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Do this deed and prayer immediately if you have commit a sin

 If you wrongly commit a sin, do this deed and prayer immediately

People make many mistakes willingly or unwillingly. Many sins are committed by forgetting these. In order to avoid the sin of error, the Qur'an-Sunnah has always said to fear Allah more and more. Because the fear of God will keep people free from the sin of injustice. It will show the way back to good deeds. This is what the Prophet himself said in the hadith.

Hazrat Abu Jarr Jundub Ibn Junadah and Abu Abdur Rahman Mu'adh Ibn Jabal (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, "Fear Allah whenever you are in a situation and do good deeds after every evil deed." Which will erase him (evil / unjust deeds). And treat people well.` (Tirmidhi)

In this hadith 3 periods have been mentioned. Then-

1. Fear God. No matter when people are in that state; Fear God all the time. And if you do wrong, (the rest) do two more deeds-

2. Do well If you do wrong, you should immediately stop doing bad deeds and rush towards good deeds. This good deed will keep people away from injustice

3. Get along well with people all the time.

In return for these three deeds, Allah the Almighty will forgive all the wrongs and sins of the servant's will and unwillingness.


If it becomes a sin for any reason, immediately ask Allah for forgiveness through a small prayer. There is an act of such a prayer from Hazrat Ayesha (may Allah be pleased with her). Then-

تَتُوْبُ لَِلَى اللَِهِ مِمَّا َْذْنَبْتُ

Pronunciation: ‘Atubu Ilallahi Mimma Ajnabatu.’

Meaning: (O Allah!) The sin that I have committed; I am asking Allah for forgiveness for that.

So the believing Muslim should, whenever evil or unjust deeds happen for any reason. Be anywhere you are comfortable. Wherever it happens, engage yourself in more and more good deeds along with the prayers and apologies mentioned at that moment. And it can be free from injustice or sin.

May Allaah grant the Muslim Ummah the Tawfeeq to be engaged in good deeds at all times. When evil or unjust deeds are done, give tawfiq to do good deeds and to forgive. Amen.

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