Friday, July 10, 2020

Keeping yellow things in the south-west

Keeping yellow things in the south-west
In Vastu Shastra, think about keeping things of various hues from an expert the correct way. Which shading items ought to be set in which heading and what impact do they have. The main thing we will discuss is yellow things. Everything that is utilized in the home comes in yellow things. Regardless of whether it is a vegetable or vegetable kept in the house or yellow lentils, a work of art or a bundle, all the things which are yellow, ought to be kept in the southwest corner of the house, ie south-west heading.

Keeping yellow things in the southwest course keeps the mother's wellbeing acceptable, disposes of stomach inconveniences, keeps up great liver capacity and absorption is acceptable, so things identified with yellow shading are fixed in a nonpartisan point. , I.e. ought to be kept in the southwest heading as it were.


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