras and not chanting mantras with correct pronunciation also creates hindrance in giving the expected fruit. Along with being a secluded place for worship, one should face in the east, north or north-east direction and chant the mantra while sitting on the easy of wool or washed cotton or silk cloth. The worship performed on the bed, standing or walking or in haste remains fruitless and the person does not get any benefit from it.

On the birth or death of a new member in the family, family or kinship, there are sutakas or pathakas. In this condition, it is prohibited to worship. The reason for this is that the Sutak or Patak is considered a state of defilement. Religious work should be done only after the time period of Sutak or Patak is completed and purification is done.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Sun will come on Leo on August 16, know its effect on all zodiac signs

Sun will come on Leo on August 16, know its effect on all zodiac signs
The Sun of the planets will enter its zodiac lion on 16 August. With the entry of his zodiac sign, he will give special effect to all the 12 zodiac signs.

Astrologist told that the Sun, the heart, soul, father, soul and state factor, will enter its zodiac lion on August 16, 2020, leaving the Cancer sign to Bhadrapada Krishna Dwadashi. Mahamandaleshwar Swami Poornanandpuri Maharaj said that when Sun enters from one zodiac to another, it is called Sakranti. The entry of Sun in Leo sign is called Leo Sakranti. The Sun travels in a zodiac for about a month. The lion will be the most benefic lion due to the arrival of Sun in Leo, as Surya lion is the owner of the zodiac.

What will be the effect on which sign:
Aries - Due to the sun moving in the fifth house of the zodiac, the people of Aries can get auspicious results in matters related to their children. Control anger

Taurus - For the natives, the fourth house of the Sun can benefit from the land. Efforts to increase happiness can be successful. This time of one month may be quite good for business or job.

Gemini - The transit of the Sun in the third house of the zodiac will be auspicious. Siblings can have bad relationships. There will be a possibility of financial gain.

Cancer - For the natives, traveling to the Leo zodiac sun in the second house can be beneficial. There will be excitement in the family environment. But bitter language and anger can make things worse.

Leo- Sun of first house will bring a very positive effect. Honor will increase in society. Health will improve. Financially, the Sun of Leo will give great benefits.

Virgo- In the twelfth house of the zodiac, the arrival of the Sun in the Sun sign may give a chance to get away from the place of birth or abroad. There may be some relief from litigation or court complications.

Libra- Sun of Leo sign will bring lot of benefits for Libra. The presence of Sun in the eleventh house is giving strong effect to the economic benefits. Bad things will happen.

Scorpio- The position of Sun, Mars and Venus in the tenth house of the zodiac sign is a sign of great respect or profit. Especially for Scorpio politicians and officials, this one month time can bring very good news.

Dhanu - For the natives, the sun of fortune will increase in luck. Father's health can improve. Distance visits will cause mental stress.

Capricorn - Sun in the eighth house may increase worries for the natives, but suddenly there will be strong sum of money. There can be a situation of tension in married life.

Aquarius - For the natives, the arrival of the Sun in the seventh house will be auspicious for the job. But there will be a situation of ups and downs in married life. A deteriorating relationship with a partner can be improved by trying.

Pisces - Sun will increase the social impact of the sixth house for the natives of the zodiac. This one month time can be very auspicious for job seekers. Be cautious about your health. There will also be a possibility of debt relief.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Astrology Basics

Astrology Basics 

Astrology is the perception of the transaction between the planets and our Earth. (Soothsayers call the Sun and thusly the Moon planets for comfort, despite the fact that they're really illuminates. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, planets alludes to the planets and the sun and moon). Through a great many long periods of perception, two things are noted: 

Every planet speaks to a functioning a piece of our being, or a part of life (for example feelings, correspondence style, love style). 

The situation of each planet inside the sky shows the structure during which the planets segment is showed. 

Natal soothsaying sees that the places of the planets at the moment of your introduction to the world demonstrate the structure during which every planet's part is showed in your life. 

As far back as antiquated Babylon, soothsayers isolated the sky into the 12 segments of different styles (or models) that had been noted. Those are the 12 indications of the zodiac. 

Essential crystal gazing considers four things: 

The planets (counting the Sun and the Moon) 

The zodiac signs which the planets are in 

The Houses 


From our view on Earth, the planets, sun, and moon seem to circle around us along an evident way close to the ecliptic. (A geocentric view is compelling in crystal gazing in light of the fact that we study the collaboration between the rest of the universe and us here on Earth.) As they circle, they travel through the 12 zodiac signs. The vast majority of you know the sign where the sun is at some random time Aries from the finish of March through the greater part of April, at that point Taurus, at that point Gemini, and so on. The sun takes one month to go through each sign, and circles the entire zodiac in one year. In actuality, that is the place our idea of "year" originates from. The moon ventures to every part of the entire zodiac in one month. Truth be told, our assertion "month" originates from "moon." Our whole idea of opportunity arrived about in view of the sun oriented and lunar cycles around the zodiac. The principal antiquated stargazers were attentive. 

Since this evident way along the ecliptic is basically level (greatest deviation of around 8 degrees), we will draw a level, 2-dimensional attracting to speak to it. Normally, we draw a circle. This circle is cut into the 12 zodiac signs. The planets, as assigned by their real situations in space, each fall under one among the 12 zodiac signs. Every planet likewise falls into one among the 12 Houses. The Houses will be examined later. Perspectives are sure points, or degrees of partition between planets, or between a planet and some degree . Celestial prophets separate the sky into a 360-degree circle, and thusly the planets are organized upon it. At the point when planets are 0, 60, 90, 120, or 180 degrees separated, they are supposed to be in significant viewpoint. Different degrees of detachment are viewed as minor viewpoints. (See point by point data on angles.) Planets in perspective have a unique relationship, which soothsayers concentrate cautiously. Angles between planets are, by and tremendous , the deciding component that choose whether a planets vitality is showed effectively or with battle (decidedly or contrarily) in your life. This is on the grounds that, customarily, a few perspectives are viewed as negative while others are viewed as positive. Present day astrology have developed and broadcasted that all angles can be utilized productively. In soothsaying, perspectives are the place the activity is. Without angles, the divine stage and planetary entertainers are quiet and still. Perspectives stir the planets into the full articulation of their energies. 

For association, astrology make outlines to incorporate everything referenced previously. The soothsaying outline is a guide of the sky for a particular second in time. The crystal gazing graph is known as a horoscope. In antiquated days, they weren't generally included for individuals' introduction to the world occasions. They were projected for the hour of specific occasions, similar to wars, crownings, or celebrations. Just pharaohs and rulers would have one cast for their introduction to the world time. These days anybody can get their introduction to the world graph drawn. A birth diagram is reciprocally called a natal graph or horoscope. Your introduction to the world graph is your genuine horoscope, yet we don't utilize that word much any longer since it's been downgraded to signify "a bogus every day expectation dependent on your sun-sign." Your natal outline must be projected with an exact birth date, birth time, and origin. We accept that your introduction to the world graph is that the most valuable instrument you'll currently possess. 

For comfort, stargazers use glyphs (images) rather than words on graphs. This makes it simpler to see the entirety of the data orchestrated on the graph.

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Nature of signs

Nature of signs 

Aries: Odd, Fiery, Movable, Barren, Violent, Quadruped, Short ascension, Male, Bilious, Forest, Hilly Areas, Head, Brain

Taurus: Even, Earthy, Fixed, Semi Fruitful, Quadruped, Short ascension, Female, Windy, Agricultural Land, Face, Eyes

Gemini: Odd, Airy, Dual, Barren, Human, Double-bodied, Voice, Short ascension, Male, Bile, Wind and Phlegm, Bedroom, Throat, Shoulder, Arms, Lungs

Cancer: Even, Watery, Movable, Fruitful, Mute, Long ascension, Female, Phlegm, Chasm with water, Chest

Leo: Odd, Fiery, Fixed, Barren, Human, Long ascension, Male, Bilious, Forest, Heart, Upper Abdomen

Virgo: Even, Earthy, Dual, Barren, Human, Long ascension, Female, Windy, Mountain, Lower Abdomen, Spleen

Libra: Odd, Airy, Movable, Semi Fruitful, Voice, Long ascension, Male, Bile, Wind and Phlegm, Entertainment Places, Genetelia, Kidney.

Scorpio: Even, Watery, Fixed, Fruitful, Mute, Violent, Centipede, Long ascension, Female, Phlegm, Underground, Excretory Organs.

Sagittarius: Odd, Fiery, Dual, Semi Fruitful, Double - bodied, Quadruped (Second Half), Long ascension, Male, Bilious, Military Places, Thighs, Liver.

Capricorn: Even, Earthy, Movable, Semi Fruitful, Quadruped, Short ascension, Female, Windy, Watery, Knee.

Aquarius: Odd, Airy, Fixed, Human, Voice, Short ascension, Male, Bile, Wind and Phlegm, Porter House, Shin.

Pisces: Even, Watery, Dual, Fruitful, Mute, Double- Bodied, Centipede, Short ascension, Female, Phlegm, Sea, Feet

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Keeping yellow things in the south-west

Keeping yellow things in the south-west
In Vastu Shastra, think about keeping things of various hues from expert the correct way. Which shading items ought to be set in which heading and what impact do they have. The main thing we will discuss is yellow things. Everything that is utilized in the home comes in yellow things. Regardless of whether it is a vegetable or vegetable kept in the house, or yellow lentils, a work of art or a bundle, all the things which are yellow, ought to be kept in the southwest corner of the house, ie south-west heading.

Keeping yellow things in the south-west course keeps the mother's wellbeing acceptable, disposes of stomach inconveniences, keeps up great liver capacity and absorption is acceptable, so things identified with yellow shading are fixed in a nonpartisan point. , I.e. ought to be kept in the south-west heading as it were.

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The powerful power of the mantra and the secret of its use

The powerful power of the mantra and the secret of its use
Mantra lore involves the word Shakti - mental concentration - four points of unmatched devotion in character superiority and the intended goal. The number of miracles and blessings that can be attained by mantra power is true, but there is also the fact that this mantra must have passed in the fire of the above four tests. He has to prove it before using it. Cultivation is necessary for accomplishment. There are four stages of this practice, these are mentioned above.
Mantra seekers should follow the rules of Yama and promote the superiority of the character. Brutal, evil-abusive person cannot prove any mantra. Tantric powers also expect celibacy etc. Then the land on which the descent of the Dev Shaktis is to be done, must be equipped with satoguni purity in terms of thinking, feeling and action.

The gnawiness of the senses is the primary reason for the agility of the mind. In cravings - in lusts and in the ambitions of ego fulfillment, the mind wanders here and there in deer-craving and musk odor — like a deer running incongruously. Concentration of the mind is the most important force in the field of spirituality, and there are so many means for its editing, but their success is associated with blocking the evil movements that make the mind fickle. One who has built a capable perspective on the basis of a refined vision that can fulfill the need to contain the mind, will be able to take advantage of true and deep concentration. He will get attention in the same way and he will get an opportunity to benefit from the divine abilities that arise on the basis of self-consciousness.

The deeper the faith in the intended goal, the more the mantra will continue to become strong. Shraddha is an intense conscious power in itself. On the basis of beliefs, aspirations arise and the nature of the mind is built. The brain has to do a lot of work. The brain also operates the body. The task of giving direction to this brain is to have faith, trust, frozen in the heart of the inner being. In fact, the real inspiration center of the personality revolves on this axis of loyalty. The lyricist, while revealing this fact, has said, 'The one who is reverentially, he is really the same. That means reverence is personality. This reverence must have been employed in the favored goal — with greater depth in the accuracy and achievement of the practice — with diligence — the more powerful the mantra will become. The miraculous power will be intense in the same proportion. Giving importance to these three conscious grounds, the one who must have done the mantranushtan will surely be fully successful in his purpose.

The fourth base of the mantra is word power. Gunthans done in a specific sequence of certain letters are done by metaphysics on the esoteric principles of word-scripture. The meanings of mantras are simple and common. In the sense, teachings and directions of divine life are found. It is also right to understand them. But the power of the mantra is not in these teachings, but with his words. Sound flow is extinguished when the instruments are played in such a sequence. The sound flow that is formed by making the gorge with fluctuating vowels corresponding to certain ascensions is called singing. In the same way, the physical ability of a mantra to transmit a particular type of sound flow by transmitting a particular type of sound flow by repeatedly operating the vocal mantra according to certain word order. The chants pronounced from the mouth affect the astral body. The chanting of the mantra works a lot in ticking the three glands embedded in it, the chattakron-shodash mashtakadon-twenty-four epithets and eighty-four nadis. This word is also a very big reason and medium due to the birth of divine power.

God! You have made beautiful and attractive colors like red, yellow, green, white and blue in this world. Then what sin did I commit in my previous life, because of which Shyamvarn came on my part. Nobody likes my Kalima. Every person sees my ugliness and shrinks my nose, eyebrow. This is your sheer injustice. The black color said to the creator in a voice of exultation. The widow said with a smile - 'Watts! You are so innocent You do not even know that I do not give any color to anything in this world. All colors are adjusted in the sun's rays. The object that has the ability to pull their color and digest it and then radiate it, gets that color. You do not know to give anything with anything, it fills all the colors within itself and does not take the name of removing it. In this case, Kalima will bind your feet. What is the benefit of convicting me?

Drink from the mouth in mantra lore and words are pronounced in the light flow order, but their repeated repetitions continuously start to flow the sound of the power institutions of the subtle body. From there, inaudible nocturnal sounds or strong currents arise. In this, the personality of the Mantra seeker changes and based on them, it creates a desired environment for which the importance of the Mantra practiced is as important as the importance of Sadhana Vidhi, it is also necessary that the Yantrik gives his reverence, solidarity and method. Staying loyal in the process makes your personality worthy so that its chanting can be used as a gun aimed at the right target.

The importance of the word power is science oriented. The words gross, audible, also do a great job, then the importance of subtle imperishable inaudible sounds is even more. In chanting mantra, the pronunciation is very slow, from which only the imperceptible word power is produced in the severe result.

Sound waves were limited to the periphery of hearing due to pronunciation. Our ears are heard by the number of sounds emanating from the trauma caused by the mortals and objects. On acquiring many kinds of knowledge, one draws conclusions and takes useful steps by increasing the experience. This word became common usage.

Science has understood the extraordinary power embodied in sound waves and has started completing or taking advantage of various activities. Measuring the thickness of objects - properties of metals, defect testing, now only sound waves complete the primary form. The production of carbon black has started a new business chapter in textile washing, chemical blending, paper pulp, drying of wetting, casting of metals, manufacture of plastic threads, use of sound waves in the power industries.

VF The Goodinjing, milk plant of the Goodrich Company has become very popular. General Motors has also made 'Sony Gauge' machine. They use sound waves for many important tasks. Iowa Stent College, Ultra Sonic Corporation has also made many such useful devices.

Sound waves vibrate, they do not travel in the void like radio waves. There are only a few that can be heard by human ears. The number of people who are lower or higher than the ear is more than the number of times. The sound waves that are being used to transform the word into power are given the nouns Ultra Sonic (Astivan) and Super Sonic (Mahasvan). Scientists believe that these sounds can be easily converted into electric power in near future and then the sound flow of that word source can be used.

These sound waves are insignificant in seeing, hearing, understanding — their small existence seems a bit ridiculous, but one has to be amazed when there is a feeling of tremendous power embedded in them. These sound waves do such a huge work that even giant and power plants cannot do. This subtle power is used by mechanical science.
To understand the nature of vibrations of light and sound, we must look at the waves that rise in the ocean, they rise and fall and move with a systematic distance. The same is true of vibrations of light and sound. Electromagnetic waves are similar to waves of light. The distance between any two fluctuations is called the length of the wave, the fluctuation of the wave passing in a second from a point is called the frequency-component of the wave. The names of these components are determined by dividing the length of the wave into the speed of the wave.

Sound waves also have a lot to do with the flow of air. They are more comfortable with air flow, while their force in the direction of the barrier is very weak.

Radio waves, word waves, micro waves, television and radar waves, X rays, gamma rays, laser rays, death rays, infrared waves, ultra violet waves, etc. are all currents that flow continuously in this entire universe. The variation of these waves is measured based on their length. Meters, centimeters, microns, millimeters, angstrons are their measuring scales.

These sound waves are now being used for various physical purposes and many useful benefits are being taken from them.

Inaudible sounds are helping a lot in destroying harmful germs. Sinking butter from milk, dissolving metals and chemicals with each other — removing the fog — performs many important tasks. In wartime, important information about ships and aircraft comes from radar and other such devices. Some time ago, many diseases were treated by electrical equipment, instead successful treatments are being done using inaudible sounds.

The word gives not only information but more. After composting and watering, sweet sound flow is also considered a useful dose for plants. To make the crop well developed in Yugoswalia, a number of instrumental waves were flowed through sound amplification equipment and the result was found encouraging. The cattle rearers of the Netherlands started playing music while milking cows and found more milk. Three processes of sleep, excitement and growth were observed on trees and vegetation. Music enhanced the labor, fertility, sacrifice and milk-giving ability of the animals. George Smith, an American farmer, gained international fame with a view to achieving success in his growth through certain use of music on Mecca.

The term power can be converted into heat. When words collide with the brain's knowledge, we get many types of information. If they are captured and converted into energy, then they can become capable of performing any number of activities in the form of electric heating light magnetism.

Heat is considered a symbol of power. Various power streams are generated by burning different types of fuel. Power and heat are now considered the same. Sound has also been considered as a power-producing fuel in this series. The day is not far when the word will not be fuel, but will be considered an independent and all-powerful power. Only then can the accuracy of mantra power be understood properly.

Sounds are produced in three ways (1) by air (2) by water (3) by earth. The speed of sound received by air waves is 1088 feet per second. The speed of water waves is faster than this. Through that she moves 4900 feet in a second. This speed through the earth is even faster i.e. 16400 feet in a second.

Pranayama uses the air element — bath, water by Achman, Arghadan, etc., by using fire through lamps, Dhupbatti, Havan, etc. Those three remedies are done with mantranushthan to give word power to become strong.

Each sound produces different vibrations in its own way. On this basis, the curtains of our ears recognize the voices of different people even after closing their eyes. Depending on the density of sound vibrations — sound waves, we experience a myriad of different types of sounds. Blind people have to find out the existence of the movements of individuals and beings in the nearby environment only with the help of their ears. The ears become accustomed to be able to distinguish the sound flow emanating from different mediums and detect the situation or movements of beings.

Through the practice of nadayoga, sound waves are heard continuously flowing in the infinite space and by making contact with the waves of their work, what has happened in the past - the possibility for the future - and which person in the present Or by which circumstances what movements are being generated can be detected. The word cultivation of Nadayoga is virtually a part of the science of science.

The sounds whose vibrations range from 100 to 300 per second can be heard easily by human ears. With this, words with very high or very low vibrations are not heard by our ears even while walking in the sky. This type of word flow is called 'unheard sounds'. They can be heard by ear with a device called 'Super Sonic Radio Meter'.

High scientists of electronics have not been able to make a device that is as sensitive as the ear in terms of hearing power. The membrane of the ears that reaches the brain by holding the voice, its twisting is equal to one and a half thousandth of a inch. Nevertheless, she can recognize and distinguish between four hundred thousand types of words. We identify our cow or the sound of the meter separately, although almost the same sound is made of other cows or motors, but the slightest difference remains in it, it can be distinguished from the same for your ear and identification. It is possible. We have no difficulty in identifying how far, from which direction, which human voice is coming. This is a miracle of the subtle sensitivity of the ear. The telephone machine cannot capture such nuances.

There is a network of self-sustaining nerves from the brain to the brain. The vibrations of the word collide with them and generate resonance, when it reaches the brain, then the hearing is complete. It takes about a second between the entry of the voice in the ear and the brain to sense it.

Even after closing the mouth, its voice reaches the brain. In such a situation, the jaw bone near the ear passes those words directly from the mouth to the brain. It is clear from this that the work area of ​​the ear is not confined to a single deep tube, but extends around the jaw. Ears become numb by slapping the cheeks. The reason for this is that the fierce movement of that area has an effect on the ear.

The Eustoiyo tube carries out the work of classifying the sound waves entering the ear and sending them to the brain in a filtered form. When the hose gets tired amidst the noise, it often starts to sound deaf. To overcome this kind of internal fatigue, Jamuahiyan comes.

Hearing power has a lot to do with concentration of mind. If there is less interest in something, then even if there is a lot of murmuring nearby, nothing will happen to your feet. But if it is a matter of interest, whispers can also be understood easily.

Human ears can only experience sound waves that range from 20 to 20 millennium per second. There are less and higher number of sound flows, but they could not be heard by the human sensory sense.

On understanding this fact, the importance of mental chanting is understood. No accent required. Sound waves continue to rise well in the mind which is chanted by the subtle tongue in the meditation role - using mental power.

Radio devices can only capture sound waves operating at a limited and associated frequency. If they do not have a relationship with the nearest frequency, they will not be able to hear the device. Ear condition is a million times better than them. They can simultaneously catch and listen to the ongoing word flows on many frequencies.

The device that can hold the level of smelling power in the nose could not be made yet.

It is possible to hear the divine powers of heaven-wide, inner and inner regions by nadayoga and on that basis a lot can be known that it is not possible to know from macro-brain consciousness or available means. The word world-wide encompasses the deepest stirrings of the mantra in the sea and produces such powerful tides on the basis of which the desired conditions are exchanged.

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Essential Principles of Feng Shui

Essential Principles of Feng Shui 

Feng shui is an antiquated craftsmanship and science that was formalized more than 3,000 years back in China. In strict interpretation Feng signifies "wind" and Shui signifies "water." In Chinese culture, wind and water are related with acceptable wellbeing, in this way great feng shui came to mean favorable luck. On the other hand, terrible feng shui implies misfortune or mishap. 

A few components of Feng shui practice go back at any rate 6,000 years, and it contains components of different parts of academic investigation, including material science, reasoning, cosmology, and soothsaying. It is connected near the Taoist vision and comprehension of nature, especially the possibility that the land is alive and loaded up with Chi, or vitality. Different ideas shared between feng shui and Taoism incorporate the polarities of yin and yang—the total inverses that can't exist without the other—and the hypothesis of five components. 

Feng shui is some of the time thought to be the specialty of situation—seeing how the position of yourself and articles inside a space influences your life in different territories of experience. It is an unpredictable group of information that shows us how to offset and fit with the energies in some random space—be it a home, office, or nursery. Its point is to guarantee favorable luck for the individuals possessing a space. In spite of the fact that respected by some in mainstream researchers as a pseudo-science, feng shui has affected the feel of inside structure and the compositional design of living and working spaces, both in its local eastern and, all the more as of late, western societies. 

Since favorable luck comes in numerous structures, including better wellbeing, an effective vocation, or a satisfying adoration life, feng shui practice incorporates point by point tips for pretty much every aspect of your life. The fundamental apparatuses utilized in breaking down the feng shui of any space are the feng shui compass and the bagua. 

Two Basic Feng Shui Principles 

The standard of yin and yang. The Taoist hypothesis of yin and yang is basic to feng shui. At the center of this guideline lies a conviction that an equalization of the ladylike (Yin) and the manly (Yang) in our lives is important to keep up a decent progression of Chi and a substance, glad, effective life. 

In Taoist and Feng shui hypothesis, yin and yang are contrary energies that are reliant upon each other and which should consistently be in balance. The standard of duality—the possibility that everything is adjusted mixes of two things—is at the foundation of yin/yang hypothesis. While most other otherworldly ways of thinking have faith in restricting dualities, for example, great versus malicious, the Chinese Taoist framework accepts that equalization and balance between contrary energies is the attractive state. Disunity happens when one guideline exceeds the other. 

The rule of the five components. Likewise fundamental to Taoism and feng shui is the hypothesis of five components. By custom, feng shui practice holds that everything comprise of shifting degrees of five components. In the feng shui framework, wood, fire, earth, metal, and water are the five components, and each is spoken to by specific hues that can assist us with carrying amicability to a specific space. 

The five components can associate in any number of ways, some helpful and some damaging. In the productive cycle, for instance, water gives dampness to trees (wood) to develop; wood at that point turns into a fuel for fire; the buildup of fire is debris or soil; the debris/soil is the pith of earth minerals that structure metals; and as metal cool, they permit water to gather, finishing the cycle. In a ruinous cycle, then again, metal can cut wood; and wood can develop over and expend soil. 

The Feng Shui Bagua 

The feng shui vitality map, or bagua, is an octagonal network containing the images of the I Ching, the old prophet on which feng shui is based. Knowing the bagua (articulated "sack wha") of your home and of the rooms inside it will assist you with understanding the association between various regions and explicit parts of your background. The bagua is basically a mapping outline by which you can survey and improve how various pieces of the home influence explicit aspects of your life, for example, love, wellbeing, or riches. You can utilize it to decide how to situate furniture and different articles inside the space for the greatest positive advantage. 

The bagua map is utilized by first situating yourself to the primary access to the house, or the section to an individual room, at that point utilizing the guide to distinguish the distinctive key zones of the space. At that point, explicit things can be situated in those key territories to upgrade their feng shui. For instance, the spot characterized as the insight zone is a decent spot for a little pile of books, while the adoration/relationship space is a decent spot for a wedding photograph. 

Feng Shui Compass (Luo Pan) 

A feng shui compass is a particular type of a common attractive compass. Truth be told, the attractive compass was initially developed for use in feng shui, as an apparatus for situating structures and items inside structures as per cardinal headings for explicit feng shui purposes. Prior to the creation of the compass, bearings were dictated by cosmic instruments, for example, the astrolabe. Additionally called a Luo-Pan, the feng shui compass is utilized to get to more profound data about a site or a structure. It comprises of groups of concentric rings masterminded around the attractive needle. In Chinese, Luo signifies "everything" and container signifies "bowl." This can be deciphered to imply that the feng shui compass contains all the riddles of the universe. 

The feng shui compass is utilized to decide the best possible direction when utilizing the bagua vitality map. So as to take an exact perusing for your feng shui work, you don't really require a customary feng shui compass, only a precise attractive one. On the off chance that you choose to go further, possessing a customary feng shui compass can carry progressively complex bits of knowledge to your work. 

Feng Shui "Fixes" 

Feng shui offers an assortment of fixes to improve your life. From the utilization of aquariums to pull in thriving to the utilization of gems, wellsprings, or timekeepers for other individual objectives, there are numerous ways you can improve the vitality in your home or office with strong, great feng shui rehearses. 

Feng shui centers around hues, too. It is stunning how viably deliberately picked shades of divider paint, furniture, or adornments can influence the vitality stream in your home. On the off chance that you love to brighten at any rate, you should pick shading palettes that are advantageous to your life. Feng shui can manage you through this. 

Various Schools of Feng Shui 

There are a few distinct schools of feng shui. Among the customary schools are those that utilization the feng shui compass. Others, for example, the Black Hat Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui (BTB, for short), join Buddhist lessons into the training. There is likewise a cutting edge feng shui school that has been adjusted toward the Western way of life. 

You will likewise experience a solid socially explicit representative part of feng shui that ought to be utilized cleverly. When you ace the fundamental degree of feng shui, you will begin seeing ground-breaking results and will come to comprehend why feng shui is utilized broadly in homes and workplaces everywhere throughout the world. 

Albeit a few degrees of feng shui are straightforward and apply, the center information takes long periods of study. Much the same as customary Chinese medication, feng shui information is profound and complex. The more you find out about it, the more there is to investigate.

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Kinds of Feng Shui

Kinds of Feng Shui 

Kinds of Different Feng Shui Schools and Styles Explained 

Books on feng shui here and there appear to repudiate one another. This is on the grounds that, throughout the years, feng shui has created in different various ways, which has brought about an assortment of 'schools'. What's more, in any event, when the basic center feng shui ideas stay comparable, every circumstance requires particular individual examination, with the outcome that distinctive feng shui experts may offer various recommendations. It doesn't really imply that anybody isn't right. There is generally more than one approach to accomplish the ideal outcome. 

The Origins of Feng Shui 

Feng shui started in old China and all the old style feng shui schools and strategies were created there. The perception and examination of landforms, conduits and auxiliary situation are fundamental to old style feng shui. So are the formulae for figuring things, for example, the dispersion and nature of qi, essential equalization, propitious and foreboding bearings and areas, and so forth, which decide the measures to be taken so as to accomplish the ideal result. 

Distinctive Feng Shui Approaches: Classical and Contemporary 

The fundamental feng shui approaches and contrasts between them are summed up underneath. 

Structure School 

The structure school is the most established reported type of old style feng shui. It was initially worried about the arrangement and direction of burial chambers for the dead, and later its principals were moved to the structures utilized by the living. It analyzes and evaluates the 'type' of physical articles and shapes in the common and manufactured condition, alongside transformational components, qi stream and the indications of yin and yang. 

Compass School 

The old style compass school includes numerical computations dependent on the heading in which a structure faces, which is resolved utilizing a western compass or a Chinese 'luo container'. The examination is then founded on the eight compass divisions and the trigrams of the Ba Gua, and the Luo Shu is utilized for 'flying stars' investigation. Birth dates are here and there considered in specific counts that help to distinguish the connection between unique individuals and the vitality example of the earth. 

Contemporary Feng Shui 

A contemporary western understanding of feng shui has picked up ubiquity, especially in America, since its presentation in the 1970-80s. This methodology depends on the brain research of how to accomplish objectives through a focused on center around the various parts of life just as traditional structure school standards. 

What Feng Shui Is and Isn't 

Feng shui isn't a science, as its center ideas haven't been tried by logical technique however this is evolving. There is a development towards the logical approval of feng shui. There is presently an Academic Journal of Feng Shui, and feng shui has been analyzed from a logical viewpoint at a few International Conferences on Scientific Feng Shui and the Built Environment. 

Which Feng Shui Approach is Best for Me? 

Despite the fact that the different types of feng shui can be confounding at first, whichever approach most interests to you is likely a decent spot to begin. A wide range of feng shui (and related feng shui disciplines) have certain essential similitudes, and even the conventionalists invite the numerous books utilizing non-traditional approach which have showed up as of late, since they have without a doubt invigorated the current development of feng shui and are encouraging feng shui to advance and address the issues of present day life.

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Feng Shui isn't a reflection practice, a religion, or a New Age clique

What Is Feng Shui? 

Feng Shui (or Wind and Water) is the act of orchestrating your condition with the goal that vitality or "chi" streams delicately and easily through your home or business condition. 

Along these lines your space just feels better and supports what you deeply desire whether it's a superior vocation, new sentiment, improved wellbeing, or more pay. 

Feng Shui isn't a reflection practice, a religion, or a New Age clique. 

Not very quick or excessively moderate—perfectly! 

Feng Shui depends on the idea that everything in your condition has an actual existence power or vitality called "chi." 

Similarly as chi courses through your body, chi likewise streams yours through living condition. At the point when the vitality stream is stale (think mess and flooding storerooms), moves too rapidly (think long dull lobbies, steps, and straight shots through the home), or is deterred (think dividers, trees, or even vehicles in an inappropriate spot), the unequal chi may prompt sick wellbeing, residential struggle, or money related concerns. 

Feng Shui changes can assist you with ensuring that the chi vitality stream is perfect so everything in your condition underpins your desire for good karma, great wellbeing, agreeable connections, and flourishing. 

When did Feng Shui start? 

The act of Feng Shui was created in China over a 4,000-year time span. At first, individuals needed to think of rules that guaranteed their homes—and all the more significantly their burial chambers!— were set in an area that offered cover from winter tempests, floods, and bursting heat. 

As the act of Feng Shui created, individuals additionally began to think about compositional highlights, from the situation of chimneys, windows and entryways, to nurseries and arranging. 

Utilizing the Bagua 

The achievement of these standards prompted the utilization of Feng Shui to indoor decorations, including everything from couches and pictures to dishes and workmanship objects. Specialists of Feng Shui built up the bagua, a Feng Shui map that shows where in the home explicit improvements are to be applied. 

The bagua is set over the floor plan of a home (or room) and shows the area of nine principle zones of vitality in each home: Helpful People/Travel, Children/Creativity, Relationships and Romance, Fame, Wealth, Family, and Self Development. 

The Feng Shui professional masterminds the home to bring "good karma" to these zones and to ensure the chi streams easily with the goal that every zone on the bagua map is sustained and invigorated. 

As a feature of masterminding a home or business, conventional Chinese experts likewise incorporate an intricate blend of compass bearings, birthday events of inhabitants, and Chinese crystal gazing and social components. 

Feng Shui for the West 

To make Feng Shui increasingly open to Western culture, the profound pioneer Grand Master Lin Yun built up a Western type of Feng Shui called the Black Hat Sect Feng Shui that has evacuated the intricate recipes of conventional Feng Shui and the severe adherence to Chinese social components. 

He consolidated profound practices from around the globe and was the first to concentrate on how one's goals can affect the physical condition and stimulate the nine explicit regions of each home. 

Fabulous Master Lin Yun presented this Western type of Feng Shui to the United States during the 1970s. 

Moving into the social standard 

As individuals in the United States (and Europe) additionally began encountering the advantages of masterminding their homes and organizations as per Feng Shui standards, Feng Shui has moved into the social standard. 

Presently most Americans have in any event known about Feng Shui, and many are utilizing the training to orchestrate their homes for good karma and flourishing. Indeed, even the British Royal family is reputed to utilize Feng Shui standards. Organizations, from Citicorp to Donald Trump's organizations, are coordinating Feng Shui standards into their strategic approaches.

GURU Purnima: Ultimate Blessings for Spiritual and Material Wealth 

GURU Purnima, the Full Moon of the Guru, is the most significant time for everybody for otherworldly and material development. On this day, an exceptional vitality exudes from the Moon, making it the most remarkable Blessings-Filled Full Moon of the year to acquire the finesse of the Guru. The sacred writings state that the endowments and elegance of the Guru is the most straightforward and simplest approach to encounter wonders that can change each part of your life and assist you with conquering each issue. 

Summon of Secretive Siddhas' Goddess Bala 

The Tamil Siddhas are an exceptionally cryptic gathering of culminated creatures. They have their mysterious Gods and Goddesses and extraordinary love strategies to achieve the most elevated condition of turning into a Siddha. Among all these Divine creatures, Goddess Bala, who presents unparalleled favors and siddhi powers (extraordinary forces) has been saved clandestine for a considerable length of time. Numerous Siddhas, including the head Siddha Agastya have commended Bala that without accepting her gifts, it is exceptionally difficult to accomplish the most elevated Siddhis. 

On Guru Purnima, keeping with the Siddhas' convention and under the direction of Dr. Pillai, who uncovered this one of a kind Siddha Fire Lab which has been kept private, we will play out a fantastic Fire Lab at the Powerspot of Siddhas' Goddess Bala summoning her elegant favors for extreme insight, information, riches, influence of discourse, and siddhi powers.