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10 Amazing Scientific Reasons Behind Hindu Traditions

10 Amazing Scientific Reasons Behind Hindu Traditions

Whether it is Krishna's buttermilk, the effect of mantras in pregnancy, or the worship of the Peepal tree… know what are the reasons behind 10 such beliefs related to health and science! 

Wear a patch and be healthy…

Khadou is a part of our culture, but it also has health benefits. Standing keeps the spine straight, there is pressure on the acupressure points of the feet, due to which the blood circulation remains balanced. It also relaxes the muscles of the feet.

Do you know that wearing nets on your feet increases fertility

It suppresses the veins and pressure points, thereby increasing the blood flow in the uterus, bladder, and intestines. Due to this menstruation is also regular and fertility also increases.

The science of separation of jeans is hidden behind not marrying in one gotra!

In Hinduism, marrying in a gotra is forbidden, so that the jeans remain divided. If you want to avoid genetic and many serious diseases, then Cyclopshata Separation of Jeans is important. This is the reason why marriage is not done among close relatives in Hinduism so that the principle of separation of genes remains.

Effect of mantras during pregnancy

Listening to mantras is very helpful in the development of the fetus. After the 23rd week, the fetus starts to respond to some sounds. In such a situation, by listening to mantras and devotional worship, the brain of the child develops rapidly.

By piercing the ears, intellectual ability and speaking power are developed.

In Hinduism, there was a custom to pierce the ears of not only girls but also boys. Through this, the blood circulation of the vein that carries the brain through the ears is controlled, which improves the power of thinking and the ability to speak.

Eating while sitting on the ground is beneficial for health

Sitting on the palate is considered to be a kind of yoga asana, which calms the brain and improves digestion.

Why is it spicy before a meal, sweet at the end?

In religious rituals, there is a tradition of eating spicy food before the meal and sweet at the end. This makes the digestive system work properly. In the end, sweet does not irritate the stomach and the effect of acid is less.

Eating with hands instead of a spoon is very beneficial

The fingers of the hands represent the five elements. When we take food with our hands, these elements become active and their balance in the body is better.

This is the scientific reason for the worship of the Peepal tree

The peepal tree is considered revered and sacred in Hinduism because the Peepal tree releases oxygen for 24 hours and plays an important role in purifying the environment. Most trees release oxygen by taking in carbon dioxide during the day, but this process reverses at night.

This health-related reason was behind Shri Krishna's buttermilk.

Shri Krishna is also called Makhanchor because Makhan was dear to him and all the children. Actually, the reason behind this is that Makhan, milk, and curd, etc. are very important for the health of children and they should eat this from childhood so that their health is good, immunity is better and they become stronger!



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