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Importance of Deepak: You can shine your fortune by lighting a lamp, know these 6 ways

You can shine your fortune by lighting a lamp, know these 6 ways

In the scriptures, lighting lamps in the worship of deities is mandatory. In astrology, the importance of lighting a lamp every day is explained. Also, some such measures have been suggested, by which you can shine your fortune. According to astrology, you should light a mustard oil lamp in the Bhairav temple every Monday and Saturday to protect it from unknown fears and enemies. To maintain happiness and prosperity in the family, for this, you should light a lamp of desi ghee in front of Bal Gopal every day and in front of Lord Vishnu on Thursday.

Importance of lighting a lamp

Jyotishacharya told that in all auspicious works and religious rituals, worship of God is done only by lighting a lamp of oil or native ghee. It is clearly stated in the scriptures that the worship of deities by lighting a lamp removes all obstacles. It is said that in the light of the lamp, the Gods permeate. God takes all the miseries by lighting a lamp while performing the aarti. The special importance of lighting lamps daily is told in astrology. Such measures related to Deepak have also been told that your luck can shine. Lighting the lamp brings positive energy to the house. Peace and peace are inhabited. Let us tell you which remedies related to Deepak are described in astrology.

1. Saturn will get rid of the wrath

To get rid of Rahu-Ketu's defects, light a linseed oil lamp in the morning and evening. By doing this, you will get rid of the Rahu-Ketu dosha present in the horoscope. Also, by burning a mustard oil lamp in the Shani temple on Saturday, one gets rid of Saturn's wrath.

2. Victory over fear

If you are scared If your mind is distracted in going somewhere or some unknown fear always follows you, then a mustard oil lamp should be lit in the Bhairav temple on Monday and Saturday. All fears will be overcome by this measure. Not only this, even the tricks of your enemies will not deter you. By the grace of Bhairav, there will always be a security circle around you.

3. Honor will increase

Those who crave to establish their separate identity in society should also light a lamp daily. To increase respect and respect, it has been said in the scriptures that water should be given to Sun God every morning. Also, aarti should be done with a lamp of desi ghee. Your respect will increase with this measure. Sun God will speed up your stalled work.

4. These measures are necessary for happiness and prosperity

Burning a lamp of desi ghee in front of Bal Gopal every day and in front of Lord Vishnu on Thursday brings happiness and prosperity to the family. 108 times "Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Namah": One should also chant the mantra. By doing this, positive energy remains in the house, and happiness and peace increase.

5. Income barrier will be overcome

In front of Maa Lakshmi, lighting a seven-faced lamp, seven money lights removes money-related problems. This solution will not only remove all the problems of money but along with this, the stopped money will also be easily found. Burning a lamp with two lights in front of Maa Saraswati increases my intellect.

6. There will never be a shortage of money

On Wednesday, in front of Lord Ganesha, you should light a lamp of three-faced desi ghee and offer grass to them. With this remedy, there will never be a shortage of money in the house. This measure also proves effective for increasing income and finding new avenues for wealth.

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