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 Always keep mother Lakshmi close to you through some special actions on Thursday


The need for money in life is immense. And the possessor of this money is Lakshmi Devi. In this mother-dominated Bengal, mother worship is done in almost every house. Worshiping the mother is not just a matter of money, worshiping the mother removes all obstacles and fills life with happiness and peace. Because the mother is the source of all energy! In order to increase money or wealth in life, it is important to satisfy Goddess Lakshmi.

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According to a visionary perspective,  almost all the planets can give money, if it is in a good way. Especially Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Rahu have a special role in this regard. But we must remember that everything depends on divine grace. Some special actions are very useful to increase wealth and keep Lakshmi Devi at home.

Find out what they are:

• Whenever you eat after the end of the puja on Thursday, sit down to eat with both feet well wet, before eating. You will definitely get Lakshmi's grace in this.

• Chant Mahalakshmi Gayatri Mantra at least 18 times or 108 times if possible every Thursday. You will get the expected desired outcomes. This mantra can be recounted whenever, morning or evening.

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• If you can give something to a virgin girl after performing Lakshmi Pujo on Thursday, then there will be good results in the family.

• Any donation of anything yellow on Thursday yields extremely auspicious results.

• Take a bath on Thursday by mixing very little raw turmeric in the bathwater.

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