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Why tantra mantras are mysterious

Why tantra mantras are mysterious

Most of what has been said in relation to Tantra in the scriptures is more symbolic. But what is said, there are two things in it - one is the fruit of spiritual practice and the other is a small part of the method. The methods are set out in the legislative signs. The person of which mind, at what time, by which instruments, with which mantras, what to use, all of that has been hidden in that sign.

It is hidden so that unauthorized people cannot use it. And it is said that the fact should not be forgotten. Know the premise of learning. There is also a spiritual reason to keep our practice and its legal practices secret. When the fame of cultivation spreads to others, it is also natural for the seeker to spread fame.

This respect awakens the tendency of ego in the mind of the seeker, which proves very fatal for the seeker. If the seeker has reached such a level that he can help others with his tenacity capital, then the possibility of his spiritual decline also appears.

The reason is clear - after hearing his discussion people start approaching him to fulfill their wishes and wishes. If someone has benefited in any way, he declares the seeker to be a perfect man. The seeker also takes delight in his success. Now they get stuck in confusion. If someone had to return disappointed, their honor would be shocked.

If you start fulfilling everyone's hopes, then you will have your spiritual wealth, which will have to do austerity to fulfill it. During meditation, one ought not to rely upon others.  All the routine work along with food, clothes, and accommodation, etc. must be done all alone. Even from laying your bed and posture etc., you need to clean them yourself. If a little help is taken from others for your body, then there will be a possibility of spiritual practice being corrupt, because those who are serving others, do not know how it is?

The mental construction depends on the grain. It is clear in the Kularnava system - homeland on Yasyanen and your confirmations. Annadatu fruitful charge -The Kularnava Tantra means - the meditator, who takes shelter of service of another person, the seeker who performs the Havan gets only half of the fruit, half of it is given to the Giver of food. The loss in manifesting the practice is reflected loss. It is because it nourishes the ego. It is considered an enemy of spiritual cleansing.

As long as the ego resides in the mind, progress in cultivation stops. Therefore, to ensure that it does not get confirmed, strict rules have been laid down in the tantra-sastras, the main among them is - do not reveal your practice to anyone. When the general public comes to know that this person is a tantric seeker, then the death of that seeker must be accepted on the same day. Accordingly, it is to benefit the searcher not to drink the drum of his sadhana, but only keep it in secret By the end it will be able to succeed in its smooth operation.


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