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NUMEROLOGY : How to check a birthday? Find numerology name by date of birth, lucky name by date of birth

How to check a birthday

Your birth (or FORTUNE) number

In point astrology, your birth number is an equal number and refers to each number. The number of births as a result of the birth of your birthmark is stated. Your name is also an equal number and they are called your parts The plants here can also be controlled by children, can only be added to the number and included.

Birth number

The number of births he mentions is one that lies between natural abilities and peace. It is commonly used for indicating use for carrier options. To save the number of births, birth data is not used. For example, if a person was born on March 11, 1958, then the number of births of that person is 1, what is trafficking?

Here's how to check a birth day:

1 + 1 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 8 = 28 (this structure has a March 3 registration point)

Since 28 is the number one number, it has to go up to 8 + 2 = 10. Again, the number of 10 people and it can be blown up to 0 + 1 = 1. Birth number 1. But, what does number one mean?

The number of births means 1-9

What these points mean is independent and associated with trust. Can you be sensitive and generous or domineering and arrogant?

* Gentle and sympathetic. You relate to readers and friends by nature. You are also dynamic, but put the work of love first again and again.

* Happy and attractive, dynamic with energy. You are also working in real and healthy ways to reach your vision.

* Siddha and educational. Persistence, thoughtfulness, awareness, and dedication will get your point across

* Selfish and lively. Please and action requirements. Life is an adventure and you don’t need evaluation.

* Believe, artfully you enjoy everything in life. You are also protected and very stressed.

* Effect and calm. You are loved from the sense of order and beauty. We don't like rights and grievances.

* Success and attraction. You can be sensitive and dynamic, again very beautiful.

* Open-minded and sensible. Often you need to preserve your feelings and keep an eye on your sensitive nature and have a strong sense of humor.

READ THIS ALSOHave you ever encountered numerology? What does this suggest?


The category, in contrast, is the design of your lifetime, the longest amenities, and the keys available to use your maximum skills, registration. During regular number control, each letter of your birth name has changed a number. Again, all their birth numbers cannot be added until it goes to a single number.

Raised in a fuzzy alphabet, you simply change the letters to use numbers from 1 to 9. After the number

9, you have to go to number 1 again. 

Here is the corresponding number of alphabet letters:

A, J, S

B, K, T

C, L, U

D, M, V

E, N, W

F, O, X

G, P, Y.

H, Q, Z

I, R

To save a regular number, you need to know the music number of each letter of your birth name, then all the additions. Assist your teacher in making decisions about the type of plant, your career, the press, the paternity, and the type of expression you enjoy.

Destiny numbers mean 1-9

Your skills can be made to run the norm for your business. If you are a parent, your children always come for help a second time. Regular number 1 person can ask for and enjoy your holiday activities

You are spontaneous to enter politics. You also like to build a stable and want to be surrounded by your own family. As a pressurizer, you enjoy the love and affection of your parents and you generally enjoy the traditional family holidays and enjoy life.

Travel is included as our choice to travel and work. For you, living with your kids is more fun, and choose to appreciate them for your appreciation Choice Number 3 Love is interesting, but not a flirt you will enjoy partnering with your friends and the holidays.

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You are present and posted. Still, your influence on children is determined by the choices you make to work on the motivational and strategic parts involved in an advertising agency, design, or architecture. Point four as preseason is always baffled. You take the holidays of the visible location and enjoy the culture of love

A great communicator. Likes to travel, but not a daily hobby. That is why your children are always in the middle of the night in the party mood. The house is desired for the fifth press. He enjoys holidays in a remote place.

You go from selfishness to working in the fields of coaching and health. As a parent, you are really focused on and sustained. You have to prepare your kids for the problem gold. The sixth number has been boyfriend and girlfriend. You also love holidays with wine and friendly food.

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You use your creative interest and skills to decide your work. If you are a parent, you are sensitive, intelligent, and always guiding your children. The No. 7 lover is a sexy partner and attractive. You like to go out with a big family.

Your growth in the business globe. You are also ambitious and you have to keep a perfect balance at work and at home. The number eight lover is often busy spending time in their relationship. No. 8 Fate people don’t like holidays.

You are a good person so the public is always perfect for you. As a parent, you are full of enthusiasm and love to keep your kids active and busy. Lovers with lucky 9 are not good about one to one. Always looking for different vacation spots

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