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My Life, My Job, My Career: Why Does An Eclipse Occur? Helped Me Succeed

 Why does an eclipse occur?

In the solar system, the sun rotates in its orbit according to radiation, and the moon moves in its orbit, and the shadow of the earth remains in its orbit at a distance of 6 zodiacs from the sun. 

Thus, there is a difference of 6 zodiac signs between the Sun and Moon in each full moon.

 Therefore, in a full moon, the shadow of the earth and the moon are the same. When the sun, earth, and moon are in a straight line, the shadow of the earth covers the moon, at which time there is a "lunar eclipse".

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 If it is completely covered, then it is eclipsed and if it covers any part of the moon, then it is incomplete. Similarly, in the new moon, the sun and the moon revolve in a zodiac in their respective orbits. When the earth, moon, and sun are in a straight line, the moon covers the sun, at which time there is a "solar eclipse".

 No matter what the cover-up, take the same stems, hugs, etc. But this situation is geographical. But according to astrology, the eclipse is the capture of Rahu by the moon or the sun.

Rahu is mentioned in fiction. In fact, according to the Vedas, the Puranas and the Sanhita is similar to mathematics and astronomy. 

Rahu is considered as a shadow and this shadow itself is the shadow of the earth. So the shadow of the earth should be called the shape of the planet Rahu.

Eclipse is considered a famous festival. When the sun and moon are in the same sign, there is a new moon festival. When the moon covers the sun in its orbit like a cloud, because it is in a constellation, the eclipse occurs.

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 When the new moon itself ends in the day and pratipada occurs, there is a time between solar eclipses. On the day of the full moon, the moon is covered in the shadow of the earth, then the moon is eclipsed. When the full moon ends overnight and the pratipada occurs, a mid-lunar eclipse occurs. It is located in the middle of the festival.

The effect of a solar or lunar eclipse on a star lasts for months on Earth. Even that star has not been favored for months. Because the four clocks of the gods [96 minutes] are equal to months for us. The eclipse of the sun and the moon affects all beneficial activities.

Just as the effects of solar and lunar eclipses work well in our lives, so do all people, animals, and creatures. Its effect is also observed in commercial products.

 The effect of eclipse/eclipse on all of this is from eclipse to months and months and from eclipse to months and from partial eclipse to months and seven days total solar and lunar eclipses.

 There are biblical commands to do good, except for 5 days on the eclipse, 4 days on the half eclipse, and 3 days on the fourth eclipse.

If there is an eclipse/eclipse of the sun or the moon, then the food increases and there is a possibility of war.

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