Sunday, June 27, 2021

Put this thing in the cupboard today if you want to own a lot of money or wealth.

Put this thing in the cupboard today if you want to own a lot of money

Who doesn't want to keep money with them forever? 

Money is something that never stays the same with anyone all the time. Money never comes and never goes. Money is abundant at times and never again.

We all know that mother Lakshmi is very fickle. She doesn't remain in a similar spot for long. How much we do to keep Goddess Lakshmi close to us. No matter how much we try or try to please Goddess Lakshmi, we may benefit from it because we will benefit from whatever we do with faith and devotion in mind.

However, we must keep in mind that if such remedies are done in the right way, then with the increase of wealth, the world can be improved from various perspectives. There is a treatment that can be done in the right way to get very good results.

What is that treatment?

Need to take a clean perfect ashvattha leaf. 

After that, you have to write this mantra of Goddess Lakshmi with white sandalwood in it: 

"Om Shring Shring Kamaladevi Namah".

After that, the ashvattha leaf should be placed on the puja seat and the puja should be done with fruits and sweets as much as possible. From the beginning to the end of the puja, the leaf should be placed near the puja in front of mother Lakshmi Devi. 

After the puja is over, the leaf should be left where the money is kept or kept in the cupboard. As a result, financial wealth will gradually increase with the grace of mother Lakshmi.

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