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The powerful power of the mantra and the secret of its use

The powerful power of the mantra and the secret of its use

Mantra lore involves the word Shakti - mental concentration - four points of unmatched devotion in character superiority and the intended goal. The number of miracles and blessings that can be attained by mantra power is true, but there is also the fact that this mantra must have passed in the fire of the above four tests. He has to prove it before using it. Cultivation is necessary for accomplishment. There are four stages of this practice, these are mentioned above.

Mantra seekers should follow the rules of Yama and promote the superiority of the character. A brutal, evil-abusive person cannot prove any mantra. Tantric powers also expect celibacy etc. Then the land on which the descent of the Dev Shaktis is to be done must be equipped with satoguni purity in terms of thinking, feeling, and action.

The gnawing of the senses is the primary reason for the agility of the mind. In cravings - in lusts and in the ambitions of ego fulfillment, the mind wanders here and there in deer-craving and musk odor — like a deer running incongruously. The concentration of the mind is the most important force in the field of spirituality, and there are so many means for its editing, but their success is associated with blocking the evil movements that make the mind fickle. 

One who has built a capable perspective on the basis of a refined vision that can fulfill the need to contain the mind will be able to take advantage of true and deep concentration. He will get attention in the same way and he will get an opportunity to benefit from the divine abilities that arise on the basis of self-consciousness.

The deeper the faith in the intended goal, the more the mantra will continue to become strong. Shraddha is intense conscious power in itself. On the basis of beliefs, aspirations arise and the nature of the mind is built. The brain has to do a lot of work. The brain also operates the body. The task of giving direction to this brain is to have faith, trust, frozen in the heart of the inner being. In fact, the real inspiration center of the personality revolves around this axis of loyalty. 

The lyricist, while revealing this fact, has said, 'The one who is reverential, he is really the same. That means reverence is personality. This reverence must have been employed in the favored goal — with greater depth in the accuracy and achievement of the practice — with diligence — the more powerful the mantra will become. The miraculous power will be intense in the same proportion. Giving importance to these three conscious grounds, the one who must have done the mantranushtan will surely be fully successful in his purpose.


The fourth base of the mantra is the word power. Gunthans done in a specific sequence of certain letters are done by metaphysics on the esoteric principles of word-scripture. The meanings of mantras are simple and common. In this sense, teachings and directions of divine life are found. It is also right to understand them. But the power of the mantra is not in these teachings, but with his words. Sound flow is extinguished when the instruments are played in such a sequence. 

The sound flow that is formed by making the gorge with fluctuating vowels corresponding to certain ascensions is called singing. In the same way, the physical ability of a mantra to transmit a particular type of sound flow by transmitting a particular type of sound flow by repeatedly operating the vocal mantra according to certain word order. 

The chants pronounced from the mouth affect the astral body. The chanting of the mantra works a lot in ticking the three glands embedded in it, the chattakron-shodash mashtakadon-twenty-four epithets and eighty-four nadis. This word is also a very big reason and medium due to the birth of divine power.

God! You have made beautiful and attractive colors like red, yellow, green, white, and blue in this world. Then what sin did I commit in my previous life, because of which Shyamvarn came on my part? Nobody likes my Kalima. Every person sees my ugliness and shrinks my nose, eyebrows. This is your sheer injustice. The black color said to the creator in a voice of exultation. 

The widow said with a smile - 'Watts! You are so innocent You do not even know that I do not give any color to anything in this world. All colors are adjusted in the sun's rays. The object that has the ability to pull its color and digest it and then radiate it, gets that color. You do not know to give anything with anything, it fills all the colors within itself and does not take the name of removing it. In this case, Kalima will bind your feet. 

What is the benefit of convicting me?

Drink from the mouth in mantra lore and words are pronounced in the light flow order, but their repeated repetitions continuously start to flow the sound of the power institutions of the subtle body. From there, inaudible nocturnal sounds or strong currents arise. In this, the personality of the Mantra seeker changes, and based on them, it creates the desired environment for which the importance of the Mantra practiced is as important as the importance of Sadhana Vidhi, it is also necessary that the Yantrik gives his reverence, solidarity and method. Staying loyal in the process makes your personality worthy so that its chanting can be used as a gun aimed at the right target.

The importance of the word power is science-oriented. The words gross, audible, also do a great job, then the importance of subtle imperishable inaudible sounds is even more. In the chanting mantra, the pronunciation is very slow, from which only the imperceptible word power is produced in the severe result.

Sound waves were limited to the periphery of hearing due to pronunciation. Our ears are heard by the number of sounds emanating from the trauma caused by the mortals and objects. On acquiring many kinds of knowledge, one draws conclusions and takes useful steps by increasing the experience. This word became common usage.

Science has understood the extraordinary power embodied in sound waves and has started completing or taking advantage of various activities. Measuring the thickness of objects - properties of metals, defect testing, now only sound waves complete the primary form. The production of carbon black has started a new business chapter in textile washing, chemical blending, paper pulp, drying of wetting, casting of metals, manufacture of plastic threads, use of sound waves in the power industries.

VF The Goodinjing, milk plant of the Goodrich Company has become very popular. General Motors has also made a 'Sony Gauge' machine. They use sound waves for many important tasks. Iowa Stent College, Ultra Sonic Corporation has also made many such useful devices.

Sound waves vibrate, they do not travel in the void like radio waves. There are only a few that can be heard by human ears. The number of people who are lower or higher than the ear is more than the number of times. The sound waves that are being used to transform the word into power are given the nouns Ultra Sonic (Astivan) and Super Sonic (Mahasvan). Scientists believe that these sounds can be easily converted into electric power in near future and then the sound flow of that word source can be used.

These sound waves are insignificant in seeing, hearing, understanding — their small existence seems a bit ridiculous, but one has to be amazed when there is a feeling of tremendous power embedded in them. These sound waves do such a huge work that even giant and power plants cannot do. This subtle power is used by mechanical science.

To understand the nature of vibrations of light and sound, we must look at the waves that rise in the ocean, they rise and fall and move with a systematic distance. The same is true of vibrations of light and sound. Electromagnetic waves are similar to waves of light. 

The distance between any two fluctuations is called the length of the wave, the fluctuation of the wave passing in a second from a point is called the frequency component of the wave. The names of these components are determined by dividing the length of the wave into the speed of the wave.

Sound waves also have a lot to do with the flow of air. They are more comfortable with airflow, while their force in the direction of the barrier is very weak.

Radio waves, word waves, microwaves, television and radar waves, X rays, gamma rays, laser rays, death rays, infrared waves, ultraviolet waves, etc. are all currents that flow continuously in this entire universe. The variation of these waves is measured based on their length. Meters, centimeters, microns, millimeters, angstroms are their measuring scales.

These sound waves are now being used for various physical purposes and many useful benefits are being taken from them.

Inaudible sounds are helping a lot in destroying harmful germs. Sinking butter from milk, dissolving metals and chemicals with each other — removing the fog — performs many important tasks. In wartime, important information about ships and aircraft comes from radar and other such devices. Some time ago, many diseases were treated by electrical equipment, instead of successful treatments are being done using inaudible sounds.

The word gives not only information but more. After composting and watering, sweet sound flow is also considered a useful dose for plants. To make the crop well developed in Yugoslavia, a number of instrumental waves have flowed through sound amplification equipment and the result was found encouraging. 

The cattle rearers of the Netherlands started playing music while milking cows and found more milk. Three processes of sleep, excitement, and growth were observed on trees and vegetation. Music enhanced the labor, fertility, sacrifice, and milk-giving ability of the animals. George Smith, an American farmer, gained international fame with a view to achieving success in his growth through certain use of music on Mecca.

The term power can be converted into heat. When worlds collide with the brain's knowledge, we get many types of information. If they are captured and converted into energy, then they can become capable of performing any number of activities in the form of electric heating light magnetism.

Heat is considered a symbol of power. Various power streams are generated by burning different types of fuel. Power and heat are now considered the same. Sound has also been considered as a power-producing fuel in this series. The day is not far when the word will not be fuel but will be considered an independent and all-powerful power. Only then can the accuracy of mantra power be understood properly.

Sounds are produced in three ways (1) by air (2) by water (3) by the earth. The speed of sound received by airwaves is 1088 feet per second. The speed of water waves is faster than this. Through that, she moves 4900 feet in a second. This speed through the earth is even faster i.e. 16400 feet in a second.

Pranayama uses the air element — bath, water by Achman, Arghadan, etc., by using fire through lamps, Dhupbatti, Havan, etc. Those three remedies are done with mantranushthan to give word power to become strong.

Each sound produces different vibrations in its own way. On this basis, the curtains of our ears recognize the voices of different people even after closing their eyes. Depending on the density of sound vibrations — sound waves, we experience a myriad of different types of sounds. Blind people have to find out the existence of the movements of individuals and beings in the nearby environment only with the help of their ears. The ears become accustomed to being able to distinguish the sound flow emanating from different mediums and detect the situation or movements of beings.

Through the practice of nadayoga, sound waves are heard continuously flowing in the infinite space and by making contact with the waves of their work, what has happened in the past - the possibility for the future - and which person in the present Or by which circumstances what movements are being generated can be detected. The word cultivation of Nadayoga is virtually a part of the science of science.

The sounds whose vibrations range from 100 to 300 per second can be heard easily by human ears. With this, words with very high or very low vibrations are not heard by our ears even while walking in the sky. This type of word flow is called 'unheard sounds'. They can be heard by ear with a device called 'Super Sonic Radio Meter'.

High scientists of electronics have not been able to make a device that is as sensitive as the ear in terms of hearing power. The membrane of the ears that reaches the brain by holding the voice, its twisting is equal to one and a half thousandth of an inch. Nevertheless, she can recognize and distinguish between four hundred thousand types of words. 

We identify our cow or the sound of the meter separately, although almost the same sound is made of other cows or motors, the slightest difference remains in it, it can be distinguished from the same for your ear and identification. It is possible. We have no difficulty in identifying how far, from which direction, which human voice is coming. This is a miracle of the subtle sensitivity of the ear. The telephone machine cannot capture such nuances.

There is a network of self-sustaining nerves from the brain to the brain. The vibrations of the word collide with them and generate resonance, when it reaches the brain, then the hearing is complete. It takes about a second between the entry of the voice in the ear and the brain to sense it.

Even after closing the mouth, its voice reaches the brain. In such a situation, the jaw bone near the ear passes those words directly from the mouth to the brain. It is clear from this that the work area of ​​the ear is not confined to a single deep tube, but extends around the jaw. Ears become numb by slapping the cheeks. The reason for this is that the fierce movement of that area has an effect on the ear.

The Eustoiyo tube carries out the work of classifying the sound waves entering the ear and sending them to the brain in a filtered form. When the hose gets tired amidst the noise, it often starts to sound deaf. To overcome this kind of internal fatigue, Jamuahiyan comes.

Hearing power has a lot to do with the concentration of the mind. If there is less interest in something, then even if there is a lot of murmuring nearby, nothing will happen to your feet. But if it is a matter of interest, whispers can also be understood easily.

Human ears can only experience sound waves that range from 20 to 20 millenniums per second. There is a fewer and higher number of sound flows, but they could not be heard by the human sensory sense.

On understanding this fact, the importance of mental chanting is understood. No accent required. Sound waves continue to rise well in the mind which is chanted by the subtle tongue in the meditation role - using mental power.

Radio devices can only capture sound waves operating at a limited and associated frequency. If they do not have a relationship with the nearest frequency, they will not be able to hear the device. Ear condition is a million times better than them. They can simultaneously catch and listen to the ongoing word flows on many frequencies.

The device that can hold the level of smelling power in the nose could not be made yet.

It is possible to hear the divine powers of heaven-wide, inner and inner regions by nadayoga and on that basis, a lot can be known that it is not possible to know from macro-brain consciousness or available means. The word worldwide encompasses the deepest stirrings of the mantra in the sea and produces such powerful tides on the basis of which the desired conditions are exchanged.

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