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Effect of the Distance Between The Fingers

The distance between the fingers of the hand

Effect of the Distance Between The Fingers
Effect of the Distance Between The Fingers

Not everyone is the same. Of the fingers

Between the length and shape of the fingers

To see the differences in the distance

It is possible. The character of a person qualities, personality, misfortunes,

-Accurate information about achievements

-The distance between the fingers to enter

-It is enough to look at the science of handwriting

-More than the same size between the fingers

-Those who are far away are brave.

-Will be freedom-seekers. These persevering people are always will be busy.

-Large between the middle ring and the ring finger

-Things that are not far off carefully are to be approached. Without major complications

Even if these people can move forward, problems cannot be resolved.

-These people are likely to be disturbed. As good as it gets

-Thoughtful, rational decisions

You should try to move forward with your hands.

The distance between the middle rally and the ring rally

-Most have a restless mind

-Will be the owners. Excellent living conditions

-It's about the future

-These people will not be worried.

-Approaching things without preparation

-They will be at the last minute

-Make decisions. 


-They are also more likely to leave things out.

-Large between the middle finger and index finger

-Those who are far away will be free thinkers.

-To take into account the opinions of others

-They are the ones who show V-face and are selfish

-Be mischievous. And the ring rally

Those with the widest distance between the Che Ruwi Rally

-And those who stand firm in their decisions

-The interventions of others

-Will be disliked.

-Fingers crossed when palms are extended

Those who are not distant from each other will be attentive. Deciding things thoughtfully

-These are, of course, conservative attitudes

-Practitioners also have practical wisdom

-There will be more. Selfish

-These bad guys were firm in their decisions

-Would be standing. Between the fingers

-The distance is less and softer

-Financially in the fingers

-These will be the ones who stand tall. They want to take a proud position in the society

-It is possible.

Large spacing between fingers

-Be greedy and brave.

-Because it works without ash

-They are financially vulnerable

Fall is likely to occur.

-Heartline point V rally or middle rally no

-In cross-country, financially

-They may not make any progress.

-Large between the index finger and middle finger

Those who are far away are free thinkers

-Take things very seriously

-Will be approaching. Be brave

-These are self-conscious people of others

-Respect the words

-The face will be locked and chewed.

The distance between the ring finger and the middle finger

-Occupational for such people at least

-Falling in love even though you can move forward

-May occur. The ring finger and middle finger

-Those who are more distant from each other are their own

-Proceed according to interests

-Will be going. Nothing for the future

-Those who do not care are careless

-There will be more. Such people

-Get in an extramarital affair and partner

-It is also possible that there is no harmony.

-The distance between the Che Ruvi ral and the Mothiravi ral

-The blessings of luck are too much for those who have more

-Will be less. To them from others

-Not only will help not be available, at all

-Things will have to be done by yourself. Relationships

-These people to improve

-Listening and respecting

-Is good. The distance between the thumb and forefinger

-The more the merrier

-Be kind. The distance is very short

-Narrow-minded people also relied on others

Who will go forward?

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