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 Read this article to know the VASTU TIPS for home. This article discusses in detail the 35 BEST TIPS for your home.

We all know that ecology or Vastu is an old scripture that has been around for ages. Our civilization has evolved but people are trying to make their homes more beautiful. Many flats, dwellings, etc. were built all around. But in this modern age, who is left out of ecology or vastu? Not at all. A house or flat where we live, we live with our family, the habitat of that bar or flat plays a special role for progress in our life. Learn Best-tips for home from this article. This article discusses in detail 35 ecosystems.

I am discussing some special eco-tips for your home. Which will give you great advantages.

Learn these tips according to Vastu - 

1) Always keep the electrical appliances in the house at the firing angle i.e. southeast corner. 

2) The kitchen should be facing your main door. 

3) Do not keep broken mirrors in the house. 

4) Do not keep broken or bad equipment at home. 

5) Do not keep the clock at home. 

6) Place the mirror on the east side. 

7) Always keep the money cupboard in the house in such a way that it faces north or east.

8) Use the toilet facing east-north.

9) Place the septic tank on the west side. 

10) Any kind of street lamp paste next to the main door of the house hinders financial development. 

11) Do not throw garbage in front of the front door of the house. How to get rid of negative energy from your home 

12) The main door facing the two houses is not good at all. 

13) It is better to keep the number of doors and windows on the upper floor less than on the lower floor of the house. 

14) Install Ganesha Lakshmi idol at home for financial improvement. 

15) Always keep the northeast corner clean. 

16) Students can use east/north for study. 

17. Do not keep pictures of any war or dead person in the house. 

18) Do not sleep under the beam. 

19) Do not keep pictures in a corner of the house, which is a source of negative energy. Such as - any picture of crying, etc. 

20) Plant a basil tree at home. 

21) Light a ghee lamp at home in the evening. 

22. Do not plant any thorny trees in the house. 

23) Always place the water slope in the house on the east or north / northeast corner. 

24. The living quarters of the elders of the house should always be on the southwest side. The house on this site can also be used as a sharecropper's house.

25. Never build a bathroom or a temple side by side. 

26) Use five fingers of the hand while transacting money. 

27) Keep a picture of a happy family at home. (Take pictures of all the members of the household together). 

28) Place the aquarium in the northeast corner. 

29) If there is no kitchen in the fire corner, always keep a red light on that corner. 

30) Do not keep a picture of any deity in the bedroom. 

31. The back of your bed should not be in the mirror. 

32. Place the gods on the east/north side. 

33) Ideal place for fireplace kitchen. 

34) When buying an old house or flat, know the history of the previous homeowner well. 

35) When building a house, keep the slope of the land to the northeast.

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