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Best The Effect Of Dream Astrology Tips You Will Read This Year

The effect of dream astrology

Dream Astrology / Dream Astrology: -

The three main invisible organs of the human body are the inner mind, the outer mind, and the intellect. Example: If a sick person is told that you are healthy, then that person's upper mid or outer mind will not accept your statement and he will immediately answer you that you are wrong, I am not healthy! I have a headache right now and I have pain in my joints.

 How healthy am I? At the same time, the doctor will come and tell the person that you are healthy, yet his upper mind will argue that where am I healthy now? But that argument will be suppressed by the intellect, at which time the intellect will make the outsider (outside mind) feel that the doctor is more educated, has more knowledge about his disease, because this thing is being accepted by his intellect, so the doctor he says is right. -Dream astrology.

Thus, in our daily life, we use the external mind and intellect, the main invisible part of our body, but the inner mind of our body is in a dormant state when we start sleeping or at that time the outer mind is in a dormant state of our body and the inner mind is active As it turns out, the scene we see with the help of the inner mind is called a dream.

How to recognize dreams?

Dream astrology is the language of signs, to understand which we need to understand those signs. The best way to understand them is to write down the dream.

 If you want to answer a question or understand a situation in life, explain your question by remembering or speaking in your mind before going to bed at night. Then, as soon as you wake up, write down briefly the dream you had.

 Then write down the details you remember. If you don't remember your dream, say before you go to sleep that you will remember the dream. -Dream astrology.

Our brain is a strange device. We do as we think. This is a premise that by writing a dream, we will learn many of its subtleties, which cannot be known by mere thought or contemplation. There is no need to get a complete answer.

 It also happens that many dreams are different parts of the same answer. To understand the sign language of dreams, we need to understand our thoughts. Nowadays there are many sources for understanding dreams on the internet. But in general, these symptoms are very unique and can have different meanings in each situation. -Dream astrology.

For example, seeing a car in a boy's dream is a sign of freedom, but if that boy has an accident with a car, the car can also be a terrible memory for him. So there is no one better than us to understand our dreams. We just have to pay special attention to our thoughts.

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Some dreams are very simple which are easily understood. But some dreams are very complicated. Now after reading the dreams we have written, a few days later, we will see a pattern. Analysis of that pattern can give very accurate and complete answers. -Dream astrology.

Example: For example, a person was very ill for some time and he was undergoing treatment. One day he dreamed that a bird was trapped in his house and fluttered its wings to get out. But as soon as the bird came out of the house it fell down. 

The man dreamed that the bird was so weak that it could not fly. The meaning of this dream was that the person who suffered so much from his illness, he wanted to get out of that illness. But he was also very weak. He needs a few more days of treatment to fully recover.

Thus, by answering questions through the signals of our minds, dreams can also alert us to recurring events. So we should come to realize our dreams and it is a very interesting job. Now, who among us does not want that we have the source to guide ourselves.

 Dreaming and understanding are just like understanding yourself. The more we understand ourselves, the easier and more positive our lives will be. -Hinduism (Dream Astrology):

Spiritual analysis of dreams is found in Hindu scriptures, Atharva Veda, Yogasutras, Puranas, Upanishads, etc., according to which the process of dreaming is related to the human soul and to the soul. Thus the imagination of the mind is infinite. Dreams foretell all sorts of good and bad signs in our lives, even disasters, diseases, and deaths.

 A few days before the birth of Mahatma Gautama Buddha, his mother, Rani Maya, saw in a dream a sun-shining, toothed white elephant, which means that the Maharshi of the kingdom spoke of the birth of a high-ranking world-famous prince who happened to be true. -Dream astrology.

Science (Dream Astrology):

In modern times, the Western thinker Sigmund Freud, in his book 'Theory of Dreams', says that dreams illuminate the life of a person, which we sometimes think of in our waking state. That is, the desires of the dreamer, which are not fulfilled in the waking state for some reason, come true in the dream and give the person emotional satisfaction, but this theory was unable to understand the dreams seen by one blind person. 

A few days later Freud changed his mind. According to Dr. Stan Stanley, author of Dream Telepathy, what happens in dreams is not just a problem and nervousness in the present life, but related to the past. A horrific event that happens in childhood has a profound effect on the brain, and dreams related to that event are more common.

 Dr. focuses on this process of dreaming. Stanley said that the human brain, organizing small events or information, reaches a conclusion (dream) that is sometimes very accurate. -Dream astrology.

History (Dream Astrology):

The wife of the Roman emperor Julius Caesar had a dream the night before her assassination that she was carrying the bloody body of her husband Julius Caesar, which was lying in her hair. Caesar then forbade her husband to go to the Senate, 

but she did not agree and Brutus killed her after reaching the Senate. Similarly, US President Abraham Lincoln saw his assassination in a dream a few days ago. Western researchers now agree with the ideology of Indian culture. -Dream astrology.

The famous Greek philosopher Hippocrates believed that during sleep the human soul moves away from the body and in this state what he sees or hears is a dream. Aristotle wrote in his book Animals of History that not only humans but also animals, sheep, goats, cows, dogs, horses, etc.

 dream. According to Indian philosophers, the soul attains the human vagina after birth and travels through eighty-four lakh vaginas. Through dreams, he remembers different kinds of acquired experiences. -Dream astrology.

Remedy for Dreams:

According to dream astrology, a dream seen in the early hours of the night (around 6:00 to 9:00 PM) bears good/bad results in a year. The dreams that are seen in the second watch (around 9:00 to 12:00 at night), the fruit is found in nine months.

 The results of the dream seen at 3 o'clock in the morning {about 12:00 to 3:00 AM} three months, the result of the dream seen at 4 o'clock in the morning Almost from about 3:00 to 6:00 in the morning} in a month and in the morning at sunrise.

 Dreams seen after the end of the day, dreams come true in half a month, but dreams seen during the day are mostly trivial. If there are multiple dreams at night, only the last dream is fruitful. If you feel in your mind that the result of the dream you saw is bad and evil, then you must remedy that bad dream.

Lord Rama also had a dream at his residence in Chitrakoot, for which he worshiped Lord Shiva to get rid of bad fruits. By taking action at the right time, the ill effects of bad dreams are greatly reduced or eliminated. -Dream astrology.

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If your dream is more terrifying and you have that dream between 12 and 2 o'clock at night, then go back to sleep immediately while chanting the mantra ‘Om Namah Shiva’. After that, Brahma gets up at the moment [4:24 to 6:00], after bathing, go to Shiva temple, give water, worship and give something to the priest.

If you have a dream after 4pm and the dream is bad, get up in the morning and sit in front of the Tulsi tree without telling anyone and tell Tulsi your whole dream. If you don't have a basil tree in your house, wake up in the morning, write the dream on white paper, and then burn it. Throw that paper ash into the drain with water. 

There will be no side effects from this. Nothing will happen in the future related to that dream, then chant 'Om Namah Shivaya' 108 times after bathing. Shri Hanuman Ji removes all kinds of evils. You can recite Sundarkanda, Bajrang Ban, Sankatmochan Stotra, or Hanuman Chalisa in the evening to ward off the evil of bad dreams. -Dream astrology.

Good and bad results seen in dreams-

Blindsight - obstruction of work

See the darkness - disaster comes

Strange to see the numbers - happy

Even to see the numbers - evil

Seeing the amputation - health benefits

Organ donation - bright future, rewards

To see a bodyguard - the danger of injury

Walking on coal - physical pain

Seeing the fire burn - evil

Good to see the fire go out

Fake cut - misery in the family

Thumb sucking - Disputes over family property

Eating grapes - health benefits

Seeing Anjan - an eye disease

Reading magazines, debating

To see walnuts - eat plenty of food and increase wealth

Give incense - good

To see the burning incense stick - accident

Seeing incense - there is a religious ceremony

Eating pickles, making - headaches, stomach aches

Seeing a dragon - good luck

Meeting a stranger - a harbinger of misfortune

Eating celery - health benefits

Seeing a strange object - information about the arrival of a loved one

Rejoice - get the sad news

Eating Ginger - Increases Respect and Respect

To be president - to lose respect

Study - Failed

See teacher - get success

To see the crescent - get the cooperation of women

Seeing the grain - be worried

Eating pineapple - first hardship then relief

Eat pomegranate leaves - get married soon

Eating Pomegranate (Sweet) - Get Money

To see the funeral - good work in the family

Seeing a kurta of another color - evil

Read unread letters - get the sad news

Seeing yourself alone - a long journey

Seeing yourself flying in the sky - get success

To see your teeth fall out - brother is suffering

Seeing others attack you - long life

See abduction - longevity

Apsara see - gaining wealth and respect

To be proud - to be humiliated

Guava food - get money

Amalia flower - jaundice or leprosy

New moon - liberation from sorrow

See Arabic - headache or stomach ache

Eating tur - stomach pain

Good to see you

To see money - get money

Seeing the cupboard open - is a loss of money

See off the cupboard - get the money

See weapons - protection from trouble

Seeing yourself cut with a weapon - get in trouble soon

Seeing the bones - avoiding crises

Aanchal Dekhna - Victory in the competition

Hiding face in the area - gaining respect

Wipe away the tears in the area - good times are coming

Watch the storm - get out of trouble

Storm - You will succeed

To see bureaucrats eat - wish fulfilled

Seeing the bureaucracy - the wish was not fulfilled

Seeing tears - should be a good thing in the family

Look in the mirror - the wish is fulfilled, get a good friend

Seeing your face in the mirror - problems at work, problems with the wife

Eat ice cream - get peace

To see - physical pain

Fly in the sky - have a long journey

Cooking with fire - earning money, job advancement

Seeing the fire - getting money the wrong way

Burning clothes with fire - get a lot of grief, eye diseases

Seeing freedom - freedom from many worries

See flour - work done

Suicide or seeing - long life

To see the account of mango - the wealth and happiness of children

See the saw running - the crisis will end soon

Seeing the saw stopped - a sign of new trouble

Seeing others - the attainment of happiness

Seeing a hug from a woman - a sign of wealth

Embracing a woman from a man - a notice of disbelief from her husband

Embracing men from women - gaining happiness

Embracing from one person to another - increasing hostility

To see potatoes - drink plenty of food

Listen to the voice - good times are coming.

Doing vagrancy - get money, get a job

Application or writing - long journey

See Ashram - loss of business

See the sky - get a high position

Seeing yourself fall in the sky - business loss

Seeing yourself in the sky - a sign of a good journey

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