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Keep some special things in worship

Keep some special things in worship

In our religious texts, many important things related to the worship of the Gods have been told. These things are very important. Today we are telling you some important things related to worship - Surya, Sriganesh, Durga, Shiva, and Vishnu have been called Panchdev. Every person desiring happiness must worship these five gods every day. Ketaki flowers are forbidden in the worship of Shiva.

Agastya flowers should not be offered in the worship of the Sun. Tulsi leaves are considered taboo in the worship of Lord Shriganesh. Flowers should be plucked for worship only after taking bath. According to the Vayu Purana, a person who worships a person without offering a bath or offering flowers or tulsi leaves to the deities does not accept the deity.

In the worship of the deities, the smell (sandalwood, kumkum, abir, gulal, turmeric, mehndi) should be applied to the ring finger. A lamp of pure ghee should be kept on its left side and oil lamp on its right side. In worship, the deities must show incense, lamps and nevaidya (bhog) must also be present.

Never extinguish the lamp yourself. God should never offer stale water, flowers and leaves. Ganga water, basil leaves, bilvapatra and lotus, four are not stale in any stage. Seven revolutions of Lord Surya, three of Sriganesh, four of Vishnu, and three of Shiva.

Do not place any junk or weight on the place of worship. Take care of purity at the place of worship. According to Shivpuran, the Durva offered to Shriganesh should be twelve fingers long and three knots. One should worship Sri Ganesha from 101 or 121 Durva. Yellow silk cloth should be offered to please Vishnu. To appease Durga, Surya, and Shriganesh, one should offer red-colored clothes.




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