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Mulank Number 4

Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In Mulank Number 4?

Mulank Number 4): Persons who are born on any one of the dates 4, 13, 22, 31, their birth number or radix number is 4 because the sum of all these dates becomes 4. Is. The representative planet of the 4th birth number is Harshal.

 Its direct relation is with the Sun, the Sun itself is blazing, hot, and fast, so the astronomical scholars have said the abundance of these qualities in Harshal too.

Characteristics of number four

The planet Harshal represents the four numbers (Mulank Number 4). The life of a person belonging to the number four remains in constant turmoil. Although such a person keeps on struggling to organize his life, the circumstances become in such a way that his life becomes disorganized even after being organized. Whether it is a small task or a big task in his life, once there is an obstacle or obstacle in it, even if that work gets completed.

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Even in the promotion of luck, the number of four (Mulank Number 4) has been considered as a hindrance factor. Although there comes a time of fortune in their life, this type of time is possible only after a lot of difficulties and obstacles. 

Such people do not get any anger, but at the time when anger comes, they do not see anything behind them, and because of this many times, these people also harm themselves. The sooner they get angry, the sooner the anger goes away. After the anger subsides, they keep repenting for a long time.

Their nature is soft like wax. Because of which other people, relatives, or relatives consider them to be simple and sattvik and they keep on taking advantage of them in some way or the other (Mulank Number 4). Knowing everything, they keep on tolerating such situations.

Nothing can be said with certainty about the nature, thoughts, and customs of Mulank Number 4. If we make a plan in the morning and say, then in the evening itself, they also make radical changes in this plan. Therefore the opponent does not understand them well and at this point, they are defeated.

Although their life will be full of turmoil and struggle, opportunities for progress (Mulank Number 4) will keep coming in between. It is a different matter how much they can use those opportunities.

They are straight from the heart and there is no interference, kurta, conspiracy, deceit, or deceit in their mind. Whatever comes to the mind, they say it clearly on the face of the person in front. Sometimes this clarity becomes bitter, 

Due to which the person in front starts feeling humiliated, but the purpose of humiliating the person in front is not in their heart. To say clearly and bluntly can be said to be the specialty of his personality.

They can keep anything in mind. When the secret of the other person reaches them, the mystery remains. It is not under your control to reveal one's secrets to the other.

Enemies will remain equal in life and if you defeat one enemy then five new enemies will be born. This number has this quality that no matter how many enemies there are, but they cannot harm them in any way. Even though they will create a vicious circle behind their backs.

 We will try to defeat them, but they will automatically be defeated. Yoga is also formed in such a way that whoever opposes this personality will automatically become weak and defeated.

The art of making friends is special in them. His friendship with people of high rank has been seen, there will be only a few friends who will benefit him. Most of them will not get any kind of benefit from friends. After some time, you will feel that the person for whom you have sacrificed everything.

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(Mulank Number 4)

 The same person is deceiving or not helping in the way you helped him. Whenever you have any loss or trouble in life. So it will not be from enemies but from your friends and family members.

The people of Mulank Number 4 walk-in life with utmost care and complete each task after much deliberation, but still, some such works are done by them which are not beneficial in future and whose Because of this you have to suffer loss.

They are weak in taking quick decisions. When any problem comes, they keep thinking about it for hours (Mulank Number 4), but still, they are not able to make the right decision. Whatever advice friends or acquaintances give them. They start working accordingly.

Sometimes they feel sad and different in their life. They feel as if they are all alone in this life and no one is there to support them properly.

These people do not spend extravagantly, yet their expenditure always exceeds their income. Due to which the accumulation of meaning is not possible in the way it should be. Despite this, the illusion about you remains the same.

The sum of sudden money receipt is negligible in their life. If they get sudden money by chance, then they can also become a debtor in the second moment. They can become financially prosperous and happy only after hard work. Therefore, such persons should not engage in lotteries, betting or gambling, etc.

If told right, they are too rash and sometimes some such tasks are done by their hands which require serious thinking and decision making. They should not take any decision in haste or haste.

People of the number four (Mulank Number 4) are rich in mind. When they have money, then they do not hesitate in any way to spend the money. Hence there is an excessive expenditure.

If they want to progress in the right words, then they should also learn to say 'no'. It is not in their nature to say 'yes' to everyone and not complete the work on time. With age, their fame, respect, wealth, and fame will also increase.

Precautions for Radix Four

Don't even criticize others. If possible, praise them only and do not give false assurances to anyone. If you can, then say 'yes' (Mulank Number 4), otherwise refuse in clear words, this will increase their personality, not decrease it.

They should stay away from false pride. Like their condition (Mulank Number 4), live according to it. Don't compare yourself with others' lifestyles and food habits.

Be careful while traveling and do not trust anyone blindly and always be aware of progress, be soft-spoken and friendly, and do not spend in vain. Pay attention to accumulation and keep saving something.

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