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Monday, October 10, 2022

How do you get happiness and peace ?:

How do you get happiness and peace ?:

 Whenever the mind is disturbed, then no decision should be taken, mistakes can be made and life can be ruined.

A person said to Buddha that my wife quarrels, again and again, make me your disciple, Buddha said, bring drinking water from the river, when the disciple reached the river, the water was very dirty.

Whenever our mind is disturbed, then we should not take any important decision. In such a situation, there may be a mistake in the decision, which may lead to problems in the future.

Wait for the mind to calm down and only then make a decision. There is a prevalent incident of Gautama Buddha in relation to the restless mind. Know this topic ...

According to the context, a person was unable to keep pace with his wife, they used to have quarrels every day. Because of this, his mind was disturbed. Fed up one day he went into the forest. At that time Gautama Buddha was passing through the forest with his disciples.

The unhappy person told the Buddha all the things and said that I want to retire, please make me your disciple. Buddha agreed to this. The next day in the morning, the Buddha said to the person that I am thirsty, bring water from a nearby river.

He went to the river bank to fetch water for Buddha. After reaching there, he saw that the water has become dirty due to the jump of wild animals. The soil beneath has come up. Seeing the dirty water, the new disciple returned. Upon reaching Buddha, he gave information about this.

After some time Buddha again sent him to fetch water. This time he reached the banks of the river and saw that the water was very clear, the dirt of the river had sat down. He was surprised to see this. He reached the Buddha with water. He asked how did you know that Tathagata would now get clean water.

The Buddha explained to him that the animals were jumping in the water, due to which the water became dirty. But, when all the animals left from there, the water of the river became calm, slowly the whole dirt sat down. 

In the same way, when many problems arise in our life, our peace of mind is disturbed. In such a situation, we take the wrong decision. We should wait for the turmoil of the mind to calm down. Should be patient. The mind should be calm.

The person remembered his life after listening to Buddha's words. He understood that he had taken the decision to leave the house with a restless mind, which is wrong. He asked Buddha to return home and he went to his wife. After this, the troubles of her married life came to an end. Now he started solving all problems by remaining calm.

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