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Problems with Mars at birth, solve the problem

Problems with Mars at birth, solve the problem in this way with lentils

Problems with Mars at birth, solve the problem
Problems with Mars at birth, solve the problem

No sense in telling you now - I don't wanna ruin the surprise. The position of the planet is in the birth chart by mixing good and evil. There is a special need to cure Mars in order to keep human life filled with positive energy. The mind is always influenced by Mars. If Mars is suffering from birth defects, then one has to face various problems in life. Such as indigestion, physical weakness, not being home, being late to have children, etc. For those who are good, electrical appliances in their homes deteriorate very quickly. Such people become a little lazy in nature. In addition, they have blood problems.

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There are some remedies on Mars that can be very beneficial if followed properly:

• When the neem tree flowers, take the young leaves with the buds and crush them with lentils. In this way, Mars can be controlled at least a little bit.

• Must eat lentils on Tuesday. Mars is associated with lentils because the color of Mars is red. This will bring about generally excellent outcomes.

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• Donate some lentils, orange vermilion, and a little mustard oil to the temple of Mahabir in a pot on Tuesday. You can do this in any Shiva temple on eight consecutive Tuesdays.

Donate red flag on Tuesday at Mahabir Temple.

Sprinkle rose water all over the house every day or every Tuesday. Mars is very satisfied with this.

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