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Chanakya Niti - Keep These Things In Mind Before Trusting People

Here are 7 things written in Chanakya Niti that you should consider before trusting and befriending a person.

Ancient Indian philosopher, teacher, and widely acclaimed economist, Chanakya defeated his enemies in battle with the power of knowledge. In his political treatise, Arthashastra, he has advised not to trust any person.

1. Stay away from people who talk sweetly before you but try to ruin you behind your back, because they are like a pot of poison with milk on top.

2. Don't trust a bad partner and even an ordinary friend, because if he gets angry with you, he can reveal your secrets to others.

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3. He who befriends a man of wicked conduct, whose eyesight is impure, and one who is crooked, he perishes soon.

4. He who flees from terrible calamity, foreign invasion, a terrible famine, and the company of the wicked remains safe.

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5. Do not associate with a fool because we can see that he is a two-legged creature. Like an inconspicuous thistle, he pierces the heart with his sharp words. 

6. Thoroughly consider and over once more: the ideal opportunity, the right companion, the ideal spot, the right type of revenue, the correct method to spend it, and from whom you draw your power.

7. We should repay the favor of others with good deeds, in the same way, we should also do evil for evil, it is not a sin to do so, because it is necessary to repay the wicked with his own coin.

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