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How to pray in easy way regularly

 Some easy ways to be regular in prayers

Prayers are an important pillar of Islam. It is possible to get close to Allah through prayers. This worship is a unique means of communicating with God. God has made prayers obligatory on us five times. For this reason, regardless of how bustling we are,, we must find the time to appear in the court of Allah five times a day.

The main difference between a Muslim and a disbeliever is prayer. Abdullah ibn Shakik (may Allah be pleased with him) said: The Companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) did not consider it kufr to give up any action other than prayer. 

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 There are some ways to perform regular prayers-

Knowing the meaning of what is recited in the prayers: Knowing the meaning of the surahs and other prayers recited in the prayers, on the one hand, makes it easier to concentrate on the prayers as well as builds a good relationship of the worshiper with the prayers. So we need to know the meaning of the surahs and prayers that are usually recited in the prayers so that the prayers do not become meaningless for us. In this way, if there is any reluctance towards performing prayers, it will be removed.

Proper planning of daily activities: Before starting each day, you need to make a proper work plan for that day. When making a work plan, care should be taken that there is no work during the prayers. When going to class school,  office, or market, or on the other hand anyplace with relatives, in all cases, there should be a separate time for prayers.

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Always be ready for prayers: If you are planning to go out for any work, you should take with you the prayers, hijab, and other necessary items for prayers, so that not having one of these may not be a reason/excuse for skipping prayers. The body must always be kept pure for performing prayers.

Setting alarms on mobile: There are many apps available now that will show the time of prayers in your local time and the call to prayer will start automatically when it is time for prayers. Such an app is quite effective for performing prayers on time. And if you can't find such an app, you can at least set an alarm on your phone during prayer times. This will make your used phone a nice reminder to pray on time.

Creating a checklist for daily prayers: Tick the prayers you performed at the end of the day. This will increase your interest in praying regularly. If prayer is missed, its cause must be found out and it must be remedied. Praying: Always pray to Allah so that Allah Ta'ala makes prayers a part of your daily work. If you make a routine for regular prayers, then you have to pray to Allah so that you can follow that routine properly.


Prayers must be given due importance. As important as meeting family and friends is, remember, meeting God five times a day is even more important.

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