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Avoid Manglik errors

  If Avoid Manglik Errors Is So Bad, Why Don't Statistics Show It?

When parents or relatives marry their son or relative, they first look at the values ​​and qualities. It is believed that boy or girl, 30 of their 32 qualities must be found. Also, the boy or girl is not Manglik. So that there is no problem in living a happy married life.

 This life is only available when your life partner is OK. Don't miss it. For this, we get married very thoughtfully. For marriage, we choose a girl who can take care of our family and love everyone.

Whenever someone gets married, everyone's horoscope matches first. Because astrology and constellations have a long history. The horoscope of a boy or a girl is not auspicious when the zodiac sign is matched. This is a matter of concern for every parent.

Usually, the effect of Manglik Dosha is on boys and girls, but astrologers have spread such a blind belief about this defect that people start sweating as soon as the name of this Dosha is mentioned. This fact cannot be ignored either,

 if a bride or groom is not married to a bride or groom who is suffering from the equivalent dosha with Manglik dosha, then life becomes difficult for them, their married life to be together. To enjoy Mangali Dosha, the bride and groom break up.


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After all, what is the fault of Mars in the horoscope? What is the remedy to avoid it? If your zodiac sign really has this error, then you need not panic. What are its symptoms, as well as its remedies?

Definition of Manglik Dosha:

If Mars is in the twelfth, second, fourth, seventh, and eighth house in the horoscope of a boy or a girl, then it is considered Mars fault in such a birth list. Apart from this, 

the position of Mangli from the Moon and the position of Mangli from Venus should also be looked at so that the effect of Mongolia in the horoscope can be fully assessed.

Symptoms of Manglik Dosha:

Mars is considered a burning planet, so with this defect, the nature of the Martian man is considered hot.

Good people have very hot and burning energy which can do something wrong if not used properly.

The marriage was delayed due to Manglik's guilt.

There are quarrels and tensions in marital life due to Mangal Dosha / Manglik Dosha.

Marrying two good people removes its bad effects.

It is believed that this guilt is found in those who have abused their partner in a previous life.

Calculation of astrological auspicious faults:

In the birth chart of the son and daughter to be married, the qualities related to the octahedron like caste, vaishya, star, planetary alliance, river, etc. are matched, then the fault of Mars and Mars is especially considered in the horoscope. The following verses are believed to be the basis of good deeds.

Lagne baye cha patale jamitre chastame kuje.

Kanya Bhartuvinshay Bharta Kanya Binashak :.

- NS Archive Mirror

That is, if a girl has Mars in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th, or 12th house, then it is harmful to the bridegroom (husband) and similarly, if there is Mars in these places in the boy's birth chart, then it is harmful to her. , Is considered with the sign of the Moon and sometimes Venus.

Manglik Dosha / Manglik Dosha Avoidance:

Marrying a girl with Manglik Dosha to Manglik Dosha does not have a bad effect on Mars and increases the marital happiness between the bride and groom.

Sukhvardhanam for the forty-fourth age is not the fault of Nasti.

If the girl's horoscope has the position of Mars (Mars factor), and if there are any harmful planets like Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu, etc. Similarly, in the horoscope of a boy, if there is a man in the horoscope of a girl, if there is a male planet in the same house, there is no earth fault.

Saturn Bhoomoth or Kashit Papo or Tadrasho Bhagat.

Teshev Bhavaneshveva has destroyed the land.

Oniye ai pibhumen sadasho bhuma sins paap o tadrasho bhabet.

Marriage: Shubhad: Praktashchiru: Son-grandson:.

- Collection of results

That is, if there is a Mars defect in one's birth chart, then it is due to the presence of sin planets like Saturn in another's the birth chart.

Eighth Twelfth Chaib Bhumdosho Na Vidyate.

That is if Mars is in Aries, Scorpio is in the fourth house, Capricorn is in the seventh house, Cancer is in the eighth house, and if Mars is in the twelfth house of Sagittarius, then there is no fault of Mars.

Today, under the pressure of fear, he scurries to the abyss.

Dhun maje karkichastau bhumdosho na vidyate.

-Mu. Parijat

That is if Mars in Pisces is in the 7th house and Mars in Aquarius is in the eighth house, then there is no earth fault.


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"Dhun meen ghate chastau bhaum doshno na vidyate"

 - NS Chintamani

If Moon meets Venus in the 2nd house, or Mars is expected by Jupiter, Rahu is in the center or Rahu is in the center, then there is no fault of Mars -

Neither Mangali Chandra Bhrigu II nor Mangali Pashyati Yasya Jiva.

No Mangali Kendragate Cha Rahu: No Mangali Mangal-Rahu Yoga.

- Moment lamp

If a strong Jupiter and Venus are under the cycle, then there is no fault of Mars if there is a reverse, weak, transient, or enemy Mars towards the end of the upper planets.

- Collection of results

If there are auspicious planets in the center and triangle and if there are evil planets in the 3rd, 6th, 11th house and the seventh lord is in the seventh house then there is no fault of Mars.

In the center, the angle is auspicious.

Then don't make a mistake.

- NS Chintamani

The 1st, 2nd, 4th, 8th, 3rd, 11th and 12th house of Mars disrupts the married life of the couple, but if Mars is in his house (1,)), then the friend of the great man (Capricorn) field. Mars is not a fault

Tanu Dhan Sukh Madanyuralov Byaga: Kujastu Yugal.

Bighatayati tad grahesho na bighatayati tungamitragaheva.

- NS Chintamani

If there is mutual friendship in the horoscope of the bride and groom, the qualities are good, if there are 27 times or more similarities, then the auspicious error must be seen.

Rashimaitram yada yati ganaikyam vyada bhabet.

Or qualities are not qualities.

- Moment lamp

Therefore, the decision of Manglik guilt and its avoidance should be made very carefully in the birth chart of the bride and groom. 

Only 1,,,,, etc. Etc. It is not right to fix the happiness of married life. If any other evil planet besides Mars is in the 1st, 2nd, 7th, and 12th house in the Mars place (Bhav), then it is also bad for the family and married life. 

Such as:

In the seventh though, the crew: the family Shankar:...

- NS collection mirror

The Mars phase in the birth chart has an ominous and negative effect on the married life of the bride and groom, but if Mars is added to a horoscope with a combination of other planets, it is higher or self-perceived or influenced by the auspicious planet like Jupiter, 

then Mars is ominous. Will have a favorable effect factor. For example, Mars in Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio, Leo, Sagittarius, and Pisces is considered auspicious, and since Mars is a triple in Cancer and Leo, Mars will be considered an additive rather than an evil.

Survey triangular planets Shubhaphalprada:.

Similarly, self-sufficient: Shubhaphalam Prakoti Purnam.

Nikarakshagastu Biplam Ripu Mandirrelpam.

Bhabha survey Shubhapatiyuta annoyance: Wa Shubheshai

Tattadhaba: gross fruitfulness: papadrikogahina:.

- Sarabi

When matching the horoscope of the bride and groom, for their happy and prosperous married life, other elements related to the match should also be thoroughly discussed, not just focusing too much on Mars or Manglik. Some of the main components are as follows

That planet is in the middle. They reveal complete results related to the house, the planets that are in the house, they show zero results. Accordingly, when matching the horoscope of the bride and groom, the planets of both the zodiac signs must be clear, clean, and moving house. 

Only then can the true position of Mars or Mars fault be known. If Mars is attached to the birth chart of both, then the Mars fault will be considered a breach.

The position of the auspicious and yogi planet in the seventh lord of the seventh house or the direction of Jupiter, Mars or the seventh house, or the seventh house planet will reduce the Mars phase.

If the seventh lord is located in the higher or self-friendly zodiac and the middle triangular house, then the Mars phase of marriage will be neutral.

Conversely, if the seventh lord is in the triad, if the harmful planets are in sight, the zodiac is low or obscure, then there is no complete happiness in marriage.

Apart from this, it is necessary to consider the power of the planets like Lagnesh, Kutumbesh (secondary), Panchamesh, Ashtamesh, the seventh house and the moon, Venus, Jupiter, and Mars.

If there is a mutual friendship between the bride and groom in the combination of the eight constellations, if the qualities (27 or more) are found, then the Mars error will be unimaginable.

The full vision of Jupiter on Mars, which causes Mars faults, removes Mars faults.


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