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TOTKA: Doing these tricks will solve many problems of life

Doing these tricks will solve many problems of life

If there is a problem, he has a solution. We face a lot of problems in life for which we have to find our own solution. It is often seen that problems can be easily solved. Again in many cases, it becomes very difficult to find a way to solve the problem. In that case, some simple tips can be followed to solve many problems in life.

Here's how to put one together for use with your tips:

If any work is interrupted repeatedly and gets stuck in the way of work, on any Saturday, leave a lemon in two pockets in your pocket and go to work and at the first turn of the road (three-way or four-way turn or at the head of any turn) Throw a slice of lemon in front and a slice in the back. Then, at that point leave without thinking back. This action should be done in the right hand of boys and in the left hand of girls.

To complete any work, light a lamp of mustard oil under the Ashwattha tree on Saturday evening and say goodbye. The next day, that is, on Sunday morning, pick up a leaf of the Ashwattha tree, bring it home, wash it in clean water, show the incense lamp, and put it in the place of Thakur. You will see that the desires of the mind will be fulfilled. It has to be done on 6 consecutive Saturdays. The old leaves should be left under the ash tree.

To get success in any special task, take a lemon and bury three or five perfect cloves in that lemon. Be careful while planting.  Then carry it in your pocket that is going to work.

To improve the business, tie a brass coin and a betel nut in a red cloth and bury it under the ash tree and express your heartfelt wishes.

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