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The spell to punish an enemy

If you would like to harm Someone within the Name Of Revenge, you'll Never Run Out Of Spells To Use On Them. First And Foremost, you'll Be Required to urge Your Hands On 9 Nails, Athame, A Black Bowl, a photograph Of The Person, A Lemon, A Black Candle, And Cursing Oil.

To kick-starter The Spell, illuminate The Candle; Then Cut Deep Into The Lemon And Place The Photo Of The Person within the Lemon.  then Step Of The Spell Involves Channeling All Of Your Anger While Penetrating The Lemon Using The Sharp Nails. Each Nail That you enter, Your Levels Of Anger Should Increase. Once you're through with This Spell, the subsequent Step Is what is going to Make Things Difficult For The one that causes you to Sick. Make Sure That The Lemon Is Rotting In Sulphur, Graveyard Dirt, Mullein, Or Patchouli to finish The Charm.

The aftermath punishing curse

To Pull Off This Voodoo Spell, you'll Be Required to possess Some Specific Ingredients With You.  Require A Pot Of Water, Cinnamon Sticks, Cinnamon Powder, Vinegar, And Milk. A Picture of somebody You Hate and need To Punish also can Work Just Fine. Once you've got The Water during a Pot Or Bowl, Dip Your Hands In It And consider All The Pain Someone Caused By Wronging You! Then Put The Seven Sticks Of Cinnamon Or Cinnamon Powder Into The Water you only Infused With The Negative Energy. Proceed With Chanting And ensuring That Your Pain Is Felt.

Proceed With Summoning All the weather And Invoke Them to try to Your Revenge Bidding. Ask For Your Enemy To Experience Fear, animosity, And Guilt. Invoke The God Of Cursing, Carman, And Ask Him to try Your Bidding. Once You're Done, Throw The Ashes within the Pot And allow them to Cook For a short time. Recite The Spell While Burning the image Of The Victim, Be It A Former Lover Or Someone Who Wishes Ill Into Your Life.

Dark Moon Revenge Spell

A Common thanks to Cast Spells Is With the utilization Of Candle Magic. This Spell Is Performed On The New Moon When The Banishing Energy Is Strongest. In the event that The New Moon Happens To Fall On A Saturday, Even Better!  It Will Be More Powerful.

Materials And Supplies:

1 Black Candle
Sharp Tool To Scribe The Candle
Piece Of Onyx Or Jet

Spell Casting:

Carve The Name Of Your Target Into The Candle While you think that Of Them Intently
Place The Candle Into A Candle Holder And Light A The Wick
Focus On And Visualize What This Person Did To You As You Watch The Flame Burn
Feel All Of The Negative Emotions This Person Caused You
As Candle Begins To Melt At The Name, Take The Candle And Drip The Wax Onto The Stone
Return The Candle To Its Holder
While The Wax remains Soft, Carve The Person’s First Initial Into The Wax On The Stone And Let It Cool.
Envision The Pain They Caused You Returning To Them 
Let The Candle Burn Completely
Place The Stone during a Safe Place Out Of Sight And await The Spell to figure
After The Revenge Has Occurred, Bury The Stone within the Earth to finish The Spell.

Revenge Curse

Fire There Are Even More Powerful Spells Out There That Seek To Destroy Everything for somebody. But Beware, If You Cast Your Spell On Another Witch Or Someone Who May skills to reply, they might Always Break The Curse. And If you think within the Law Of Threefold Return, That Broken Curse Could Return To You, Its Master, Threefold Stronger.

Typically, Negative Energies That Are Attached To Something, A Person, Place, Or A Thing, Will Return To Where They Originated When Their Connection Is Cut. Think Long & Hard Before Engaging In Such Magic, Or Use A Spells Professional Instead. You Can Always Add Incense, Drumming, And Dancing To Your Spells To Increase Their Effectiveness, But It Is Not Mandatory.

Materials And Supplies:

Your Voice
Full Name Of The Enemy
Picture Of The Enemy
Timing: Black Moon, A Saturday, At Night

Spell Casting:

Light Your Fire And Burn Incense If You Have Any
Visualize Your Enemy and start to collect Your Anger And Vengeance
Look All Of Your Intense Rage Into The Photo
You Can Raise The Power With Drumming And Dancing
Chant Loudly:

Goddess Adrestia Hear My Cry,
For (Enemy Full Name) Shall Not Die
Rather Than Death, I Wish Upon Suffering Unto
And Leaving His/her Heart Dark And Blue
Taking Away Everything He/she Loves Most will definitely Do
An Eternal lifetime of Suffering And Depression (Enemy Full Name) Will See
This Is My Will
So, Mote, It Be.

Immediately Burn The Photo within the Flame After the mantra

Reflect and Revenge Spell

Mirrors Can Return The Energy That Someone Has Sent To You, Whether Positive Or Negative. Furthermore, Is That They Are Safer Than Curses Or Hexes. Some Wiccans Would Even Argue That They Are Legitimate, Though That Would Be Controversial.

Materials And Supplies:

A Small Mirror
Black Permanent Marker
Long Piece Of Black Ribbon
Whole Bay Leaf
Burnt Wood Ash
Cast This Spell On A Saturday Night When The Energy Is Highest For Cleansing And Banishing. The New Moon Is Also A Good Time For Banishing And Leaving Behind Unwanted Energies And Forces. 

Spell Casting:

Write The Person's Name On The Face Of The Mirror In Large Letters 
Set The Bay Leaf Over The Name
Wrap The Mirror And Leaf within the Ribbon a couple of Times
Place A Generous Pinch Of Ash Over The Leaf
Wrap It A Few Times More And Then Tie Together With A Knot Focus Your Energy Intently On The Source Of The Negativity Place One Hand On Either Side Of The Mirror, And Say:
From Me To You, 

Returns Times Two. 

Spot The Wrapped Up Mirror Charm Under Your Bed Until You Feel That The Spell Has Been Effective. Then, at that point Remove The Mirror And Dismantle The Parts To Remove The Spell. You May Even Want To Bury The Leaf And Ash.

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