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Sun will come on Leo on August 16, know its effect on all zodiac signs

Sun will come on Leo on August 16, know its effect on all zodiac signs

Sun will come on Leo on August 16, know its effect on all zodiac signs

The Sun of the planets will enter its zodiac lion on 16 August. With the entry of his zodiac sign, he will give special effect to all the 12 zodiac signs.

Astrologist told that the Sun, the heart, soul, father, soul, and state factor, will enter its zodiac lion on August 16, 2020, leaving the Cancer sign to Bhadrapada Krishna Dwadashi. Mahamandaleshwar Swami Poornanandpuri Maharaj said that when Sun enters from one zodiac to another, it is called Sakranti. 

The entry of the Sun in the Leo sign is called Leo Sakranti. The Sun travels in a zodiac for about a month. The lion will be the most benefic lion due to the arrival of the Sun in Leo, as the Surya lion is the owner of the zodiac.

What will be the effect on which sign:

Aries - 

Due to the sun moving in the fifth house of the zodiac, the people of Aries can get auspicious results in matters related to their children. Control anger

Taurus - 

For the natives, the fourth house of the Sun can benefit from the land. Efforts to increase happiness can be successful. This time of one month may be quite good for business or job.

Gemini - 

The transit of the Sun in the third house of the zodiac will be auspicious. Siblings can have bad relationships. There will be a possibility of financial gain.

Cancer -

 For the natives, traveling to the Leo zodiac sun in the second house can be beneficial. There will be excitement in the family environment. But bitter language and anger can make things worse.


Sun of the first house will bring a very positive effect. Honor will increase in society. Health will improve. Financially, the Sun of Leo will give great benefits.


 In the twelfth house of the zodiac, the arrival of the Sun in the Sun sign may give a chance to get away from the place of birth or abroad. There may be some relief from litigation or court complications.


 Sun of Leo sign will bring a lot of benefits for Libra. The presence of Sun in the eleventh house is giving strong effect to the economic benefits. Bad things will happen.


 The position of Sun, Mars, and Venus in the tenth house of the zodiac sign is a sign of great respect or profit. Especially for Scorpio politicians and officials, this one month's time can bring very good news.

Dhanu -

 For the natives, the sun of fortune will increase in luck. Father's health can improve. Distance visits will cause mental stress.

Capricorn - 

Sun in the eighth house may increase worries for the natives, but suddenly there will be a strong sum of money. There can be a situation of tension in married life.

Aquarius - 

For the natives, the arrival of the Sun in the seventh house will be auspicious for the job. But there will be a situation of ups and downs in married life. A deteriorating relationship with a partner can be improved by trying.

Pisces - 

Sun will increase the social impact of the sixth house for the natives of the zodiac. This one-month time can be very auspicious for job seekers. Be cautious about your health. There will also be a possibility of debt relief.

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