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Mulank Number 2

How To Turn Your Mulank Number 2 From Blah Into Fantastic

Mulank Number 2: People who are born on any one of the 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th, their birth number or radix number is 2 because the sum of all these dates becomes 2. Is. The representative planet of 2nd birth number is Moon. 

Moon planet is emotional, soft, imaginative, and sweet, consequently, the person related to this planet is also sympathetic, imaginative, and sweet-spoken.

Characteristics of radix two

According to "Moon Manso Jatah", the mind of the people with radix number 2 is fickle, due to which they do not remain fixed on the same subject for a long time nor are they able to do the work for a long time. In their mind, new ideas come to mind and new ideas keep taking birth in their minds.

Due to being the predominant moon element, the amount of female elements remains special in their nature and behavior. In the case of women, they remain fortunate. Women will easily trust him and will get acquainted with him soon. They are also proficient in getting work out of women and expelling secrets from them.

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The number 2 number (Mulank Number 2) is a sign of completeness. This number shows that the work that this person does in life should be elegant, elegant, and completely organized in itself.

Persons belonging to radix number 2, though not physically strong and strong, mentally are healthy and strong. They have a special interest in mental work rather than labor and they do some such work with their intelligence, due to which the coming generations remain indebted to them.

These people are very emotional. They do the work of others happily and are equally conscious of their welfare. It is not in their control to say 'no'. Being kind in nature, they believe in expending themselves for the good of others.

They are more interested in beauty. No one else can understand love and beauty as closely as they can. There is such an attraction in their eyes, that the barbaras in front get attracted towards them. The art of hypnosis is amazing in them.

 They also make the unfamiliar person their friend in a pinch. The biggest feature of such people is that they do not hesitate even for a moment to admit their mistakes.

They are weak in making independent decisions. They remain confused for a long time about the decision to do or not to do any work. There is a change in their thoughts from moment to moment and friends take their decision according to the opinion they give. 

The reason for this is also that due to being emotional and soft-hearted, they are not able to take quick decisions and they are also cheated many times on the trust of others. Anyone can get their work done by speaking sweetly or flattering them.

 Although they understand in their mind that the person in front is making a fool of me, yet they remain a fool and do not tell him anything.

Due to being more imaginative, they are emotional and in a way, there remains a constant mental struggle in their life. Due to impatience, many times they take wrong decisions, and then because of not doing the work according to the mind, 

They keep repenting, keep getting irritated and feel very sad and humiliated in life. Sometimes they also remain inconsolable due to not getting the work done on time.

There is no shortage of friends in their life, but most of their friends are selfish and they do not get any special benefit from friends. Real friends are negligible in their life. They cannot live in solitude or alone.

 The lack of true friends keeps knocking them down. Friends keep taking advantage of them, but they do not get any special benefit from friends.

They have the innate quality of knowing the heart of others. They quickly understand what the person in front wants to say. He has a special interest in the study of art. Many times, due to this hobby, a lot of their time is wasted.

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In married life, their wife/husband is beautiful, intelligent, and educated, yet it has been seen that there are many equal ideological differences between husband and wife, so that their household life will remain normal. Overall, this type of person is emotional, kind-hearted, benevolent, and brain-oriented.

You have the innate quality of knowing the heart of others. Whether the person in front says it or not, you can immediately reach his mind and fathom it. 

A lot of your time, energy, and labor will be wasted due to your interest in arts. You will remain faithful to the wife and will get the distinction of being called the husband of a beautiful and educated wife.

They like to travel more. This person likes to live in rivers, seas or coastal cities. They also get lucky at such places. They also like work in which they have to travel, they also get good benefits from traveling.

Cautions of Radix Two

The people of Mulank Number 2 are decent, intelligent, intelligent, and alert personalities. They lack self-confidence, sometimes being nervous about the slightest thing or being possessed by an inferiority complex does not suit them.

They should try to complete whatever work they start, leaving the work incomplete in the middle is not according to their personality. Whatever idea you make, make it through thinking firmly on it.

In matters of love, take care of your feet, because haste spoils everything they have done. Due to which they can also become infamous in society.

They should not be taken in haste. Whatever the crisis may come, still they should meditate on it with a steady mind, then they themselves will see that some path is coming out.

It is not good for them to stay away from their extravagant and sycophantic friends and neither increases their number.

Neither do they sit more in women nor increase intimacy, because this only brings inferiority in their personality, which is not the best.

On the day of the full moon, they should not take any decision or go into deep water. Shukla Paksha is more favorable for them than Krishna Paksha.

Treading, dragging slippers, or talking with a slight smile is not good for the personality of Mulank Number 2.

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