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How To Turn Your Radix No. 1 From Blah Into Fantastic

How To Make Your Radix No. 1 Look Amazing In 10 Days

Radix No. 1): People who are born on any one of the dates 1, 10, 19, 28 have their birth number or radix number 1 (radix number 1) because the sum of all these dates is 1. The planet representing the 1st birth number is the Sun. 

The sun is the lord of all the planets and the chief among the planets. Due to which the people of 1st zodiac sign are fast, brave, hardworking, constantly engaged in industry, and hardworking. 

Whenever the sun is predominant in the sky, your condition will be good, you will get good benefits, but whenever the sun is in a weak state, there will be a lack of confidence, loss, laziness, failure in your life.

Mulanka Properties Number 1)

People affected by radix number 1) are high-spirited, they like to be free from thoughts, this person does not want anyone to impose restrictions on them or create any kind of obstacle in their work.

They want to get higher positions in the workplace where they enter. And want to be the director or president of your own organization. It has been seen that they know how to dominate the position and get respect from the employees under them.

Radix No. 1 is an indicator of activity. This number says that this type of person is always born to move forward. Their stamina is of excellent quality. 

Although they have seen more ups and downs and struggles in their lives, their efforts have not diminished. The intense vitality that is present in such people is not easily seen in other people.

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They have strong leadership qualities. They have led since their student days and in later life, they have led their peers, their families, and their friends. 

There is no shortage of his leadership. Even with self-sacrifice, they promote their companions. They consider their joys and sorrows as their joys and sorrows and help them in all their troubles. Such qualities are inherent in them.

Their exposure area is large. They easily make a stranger their friend and once they establish a friendly relationship, they carry it for a lifetime. There is no selfishness or deception in their friendship. Their work is respected in society. All his friends have blind devotion to him. At their signal, they are blindly ready to jump into the abyss.

It is also the specialty of Mulanka No. 1 that the person associated with it is always on the lookout for innovation. Does not like to work fat. These people do not believe in doing things the way they are being done.

 Bringing some innovation or specialty in that work is their quality and they also present the traditional work with such beauty that there is a divinity in that work. Such a person is capable of doing some unique or unique things in the world.

Their body structure is optimal. There is mental and physical harmony. Such people are able to do physical work on the one hand, as well as mental work is not behind. Thus, the body and the mind have specific functions. Such people believe in living properly. His life is full of happiness.

They are also ahead in business and jobs. Foresight is the main reason for the success of such people. This type of person improves a lot in a short time and rises high. Wherever these people are, they breathe a sigh of relief as soon as they reach the highest position in the area. 

However, under the leadership of such individuals, these two qualities are found in them in such a way that they are able to make a coin of their talents over all of them.

The biggest characteristic of these people is that their goals are clear in front of them. They are fully aware of their goals and are constantly moving towards their goals. 

They do not wander in darkness, nor do they inspire others to wander in confusion or darkness. What they say is measurable, clear, and precise.

These people are very smart in making decisions. The situation of uncertainty in their lives is negligible. The key to success in life is to make quick decisions about any job or business. 

The biggest feature of their lives is that they do not change whatever decision they make and they do not regret in life after making a decision. Independent personality, independent decision, and free life can be called the specialty of his personality. 

They do not survive the unwanted pressure of anyone. They are the creators of their own thoughts and they have their own experience, wisdom, and foresight behind what they say.

The more the spirit of cooperation is needed in you, the happier you are in helping others.

Their biggest feature is also that they are fully aware, conscious, and constantly moving towards a specific goal with their goal and their goal in front of them. They are not people wandering in the dark.

They want minimal interference in their work. They don’t like to give you advice without interrupting or asking about little things. They like peace and they like to move in the right direction.

They are as generous in spending as they are in making money. They have very little money. They are not small in mind, they spend the money wherever they feel the need.

They hate flattery, false praise, and so on. Clear and blunt, but speaking considering time and space is called their specialty.

They will continue to have contingent benefits and costs. This means that contingencies will predominate in their lives. If there is income or money, it will happen suddenly. Similarly, the cost will also come suddenly. Sometimes there are situations where the budget becomes unbalanced, But soon you will organize it.

Their personality is impressive, so a lot of work will be possible by their personality. His personality is the bridge to his success.

You will find success in a job or business that is quick to make decisions, where there is no slackness, and where intelligence is used.

They have clever, cheerful, and attractive personalities. They have the main quality of attracting others to themselves.

Radix No. 1

Sometimes they spend more than they need to show their elegance, that’s not right. This is because of their unbalanced budget.

Sometimes the frustration goes too far and this frustration becomes a danger signal for them, which is why they leave their work in the middle.

These people should not take financial risks, which can lead to a sudden financial crisis.

It is not right for them to trust someone too much, there may be deception from friends regarding money, be careful.

The power of more women can stigmatize them, so they have to be very careful and move slowly.

It is not right for them to be overwhelmed with emotion and to trust others quickly, as this will cause them to lose focus on themselves and waste their time.

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Whenever the condition of the sun is bad, they will feel weak in terms of heart, fever, and heart-related problems will be with them. Blood-borne diseases will also occur occasionally and will have to suffer from it. 

While they may be experiencing health problems at the age of 7,8,19,28,35,44,48,52, this year cannot be called accurate from a health standpoint.

 Even in old age, there is a risk of occasional high blood pressure, heart attack, and eye pain. People with Radix No. 1 should pay special attention to the purity and smooth flow of their blood.


Radix No. 1, more useful for the film business, travel, air hostess, dairy farm, driver, covert job, fishmonger, chemist, hospital, liquid dealer, C.I.D., archeological work, wrestler, etc.


Countries like Greece, Moscow, Scotland, Rhodesia, Bangkok, Sweden, etc. are beneficial for them, these countries have high chances of luck.


Working in the opposite direction is more beneficial for them. If you build your business, home, and office on this site, they will get special benefits.

Relax time

The sun does not shine around October, November, and December, so this time will not be very favorable for them. At this time there is the weakness of health, apathy towards work, and unnecessary troubles and running. When it comes to finances, July and August are not going to be good months.

Advanced time

The strong position of the sun is intense and bright every year from March 21 to April 28 and from July 10 to August 20, so this time can be considered the best, progress and effective for them. January, March, May, July, September, October, December are also favorable and auspicious for you.

Good date

The 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th of the month are helpful and convenient for you. These dates are going to bring a new twist in your life, so if this person starts a new job on these dates, it will be more convenient for them and will be successful soon. 

Whether you want to meet a high-ranking official or start a new business, you have to start on this date, so that success can be achieved soon.

Bad date

These should be used with caution on the 7th, 8th, 15th, 17th, 25th, and 26th of the month. These dates can be said to be troublesome for those born with radix 1.

Good color

Their more favorable colors are pink, copper, and yellow. Yellow should not be completely yellow, but golden should be yellow. 

Their drawing-room curtains, pillowcases, bed sheets, etc. should be kept in this color as much as possible, it will be beneficial for them and always keep a handkerchief of this color with them. They should wear this color even when their health is deteriorating, which will benefit them soon.

Good gems

Their main gem is ruby, which is called Padma-rag in Sanskrit, Yakut in Persian, Chunni in Urdu, and Ruby in English. At the auspicious time, drink about five Ratti Manikas in a gold ring in such a way that it touches the Anamika. Place this gem on Sunday and wear it on the same day.


If possible, stay hungry on Sunday or eat one meal at a time. Not eating salt with food will be especially beneficial. On this day, before the meal, light a fragrant incense stick and recite 'Aditya Hridoy Kavach', then you will feel for yourself that it is getting rid of many obstacles and diseases will stay away from them.


The sun-god of the personality of Radix 1. If these people worship the sun or are busy with their daily activities just by watching the rising sun, it is beneficial for them.


They should wake up in the morning and meditate on the sun or sit in the sun, place the idol of the sun in their mind and then recite the following mantra-

Pratiksha deva bishanda sahastra marichivih shovit bhumi desam.

Spotshong Sastraj Hrishtmang Denv Bajehan Mihirn Lake.


Whenever their mind is restless, nervous, any kind of trouble or crisis arises, they should recite the following mantra 108 times, then see the direct result of accomplishment in their actions.

? Om Ghrina: Surya Aditya Namah.


People born on 1, 10, 19, 28, or 10 July to 20 August and 22nd March to 25 April will prove to be more favorable, helpful, and loyal to you. Your friendship with such people will be lasting and they will be helpful in business, job, partnership, etc.


Those with Radix 1, 5, or 9 or those born between 20 March to 28 April and 10 July to 20 August. These people can be your perfect companions. You can easily establish a love relationship with the right person and you will succeed in it.

Good year

Depending on your age, 1st, 10th, 16th, 27th, 38th, 48th, 55th, 64th, and 63rd years will be very auspicious for life.

Bad year

7, 8, 15, 17, 25, 26, 34, 36, 42, 44, 51, 53 etc. bad years according to your age. They should not start important work this year.

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