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How to get success ?:

How to get success ?: 

The Guru wants that the disciples to not make the mistakes that they have made, the Guru removes the shortcomings of the disciple and improves his ability.

Both the Guru and the disciple used to make the idols, the disciple's idols were sold for a higher price, but the Guru used to say that every time the disciple should bring cleanliness in the work, a true master learns from his mistakes and he wants to make mistakes. He should not make his disciple. The Guru removes the shortcomings of the disciple, improving his ability. The disciple should understand this. A folk tale prevails in this regard.

In olden times, he used to work with a guru and a disciple to make sculptures. His life was going on by selling idols. The disciple was making very good sculptures and his idols were getting more money too. Idols of the Guru were not much appreciated.

The disciple felt that he had become a better sculptor than the Guru. This thing started boasting. The Guru used to tell him every day that son and work cleanly. Your idols are still lacking.

Hearing the criticism of his work from the Guru, the disciple used to think that Guruji's idols are sold for less than me, perhaps that's why Guru has started burning with me. When the Guru continuously advised him to do good work for a few days, one day the disciple got angry.

The disciple told the guru, Guruji, I make good idols with you, only then my idols are sold for a higher price, yet you ask me to improve them. The Guru understood that the disciple has become arrogant.

The Guru calmly said that when I was your son, my idols were also sold at a higher price than the idols of my Guru. One day I too said the same things to my mentor like you. From that day onwards the Guru stopped advising me. My ability could not be improved. I don't need something very similar to transpire.

The disciple realized his mistake after hearing this, he apologized. After this, he obeyed every command of the Guru and gradually he started gaining fame due to his art.

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