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For the good health of the family members and the happiness of their life, it is necessary that the kitchen in your house is also Vastu compatible. The kitchen plays an important part in the house.

The basic basis of Vastu Shastra is the balance of the five elements (earth, water, sky, fire, air), which are very necessary to lead a happy and prosperous life, due to imbalance in them, negative effects continue to enter. Not following these rules of Vastu, not just the wellbeing of a specific individual, but also his economic and social side is adversely affected. It is not enough just to have tasty and nutritious food to get good health. For the good health of the family members and the happiness of their life, it is necessary that the kitchen in your house is also Vastu compatible. The kitchen is viewed as a significant piece of the house. It is a wrong practice among us that we think of giving less space to the kitchen while building a house. While it is very important to have an open environment because there is no other place as much of the equipment and materials in the kitchen.

If the kitchen is in the right direction, according to, Vastu, then the kitchen should be constructed in the direction of the element of fire in the house, at the southeast angle. The igneous direction is considered suitable for the kitchen due to the rajas quality of fire. On the off chance that it's anything but conceivable to make it toward this path, then make it only in the North-West part because there is 100% effect of Rajas energy in the South-East (Agneya) and North-West (Vyavya) angles. Both these areas are considered ideal for activities like cooking, eating, and talking. Always make kitchen doors in the East,  north-east direction.

Such should be the internal arrangement of the kitchen, if the kitchen in your house is not built in the Vastu-compliant directions and is built in some other direction, then you can remove the Vastu defects by adjusting the internal arrangement of the kitchen according to Vastu without any sabotage. 

1.The stove should be kept in the igneous angle in the kitchen and it is also necessary that the person who cooks should face the east direction, this increases wealth and good health.

2.The tap for storing potable water and washing hands should be in the northeast.

3.The northwest direction is considered auspicious for the direction of washing dishes in the kitchen. 

4.It will be beneficial for you to keep the toaster, geyser or microwave, oven at an igneous angle.

5.It is considered auspicious to keep the mixer, flour mill, juicer, etc. in the south near the igneous angle.

6.If the refrigerator is to be kept in the kitchen, then keep it in the south or west direction, never in the north or southeast angle.

7.It is permissible to keep spice boxes, utensils, rice, pulses, flour, etc. Toward the south or south-west direction.

8.Keep the empty cylinder at the southeast angle and the cylinder to be used should be towards the south direction.

9.According to Vastu, getting the color of the kitchen walls lights orange with cream color will increase auspiciousness. The use of black and blue colors should be avoided in the kitchen. Vastu Shastra believes that the use of black color leads to the residence of negative energy in the kitchen as well as the possibility of financial loss in the house also increases.

10.If there is already a black stone in your house, then you can make a swastika in the kitchen to avoid its ill effects, it will make the environment positive there.

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