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Keep this in mind when lighting a lamp at a temple or place of worship

Keep this in mind when lighting a lamp at a temple or place of worship

Measures such as worshiping, chanting, chanting, yagna, home, donation, herbs or gems are taken to make life happy, prosperous, painless, but despite taking so many remedies many times, the expected fruit is not achieved. it happens. In such a situation, the blame is put on the astrologer who is giving luck or remedy. But somewhere behind it, we and our efforts or lack of information are responsible.

It is also not appropriate to consume alcohol, non-vegetarian or intoxicating substances, obscene laughter or profanity, insult someone and maintain unholy feelings in the mind during worship, chanting, or other religious events. The added practice becomes meaningless. Therefore, always worshiping the holy and pure conscience while living a sattvik life is auspicious.

Even due to Vastu defects in the house or business place or a place of worship in the wrong direction, the poojas or remedies done do not give any benefit. Therefore, if there is a Vastu Dosh then it should be treated first and the place of worship should be shifted in the right direction.

While lighting a lamp at a temple or place of worship, it should be kept in mind that pure ghee or pure sesame oil, or mustard oil, and a wick made from cotton should be used in the lamp. The lamp should be of clay or metal made of brass or copper. Lamps made of iron should not be used, otherwise, you will not get good results.

Not cleaning the place of worship regularly or not removing the stale flowers, wreaths, leaves, offerings, etc. on the next day also does not give the required fruit. Therefore God should use new worship material every day.

Being in unholy and unclean condition while reciting prayers and chanting mantras and not chanting mantras with correct pronunciation also creates hindrance in giving the expected fruit. Along with being a secluded place for worship, one should face in the east, north, or north-east direction and chant the mantra while sitting on the easy of wool or washed cotton or silk cloth. The worship performed on the bed, standing or walking or in haste remains fruitless and the person does not get any benefit from it.

On the birth or death of a new member in the family, family, or kinship, there are sutakas or pathakas. In this condition, it is prohibited to worship. The reason for this is that the Sutak or Patak is considered a state of defilement. Religious work should be done only after the time period of Sutak or Patak is completed and purification is done.

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