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Feng Shui And You

Feng Shui And You

These days you hear everyone talking about principle and its ease and effectiveness! People often inquire from me whether the principle is that the only thing that influences a person's luck. The answer is a definite 'No'! But of course, I would not hesitate to mention that principle correction, is that the easiest method to reinforce your personal luck!. There is an excellent philosophy behind this, called the 'Trinity of Luck'. There are three types of lucks (1)HeavenLuck, (2)EarthLuck, (3)MankindLuck.  The influence of stars and planets on your destiny or the Retribution or reward you receive for the deeds of your past life. This type of luck is very difficult to change. Mankind luck is the luck that you draw, by really working hard with devotion and dedication i.e. 'Karma'. This is the general assumption that each person would do his best. Earth luck is the part of Trinity of Luck is the easiest to correct and can be totally turned in your favour! This is where Feng Shui comes in. The most the followed school (system) in principle is that the compass school which is especially based on a combination of the 'Lo-shu'- 

Magic square and therefore the "Pa-Kua' grid: The Lo-shu square consists of numbers 1 to 9, each number used only once. You may add the numbers in any of the horizontal or vertical line or diagonally, and the answer is always 15. Pa Kua grid is a grid of 8 life aspirations. The grid is shown below. People quite often tell me that they know from the articles they read, or from some other similar sources, that there are specific areas in their house like wealth, career, fame, children, elders, help, Knowledge and marriage. But The problem is that they don't know where these areas are exactly located in their house. No one has so far written about it. Today I am Revealing this to the readers! This is something they can easily use to assess their house on their own. The 8 life aspirations are located in different compass directions of your house and this is shown clearly on the Pa-Kua diagram that it has given.PA- KUA Fame area is the south zone of your house, wealth corner is south-east, marriage corner is south-west, We can use the grid and place over the plan of their house to roughly assess their house. E.g. If there is a toilet in the fame area or a cut in it, then you may suffer from ill fame or a bad name. If there is a cut in the north zone of your house or if there is a toilet or kitchen in that zone, then your career will have difficulties, A kitchen/toilet within the area of helpful friends results in not having mentors or helpful people around you, in your difficult times. such effects will be visible, but this is not everything. There are certainly lucky and unlucky areas and directions for every person within the house. This set of luck and unlucky directions and locations for each person is calculated astrology from the person's date of birth and hence certain directions are luck for some people and unlucky for others. "One man's food can be another man's poison"

Each Location on the Pa-Kua of your house also has a component attached thereto, e.g, the frame area is in the south and its element is fire. Hence, the placement of a fountain or a fish tank here will have bad results, as water destroys fire. The placement of plants in this location is good as wood enhances fire. The placement of red colour articles also is good here, as the colour red is symbolic of fire. The general wealth corner is that the southeast corner of your home and the element here is wood. You may enhance it by placing four healthy Jade Plants. Avoid any metal objects like scissors, Knives etc on display here as metal destroys wood. Apart from this a " Sheng Chi" direction ie. 
prosperity location exists in each house but this varies from person to person. this is often calculated from their date of birth consistent with principle astrology


According to Feng-Shui, there are five elements in nature. These are wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

These elements are interrelated in two ways, which suggests that there are two sorts of cycles of those elements. The productive cycle and the destructive cycle

WOOD produce fire, which means that you can produce fire by burning wood.

FIRE in turn produces earth because the fire burns and creates ash(earth).

EARTH produces metal because metal is mined from the world.

METAL produces water because metal can be melted and then it acquires a liquid state like water.

WATER produces WOOD because by watering only we will grow plants.

You may take a while to understand the cycle of elements, but once you understand it properly, it is very easy to use it for enhancing your house.

Wood destroys the earth because trees grow on earth and suck away all minerals and leave the world barren. Fire destroys metal because fire melts the metal. Earth destroys water because earth(mud) absorbs all the water when it rains.

Metal destroys woods because implements made of sharp metal can cut trees.

Water destroys fire because water can postpone any fire.

Understanding these two cycles of production and destruction of elements will help you understand the reasoning behind many enhancing measures that have been described in this platform.
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