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 Vastu Tips for gaining knowledge and concentration. Especially effective for inattentive students


According to Vastu Tips, some special effective applications for inattentive students. There are many students whose minds are not fixed on the evil effects of certain evil planets in their birth chart.

Since everyone's birth chart is different, the effect of the planet on the birth chart will also be different. So I personally have doubts about how effective the remedy will be for a student without judging astrology. So I think inattentive students should be judged by their birth chart and then remedied accordingly.

However, with some moving and replacing, special Vastu Tips are given for inattentive students. Although students are qualified for agility, they don't get the expected outcomes.

* In a glass bowl, place a bowl of water, a little rose water, and eight petals of red flowers or roses in the northeast corner of the student reading table or in the northeast corner of the room where your child studies. Change the water and petals every Friday. Attention will increase.

* Always use green cloth on the reading table. This removes the barrier to gaining knowledge. The color green helps students develop intelligence.

* You can place a crystal ball or a crystal globe on the reading table. Now the attention will increase.

* There are many things that make your child weak, such as numbers or history in many cases. The book on the subject that is weak can be of special benefit if the mother prays to him for knowledge with eight drops of Ashtagandha with her ring finger on Thursday.

* Increase in students eating raw salt. This increases the restlessness of the mind.

* Never keep a pen on the reading table without a broken pen or ink.

* Always study in the northeast corner.

* Brushing your teeth in the morning by mixing a little bit of alum powder in the paste increases the efficiency of brushing your teeth.

* Feed your child five basil leaves. Basil leaves are especially useful for students. Basil leaves help enough to remember studies and increase intellectual power. Basil leaves should be chewed on an empty stomach every morning.

* Lying down - Writing should never be done.

* Students should never wake up at night for no reason. You should wake up in the morning and study.

* When you start reading, you should start reading by reading one letter Swarasati Bij 108.

* At the same time, if you can practice meditation yoga, then it is better.

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