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Vastu Tips: For Wealth And Prosperity, Also Keep These Things In Mind

Vastu Shastra is a very ancient science, know Vastu tips for wealth and prosperity

In this, many rules and important things have been told to make life happy and prosperous. The importance of directions and energy has been told in Vastu. Vastu says that if there is a defect in any direction in the house or wrong construction is done, then negative energy starts flowing in the house.

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Its impact starts on your family life to work. Due to this, there are problems like discord and financial crisis in your house. Many remedies have been mentioned in Vastu Shastra, by which one can get rid of the problems related to money and money and can strengthen his financial condition. 

So let's know the solution for wealth and prosperity:-

1. Plant five basil plants here

In today's time, the living style of people and the size of the houses have changed, but in earlier times, most of the people who believed in Hinduism had a Tulsi plant in the courtyard of their homes. Women used to worship Tulsi regularly by getting up early in the morning. According to religious beliefs, worshiping Tulsi keeps the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. Along with this, Tulsi has also been considered very important in Vastu.

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According to Vastu Shastra, if Tulsi is planted in the right place and in the right direction, then positivity resides in the house and Tulsi is also helpful in removing Vastu defects. According to Vastu Shastra, five Tulsi plants should be planted in the north and north-east direction of the balcony of the house. 

This strengthens your financial position. In today's time, due to lack of space, people put Tulsi on the top of their roof, but according to Vastu it is not considered right, due to this you may have to suffer monetary loss.

If there is a bad tap in your house from which water is dripping all the time, then it should be fixed immediately, because it not only leads to wastage of water but also there is a shortage of money in your house.

Planting green plants are considered very good in Vastu Shastra because it keeps the flow of positive energy in the house, but thorny or milky plants should not be planted in the house. Along with this, avoid planting fake plants.

There should be proper arrangement of air and sunlight in the house, due to this positive energy remains in your house, as well as the possibility of developing diseases is also greatly reduced.

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