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These Plants Are Considered Lucky In Vastu, Know It's Benefits

There are many such trees and plants in Vastu Shastra, which are considered very auspicious and beneficial to plant in the house.

A green courtyard or garden gives natural beauty to our house, gives pure air, which keeps our health good.  There are many benefits of applying them at home. Applying them brings positive energy to the house. 

You must plant three types of plants in office and home, on one hand, where you will benefit in business, on the other hand, there will be happiness, prosperity, and happiness in your home. 

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Let us know which are those trees and plants-

Ashoka tree

This tree is considered a symbol of positive energy. By applying it outside the house, negative energy does not enter the house. According to Vastu, the Ashoka tree should be planted in the north direction of the house, by doing this positive energy is transmitted in your house all the time. Planting Ashoka trees brings happiness, peace, and prosperity to the house. 

This tree is considered to be mourning, so by planting it in the house, one does not have to suffer premature death. Planting the Ashoka tree also increases the physical and mental energy of each member of the house. Due to this, the troubles arising due to mental stress to the family members do not bother and benefit. 

Ashoka tree should be watered regularly by the women of the house so that their married life remains good. By planting this tree, the social prestige of the family members also increases. By tying its leaves in a thread and applying it to the main gate of the house, negative energy does not enter the house. 

Ashoka tree is considered beneficial for the children studying. Children's mind becomes sharp by sitting under it for a while and reading. Due to the positive energy generated by planting Ashoka trees outside the house, the way to get money also becomes strong, that is, you get new opportunities for money arrival.

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Money Tree or Crassula

Crassula is also called Moneytree or jade plant. According to Vastu, it is very auspicious to keep a plant with small round leaves in the house or office. There is an increase in wealth and prosperity. It should be placed inside the entrance near the door. It is said that this plant attracts money like a magnet. 

It does not take much effort to plant it, buy it and plant it in a pot or in the ground, then it will keep spreading on its own. It can be planted anywhere in the sun or shade. It is believed about this plant attracts positive energy and wealth.

Bamboo Plants

You can plant bamboo plants at home. According to Vastu, bamboo plants are a symbol of happiness and prosperity. The bamboo plant is considered a symbol of auspiciousness, good luck, and long life. 

As per Vastu science, if the bamboo plant is given the ideal spot as per the bearings, then, at that point, it gives wonderful advantages. The wonderful bamboo plant eliminates negative energy, at the same time it also purifies the environment around it, so it must be planted in the house. 

It should be tied with a red ribbon and kept in a glass bowl with water. By tying small bamboo plants in a glass jar in a red thread and keeping it in the north or north direction in the shop, establishment, economic progress starts. The use of 6 bamboo stalks will give you benefits so that you never feel short of money in life. According to Vastu, six bamboo stalks attract wealth.

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