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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Know Which Wind Chimes Will Bring Happiness To Your Home

In Feng Shui, wind chimes are considered very auspicious, prosperous and remover of Vastu defects. 

If there is a Vastu defect in the house, then its negative effect falls on every member of the family living there. 

It is believed that the melodious sound and energy emanating from the wind chime pacifies the negative energy of the building and removes bad luck. If you want the wind chime to bring you good luck and progress, then keep in mind that the sound emanating from it should be melodious which will be liked by all the members of the house.

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Where what kind of wind bell to put

There are many types of wind chimes available in the market like wood, metal, clay, etc. But applying them according to the element of direction is beneficial. East and South-East (Agneya) and South are related to the Wood element, so to activate the positive energy in these directions, it will be more effective to apply a wooden wind chime.

Wind chimes made of metal to hang in the west, north-west (vayavya) and north direction of the house will be helpful in maintaining harmony and peace in the atmosphere of the house, similarly, soil, crystal for north-east (east) and central place Or installing a wind chime made of ceramic helps family members achieve success. 

Hanging them in the southwest (southwest) area of ​​the house brings strength and sweetness in mutual relations. In this direction, you can place a wind bell made of wood, clay, or metal.

Where is the windchime

main door with how many rods

If there is any Vastu defect near the entrance, then a four-stick wind chime should be installed on the main gate for its prevention. It should be hung near the curtain on the door in such a way that it can make a melodious sound when it vibrates. This increases the level of positive energy in the environment.

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avoid study room diseases and to remove the Vastu defects of the study room, it is a better option to install a five-rod windchime, it gives success in every field. Similarly, if your children are careless and have a whimsical attitude, then hanging a six-rod wind chime in their room will be beneficial.

Drawing Room

Here a six-rod wind chime should be installed at the place where the guests enter. When visitors enter, the sound produced by the blowing of the wind chime will adapt to the behavior of the visiting guest.


use eight-rod wind chime you can in your office, if you do not seem to mind the work or blockages do so eight-rod wind chime could be helpful in resolving your problem.

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Make relationships strong

use of nine rods wind chime will benefit you to increase love and belonging in the family. This will not only keep the flow of energy in the house but the frustration and apathy will also end gradually.

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