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Easy tips to turn the wheel of fortune

 Make all these easy tips to turn the wheel of fortune

Easy tips to turn the wheel of fortune
Easy tips to turn the wheel of fortune

The desire to be happy and rich in life is present in almost all people. If one's dream is fulfilled then one's aspiration remains. We often benefit from following some small rules or tricks to turn the wheel of fortune.

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Take a look at the tips:

Pack any necessary documents in the cupboard. The cupboards should be made of wood and placed on the east side of the house.

When the door or window of the house is closed or opened, special care should be taken so that there is no loud noise. Mother Lakshmi was very angry. If this is the case, fix it quickly.

 Shoes should never be scattered in the room. There is a specific place to keep shoes. Shoes should not be placed on the east side.

Those shoes should never be pressed against one another. This increases unrest in the world.

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Be sure to change your clothes and bedsheets after leaving bed in the morning.

Never enter the kitchen wearing nightclothes i.e. stale clothes. Goddess Annapurna became angry.

Wake up in the morning and clean the house before worship. Remember to burn fragrant incense while performing puja as it reduces a lot of unrest in the family and spends the whole day very well.

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