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How can we put our mind in worship ?:

How can we put our mind in worship ?:

 As long as we keep focusing on the works of others, our mind cannot concentrate, worship cannot be done without concentration.

A lady in the temple told the priest that the people who come here do not worship, because of this my mind is unable to worship.

They worship, but if the mind remains somewhere else, then the worship deeds are not successful. A folk tale is prevalent in relation to how to engage the mind in worship. According to the legend, a woman used to visit the temple every day. One day he told the temple priest that I will not come to this temple anymore.

The priest asked the woman the reason for this. The woman said that many people come to this temple, but most people sit in the temple and keep talking in vain. There is no attention in worship. Because of these people, I too do not mind worshiping.

Pandit said that it is okay, do as you think appropriate. But, if I do a small work today, it will be a great blessing. After this, you can make the decision as you wish.

The lady said okay, tell me what to do. The Pandit filled water in a glass and asked the woman to come back after circling the temple. However, keep in mind that water should not fall from the glass. The woman agreed to this task and took a circumambulation with a glass.

The woman was completely focused on the fact that not a single drop of water should fall from the glass. In time, she revolved around the temple and reached the priest.

The priest asked the woman that while you were doing the parikrama, did she see anyone talking in the temple?

The woman said no. I was completely focused on the fact that not a single drop of water fell from the glass. Because of this, I paid no attention to the temple.

The priest told the woman that in the same way while worshiping, we should pay full attention to God. Who is doing what, others should not pay attention to? Only then our mind is able to engage in worship.

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