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Remove 'Vastu Dosh' from Swastik, know its importance

Remove 'Vastu Dosh' from Swastik, know its importance

The swastika has its own importance in Hinduism. It is made up of two words in which 'su' means auspicious and 'asti' means to be. That is, the fundamental meaning of Swastik is 'auspicious', 'welfare'.
That is why the tradition of making swastikas on the occasion of any Mangalik or auspicious work has been going on in Hinduism for centuries. 

It is said that while making the swastika his four arms remain parallel and these four arms have great religious significance. In fact, they are considered a symbol of the four directions. Apart from the four Vedas, it is said to symbolize the four Purusharthas which include Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha.

Why Hinduism is the only use of the swastika, you will find Buddhism, Jainism, and even Harappan civilization. In Buddhism, the swastika is considered to be "very auspicious" and a symbol of "good deeds".

The symbol of the swastika will be seen in the heart, palm, and feet of Lord Buddha. Apart from this, in Jainism, it is the seventh gin in Jainism, which is also known by the name of Tirthankara Suparswanath. Shwetambar considers Jaini Swastik the main symbol of Ashta Mars.

Similarly, it is said that when the Harappan civilization was excavated, the symbol of Swastik was also derived from there.

Remove 'Vaastu Dosh' from Swastik

Yes, if you feel that Vastu dosha has come into your house, then the Vastu Shastri gives the method of redressing it with the symbol of Swastik. It is said that the four arms of the swastika symbolize the four directions, and that is why the four directions can be purified equally by making a sign of Vastu.

For this, the Vastushastri says to place an Ashtadhatu or copper swastika on both sides at the main door of the house. If you want to eliminate negative energy from your house, then you should make a swastika sign on the door with vermilion 9 inches long and wide. 

This eliminates negative powers. At the same time, if you are using the swastika in religious work, then it should be made with roli, turmeric, or vermilion. Swastik is being made during festivals, so Swastik can be made from Kumkum, Sindoor, or Roli. This makes the Gods and Gods happy and lives in your house.

Using swastika for business growth

If you are constantly making losses in your business and feel that despite all efforts, your business is not progressing, then you have been told how to solve Vastu defects through swastika. For this, you have to wash the Ishaan angle with Ganga water on 7 consecutive Thursdays and make a swastika symbol with dry turmeric there. After making Swastik, you must do Panchopchar Puja here and also offer half tola jaggery. Vastu Shastri says that by making a swastika symbol of turmeric in the north direction at the workplace, you get immense success in your work.

Use of swastikas for sound sleep

Many times it happens that a person starts feeling restless at bedtime at night and does not sleep and nightmares start disturbing as soon as he closes his eyes. Vastu Shastri says that you should build Swastik before sleeping with your index finger and then sleep after it. This makes you sleepy.

The correct method of swastika construction

Astrologers and Vaastu Vidas say that one should always use red-colored kumkum, turmeric or ashtagandha, vermilion to make a swastika. For this, first, the sign of plus (plus) should be made and the upward direction should start to make the arms of the swastika from the top corner.
Importance of black swastika

You will often see a red or yellow swastika being made, but in many places, you also see a swastika made of black color. There is nothing to panic about, but it is considered as a way to protect the swastika made of black coal from evil eyes. It is said that a swastika made of black coal prevents negative energy and ghosts etc. from entering the house and a black swastika is also made to avoid any evil eye.

Avoid making swastikas here

Swastik is a very auspicious sign, so it should be avoided to make it unclean or dirty. According to astrology experts, making a swastika on a defecation wall or a very dirty place weakens the conscience and impoverishes the house.

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