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Numerology career prediction/marks and profession

Numerology Career Prediction/marks And Profession And Love Have 6 Things In Common

For 1 radix (persons born on dates 1, 10, 19, and 28)

Numerology Career Prediction: This number belongs to the Sun. People born in this (Numerology Career Prediction) issue are teachers, government work, electrical work, government ministry, surgery, scientific ambassador, fire element work, science, research work, 

Leadership work, captain, ship work, gems -Work, temple-monastery work, building work, soldier, army, police, oil work, weapons work, medical operations work, navy, defense department, retirement department, 

Chemical manufacturing, explosives, cracker matches, iron steel, brass The characters, wars, material priests, Pandits, Agnihotri's, Brahmins, astrologers, etc. have been seen more successful in their work.

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For 2 radixes (persons born on dates 2, 11, 20, and 29)

Numerology Career Prediction: This issue belongs to the Moon, the person born in this issue (Numerology Career Prediction) works on fluids such as milk, water, cold drinks, juice, etc.

 Travel work, brokerage, hotel, journalism, singing, Dance, poetry, land-related work, snow, Chandi, dairy, agriculture, animal, etc. 

Public interest works, hotel restaurant, restroom, bakery, hostel, pleasure administrator, bar-restaurant owner, housing seller, land, fruit, automobile, petrol, oil, ice cream, glass, plastic, scented, Soap, 

Sandalwood Oil, Rogan, Watercolor, Liquid Dealer, Navy, Shipping, Clearance Agent, Judge, Politician, Yarn Dealer, Readymade Textile Industry, Sugar, Sugarcane, Geography, and Pandit Karma, etc. Is.

For 3 radixes (persons born on dates 3, 12, 21, and 30)

Numerology Career Prediction: This issue belongs to Guru, people born in this issue (Numerology Career Prediction) have been seen more successful in work related to education. 

Such as - teaching, service work, judge, ambassador, advocate, secretary, police, philosopher, material work, bank, advertising work. 

Editing, publishing, revising, overseeing, story writing, advertising, speakers, spokespersons, publicity work, presidents of religious institutions, law, literature, poetry, insurance, agencies, finance, brokers, accounting officers, auditors, civil judges, civil engineers,

 Dental specialist, mayor, councilor, schoolmaster, interpreter, translator, illustrator, registrar, ambassador, messenger, postman, pundit, astrologer, mathematician, clerk, textile seller, energy seller. Banker, Physician, 

Religious Leader, temple or church-related, existing on good occasions, good deeds releasing witness, economist, numerator, advocate, judge, lecturer, principal, headmaster, collector of valuable and historical objects, 

Merchant, sailor, transport, remote, public welfare organization, water supply or dam construction work.

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For 4 radixes (persons born on dates 4, 13, 22, and 31)

Numerology Career Prediction: This issue belongs to Ketu, the person born in this issue (Numerology Career Prediction) is Railway, Aircraft, Computer Software, Mines, Technical Work, Stenographer, Tailor, Clerk, Lecturer, Engineer, Architecture.

 Astrology, Magic, archeology department, company contractors, a chemical drug manufacturer, foreclosure, lawyer, security or military department, surgeon, medical department chemist, government job, security work, police, technician,

 Counterfeit jewelry maker, adulterated, electrical equipment, Operations, tools, multicolored occupations, dermatologists, special reputation by the government, multi-talented work Indra-Dhanush work area, sage, minister, president, king, the army chief, etc. have been seen more success in the work.

For 5 radixes (persons born on 5th, 14th, and 23rd)

Numerology Career Prediction: This issue is of Mercury, the person in this issue (Numerology Career Prediction) is Engineer, Salesman, Speaking Work, Accountant, Advocacy, Railway, Telegraph, Journalism, 

Tobacco, Radio Dealer, Broker, Commission Agent, Insurance, Writing, Editing, Transport, Retail Dealer, Pundit Ritualist, Representative Salesman, Salesman Agent, Trader, International Trade Dealer, Department of Commerce,

 Clerical Typist, Letter Distributor, Writer, Bookkeeper, Linguist, the seller of ink, lime, paint-varnish or short-term contractor, addition varnish, ledger, accountant, auditor, local, teacher, interested in intricate work, ambassador, 

Water distribution, civil, supply, textile Specialists, textile engineers, cotton or imitation industry, trade, agents, guides, guides, hostesses, astrologers, mathematicians, mathematics teachers, politics, brainstorming, etc. have been seen to be more successful.

For 6 radixes (persons born on dates 6, 15, and 24)

Numerology Career Prediction: This issue is of Venus, the person born in this issue (Numerology Career Prediction) works in fashion, clothing, actors, traffic, All India Radio, radio station, instrumentalist,

 A seller of musical instruments, antique Fan relics, or archeological collector, museum, entertainment, and sports representative, automobile, cinema, theater, studio, film industry / TV. Painting, 

Photography, Veterinary, Animal Husbandry, Meat Sales Center, Postmortem, Khandsari, Hotel, Canteen, Revenue, Housing Construction, etc. Gallery, Surgeon of Baby Center.

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