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The story of the temple of Tirupati Balaji and the mysterious event ..

 The story of the temple of Tirupati Balaji and the mysterious event .. Tirupati Balaji

Where is this temple located?

Tirupati is one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in India. It is located in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. Millions of visitors come here every year. Sri Venkateswara Temple, built on the hills of Tirumala at an altitude of 3200 feet above sea level, is the biggest attraction here. Built many centuries ago, this temple is a wonderful example of South Indian architecture and craftsmanship.

How did Tirupati Balaji get his name?

The name of the town in which this temple is built is Tirupati and the hill on which the temple is built is called Tirumala (Sri + Malay). Tirumala is also called Venkat hill or Sheshanchalam. This hill appears to spiral with seven peaks which are considered to be the symbol of Adi Shesh. The names of these seven peaks are Seshadri, Neeladri, Garudadri, Anjanadri, Vrishabhadri, Narayanadri, and Venkatadri respectively.

The story of Tirupati Maharaj

According to the ancient legend, once Maharshi Bhrigu visited Baikunth and as soon as he came, he kicked Lord Vishnu lying on the rest of the snake bed in Yoga Nidra. Lord Vishnu immediately grabbed Bhrigu's legs and said that his leg was not injured. After this, the sage said to Lord Vishnu that you are the one who is so calm and tolerant.

Mata Lakshmi did not like this behavior of the sage and she got angry with Vishnu and left Baikunth. When Lord Vishnu started searching for Mata Lakshmi, he found that Mata was born on earth as a virgin. Lord Vishnu changed his form and approached the bride and proposed marriage to her, which was accepted by the mother.

Money was needed for marriage, to solve this problem Lord Shiva and Brahma took a loan from Kubera, the god of wealth, as a witness, and Vishnu got married as Venkatesh Roop and Devi as Padmavati Kanya. After taking money from Kubera, Vishnu Ji had promised that he would repay all the debts till the end of Kalyug. They will repay the interest till the debt is over. Due to the belief of being in debt to God, devotees offer wealth in this temple. Due to this, this temple is considered to be the richest temple in India.

Where does the material for offering Balaji come from?

There is a village 23 km away from the temple of Lord Balaji, and outsiders are not allowed. People live here with a lot of rules and restraint. It is believed that fruits, flowers, milk, curd, and ghee all come from here to offer to Balaji. In this village, women do not wear sewn clothes.

The temple is mysterious

The hair of Lord Tirupati Ji is said to be never tangled and the hair on the idol is real. It is always soft, it is believed that it is because God Himself is enthroned there. This is guessed from the strange happenings in the temple. According to the locals and the priest, everyone says in one voice that God lives in this temple.

If you put your ear on the idol of Balaji, then a sound comes from inside it, the sound is like the waves of the sea, where like the waves of the sea, someone keeps assimilating everything in himself. Another thing that surprises everyone in this temple is that the idol of Balaji in the temple is always soaked with water which is considered to be the sweat of God. You will find the same kind of peace that you get when you enter the temple, just as you do when you live by the sea.

When you go past the main gate of the temple, you will find a stick placed outside the door on the gate. It is believed that Lord Balaji was beaten with this stick. Due to which his chin was injured. Due to which he got a wound at that place. From then till today, his servants apply sandalwood paste on his chin every Friday so that his wound heals quickly and he recovers.

The relationship between the temple and the lamp

A lamp is always burning in the temple of Lord Balaji. About which it is said that no one ever puts oil in this lamp and no one is seen lighting the lamp. This lamp has been burning for years but it is still a mystery when and by whom this lamp was lit.

Why are people confused about the location of the idol?

The reason for this is found by going to the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Balaji and looking at the idol. When you see the idol from the sanctum sanctorum, the idol appears to be located in the middle, but as soon as you come out of the sanctum sanctorum and look at the idol, the idol appears to be seated on the right side, which confuses people.

Kapoor's paste and Lakshmi ji's abode

A special kind of camphor is applied on the idol of Lord Balaji and it is said that if such camphor is applied on a stone then the stone starts cracking but if this camphor is applied on the idol of the Lord then it has no effect. People see it as such divine power. Mahalakshmi ji is also seen by Lord Balaji. Mother Mahalakshmi resides in the heart of Lord Balaji.

The realization of mother occurs when every Thursday after bathing Lord Balaji, his make-up is taken off and he is coated with sandalwood. During this coating of sandalwood, the image of Goddess Lakshmi clearly emerges on the heart of Lord Balaji, which the devotees can easily see.

Let me tell you that the atmosphere of the temple is kept completely cold, yet Lord Balaji Maharaj feels the heat, and drops of sweat appear on his body, which keeps moisture on his back.

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