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How to please Hanuman ji, what to offer, what to wear


How to please Hanuman Ji, what to offer, what to wear

According to astrological scriptures, if a person in distress takes some special measures to please Hanumanji on Saturday, then his problems can be overcome in no time.

"Crisis severed, all pied. Joe Sumire Hanumat Balbeera."

Whether the problem is related to the common life or the workplace, Hanuman Ji's Sumiran destroys all kinds of problems. According to astrology scriptures, if the person in distress takes some special measures to please Hanumanji on Saturday, then in no time his troubles can be removed and his luck can change. 

Jyotishacharya Sakshi Sharma is telling some tried-out tips that will get rid of all your troubles as soon as possible.

1. To get the blessings of Hanuman ji, one should worship Lord Rama and recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly. If you cannot do it every day, then read it on Saturday.

2. To appease Hanuman ji, on Saturday, devotees offer him various kinds of offerings and also offer many things. The offering of red mung bean to Lord Hanuman fulfills the wishes of the devotees.

3. Bundi is offered to Lord Hanuman on Tuesday. Keep in mind that it is red-colored.

4. Hanuman ji loves vermilion. On Saturday, sindoor is offered to Hanuman ji. If your problem is not taking the name of ending, then you should offer vermilion on Hanuman temple on Saturday.

5. You can offer any flower garland to Hanuman ji but he likes marigold flowers very much. On Saturday, while offering a garland of flowers to Hanuman ji, tell us your concern. Soon it will be resolved.

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