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Astrology- Is An Inexpensive Method To Health, Wealth And Happiness

People who don’t believe in astrology ask this common question “What is Vastu Shastra”?

Vastu shastra is known to be a form of science that is been practiced in India for a number of years as it focuses on the various aspects of a building; be it a temple, a home, an office building, a large structure, or a sculpture.

The belief surrounding Indian Vastu shastra is mainly based on the cosmic energy and the Sun ray's effect on a dwelling space.

In today’s day and age, Vastu has gained popularity mainly because people want to be happy and successful in their businesses, careers, and academics. The majority of Indians turn to a Vastu professional for help as and when they are faced with problematic situations that bring them unhappiness, financial losses, health-related problems, marriage issues, and no peace of mind.

Not only a few but the majority of Indians are now waking up and believing in our country’s only strength, which is spirituality but this spirituality is not the same as that which is being followed by religious groups for generations and generations but this is of a different kind that can only be understood through science and that is Astrology.

Indian crystal gazing is getting its portion of an acknowledgment in India as well as from one side of the planet to the other and predominantly on account of Kotamraju Narayan Rao, who battled and won the case in the Supreme Court of India to prove astrology is also part of science.

Hence UGC (University Grants Commission) has approved astrology to be part of a discipline that is worthy of study and research. UGC as well as the parliament of India has likewise supported crystal gazing as one more type of science
Today, there are students who are undergraduates, postgraduates, and even Ph.D. holders in astrology.

Similar to Vastu shastra even feng shui has gained popularity in China, India, and the western world. It’s difficult to say which came first; Vastu Shastra or feng shui as there is not much documented evidence is to prove otherwise but this is for sure that both have been around for over three thousand years. 

Feng shui parts with the knowledge of how to balance space and energy in order for humans to remain healthy, wealthy, happy, and in good fortune.
In Chinese, Feng means “Wind” and Shui means “Water” and both are considered very important elements in Chinese Culture. The Chinese believe that the land we live on has life and is filled with energy (called CHI) that could either bring us good fortune or misfortune.

Therefore, taking advice from a feng shui professionals is very essential, as they are very well aware of all feng shui pros and cons. In closing, people might still not believe in astrology, Vastu, feng shui, numerology business Management Articles, etc stating it’s baseless and purely based on false beliefs. Ask such people only one simple question “How can they believe in God even though no one has really ever proved if he really exists”. So isn’t that also false belief and baseless”

Monday, November 22, 2021

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Career

Many times zodiac signs also prove effective in improving a career, so why not choose a career according to the zodiac.

Anyway, it is said that if you work according to your zodiac sign, then success is sure to come. Astrologer and Vastu expert Dr has given us information on this basis about the subject related to career according to the zodiac.

1. Aries

The quality of leadership is high in these people. Since the ruling planet of Aries is Mars, they remain full of energy and courage. 

They should try their luck in fields like politics, computer, medical, engineering, police, army, advertising, jewelry, government jobs. By moving forward and trying in these areas, they will definitely get success.

2. Taurus

The lord of this zodiac is Venus, which affects the subject of beauty, wealth, wealth, relationships, etc. Along with this, it also affects their career. People of this zodiac have amazing hand skills. 

People of the Taurus zodiac can make their career in the field of painting, fashion, acting, music, restaurant, doctor, food, sculptor, farming, etc.

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3. Gemini

The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury. The specialty of this zodiac sign is that they remain engrossed in their tune, that is, the power of concentration remains strong. They should try their luck in travel, writing, banking, translation, technology, architecture, etc.

4. Cancer

They are rich in imagination-oriented personalities. Due to the Moon being the lord of this zodiac, they can also get success in business related to water and glass. You can give heights to your career in the field of painting, photography, social work, environment, health, etc.

5. Leo

Sun is the lord of this zodiac. People of this zodiac are full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Their personality is so impressive that they appear different and special. They should try to move ahead in the field like politics, administration, CEO in a multinational company, clothes, medicine and they will definitely go to the top in this.

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6. Virgo

Mercury is the lord of the Virgo sign. They are so perfect in their work that it is difficult to question them. They can choose a career in the field of editing, journalism, education, palmistry, TV radio, research, and computer.

7. Libra

The lord of the Libra zodiac is Venus, so they are inclined towards works like beauty, fragrance, music, and decoration, and in similar activities, they perform tasks with great understanding. 

Interesting fields like writing, marketing, banking, psychologist, milk, wool, espionage are very beneficial for them, they can select them. Whether it is a job or a business, success can be achieved in both ways.

8. Scorpio

The lord of the Scorpio zodiac is Mars. Being intelligent and having a very sharp mind, they are efficient in their work along with making good use of everything. 

They will get success in the field of Medicine, Scientists, Marketing, Law, Engineer, Builder, Watches, Philosophy, Espionage, Civil Service.

9. Sagittarius

The ruling planet of this zodiac is Jupiter. The sattvic effect of the planet Jupiter is visible very much and quickly on the people of this zodiac, 

so they should take interest in intellectually oriented works, however, they will get more success in the field of education. Apart from this, it will also be beneficial to choose areas like food, leather, publishing, law, banking.

10. Capricorn 

Saturn is the lord of Capricorn, which will help in moving forward. People of this zodiac are so ambitious that they never leave any work incomplete. Give your 100 percent in every work. They can try their luck in the field of IT, Media, Electricity, Insurance, Gardening, Toys, Politics.

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11. Aquarius

The lord of this zodiac is Saturn, who not only engages in deep and touching activities but is also skilled. By understanding the feelings of the person in front, the tasks in which success can be achieved, such works should also be adopted as a career. 

Aquarius people take more interest in electronics. They should keep trying in the fields of mechanics, designing, air force, research work, astrology, construction, etc. Sooner or later success will surely come.

12. Pisces

The lord of Pisces is the planet Jupiter, so it is easy for them to understand the behavior of others and they also handle it better. People with this zodiac sign understand the feelings of others very well. 

Pisces natives can try their luck in fields like therapist, nurse, stock market, import-export, choreography, teaching, agency.

Monday, November 8, 2021

According To Vastu Earthen Things In The House, Your Luck Will Shine

In ancient times, pottery was used to decorate children's toys, According to Vastu earthen things in the house, your luck will shine

People used earthen utensils for food and drink. Whether it is an earthen pot tea or potable soft water. The fragrance of the earth calms the mind. At the same time, the hand-made clay artwork looks very beautiful. 

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In today's modern era, pottery toys and utensils have been replaced by plastic and metal objects but did you know that pottery not only looks beautiful but also makes a difference in architecture. considered important. Vastu mentions some things made of clay that bring prosperity and happiness to the house. You too can brighten your luck by bringing these things home. 

So let's find out the items now.

1. Earthenware

Nowadays, the freezer has taken the place of earthen pots, but drinking water from earthen pots is very beneficial for health. It can also bring happiness and prosperity to your life. According to Vastu, the north direction is considered to be the direction of Kubera.

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While bringing an earthen pot in the house, keep it in the north direction of the house but make sure that it is always filled with water, keep changing its water every few days. It removes all negativity and maintains prosperity, peace, and tranquility in your home.

2. Earthen pots should be kept in this direction.

According to Vastu Shastra, the north-east direction (east direction) and south-west direction of the house are also related to the earth principle. Keeping earthen pots in this direction can be beneficial. 


You can keep earthen pots for decoration in both these directions but keep in mind that if there are light objects in the North-East then heavy objects should be kept in the South-West direction. This maintains balance. Vastu says that clay idols should also be worshiped in the temple of the house. It's great.

3. Kerosene lamp

Although we mostly light metal lamps at the place of worship in the house, Vastu Shastra says that it is very auspicious to light an earthen lamp. If the earthen lamp and Tulsi lamp are kept at the door of the house every day, then happiness and prosperity always remain in the house.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Know The Auspicious Time For Shopping Of Dhanteras

What today's Panchang says on Dhanteras, know the auspicious time for shopping and the time of Rahukal

Today is Trayodashi Tithi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month according to the Hindu calendar. The festival of Dhanteras is celebrated every year on this month and date. Dhanteras is the main day of the five-day-long Diwali.

According to the beliefs, on the day of Dhanteras, Lord Dhanvantari, the father of Ayurveda, appeared during the churning of the ocean with a nectar urn filled with gold and silver in his hands.

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The practice of buying gold and silver jewelry and utensils on Dhanteras has been going on for years. It is believed that whatever things are bought on the day of Dhanteras, there is a 13-fold increase in it throughout the year. 

Apart from this, keeping in mind the Panchang and auspicious time on Dhanteras, one gets auspicious results when shopping. 

It has been told in the scriptures that any new work done in an auspicious time is always successful. In such a situation, based on the calculation of Panchang on Dhanteras.

Let us know at which time it would be most auspicious to do shopping and worship...

Auspicious time for shopping on Dhanteras (Dhanteras Shopping Time And Muhurat 2021):  According to the Hindu calendar, the date of Dwadashi will remain till 11:30. After this Trayodashi date will start.

Dhanteras Trayodashi Tithi Start – 02 November 2021 at

11:31 am Trayodashi Tithi ends – 03 November 2021 till

09:02 minutes  Dhanteras Muhurta: 18:18: to 20:11

Duration: 1 hour 52 minutes

Pradosh Kaal: 17:35 to 20:11

Vrishabha period:18:18 to 20:14

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Rahukaal time on Dhanteras

According to Muhurta Shastra, the time of Rahukaal is very inauspicious. Any new work, shopping, deal, worship, and rituals should be avoided during Rahu Kaal. On 02 November Dhanteras, the time of Rahukal will be from 07:55 am to 09:18 min. On the other hand, Abhijeet Muhurta is considered to be the best of all Muhurta. On this day, the Abhimuhurta will be from 11.42 am to 12.26 am. 

Importance of dhanteras 

Fourteen main gems were produced from the churning of the ocean, in which Lord Dhanvantari himself appeared in the form of the fourteenth gem, holding the nectar urn in his hands. Lord Vishnu appointed him as the physician of the gods and the lord of plants and medicines.

As a boon of this, all the trees and plants got the power of healing. Lord Dhanvantari is the god of health and medicines. Worship them on the day of Dhanteras for a healthy body for yourself and your family, because the biggest wealth in the world is a healthy body. According to Ayurveda, the attainment of Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha is possible only with a healthy body and longevity.


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Mulank Number 5

Best Mulank Number 5 Tips You Will Read This Year

Mulank Number 5): People who are born on any one of the dates 5, 14, 23, their birth number or radix number is 5 (Mulank Number 5) because the sum of all these dates makes 5. The representative planet of the 5th birth number is Mercury. 

Which is 36,000,000 miles away from the Sun and whose travel speed is 88 days. Its circumference has an inclination of 70 and the equatorial diameter is about 3,100 miles.

 This planet is the causative planet of knowledge-science, logic, astrology, and state, business. Which we can call the first thought planet.

Features of Mulank Number 5

The planet Mercury is gentle, thoughtful, pundit, intelligent, humorous, and striving for material pleasures. As a result, Mercury also makes men and women subordinate to it according to its thoughts. Such persons are humorous in nature, fertile in mind, settled with ideas, and active in life.

The number five (Mulank Number 5) is considered a very important number according to numerology. The biggest feature of the number Mulank Number 5 is that the people of this number are able to make others friendly in a few moments of conversation.

 Not only this, but with their honesty and sincerity, they make a place in the heart of the person in front and they become successful in establishing friendly relations with him throughout life.

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These people are excessively busy. They do not have wasted time nor do they waste the moments of their lives in vain. They know the value of time and how time should be used, they feel it well.

 They are fond of traveling, but due to busyness, they are unable to travel. But it is certain that the more journeys they make, the more benefits they get.

Basically, such persons are fertile with a prominent mind: rich in intelligence. They take the decision of any work immediately and it has been seen that whatever decision they take is completely correct later in the future. 

They may not do much work with the body, but they can do more work with the brain and do not take the name of getting tired.

Their biggest feature is also that they mold themselves according to the situation. They have a wonderful ability to make themselves according to the time or the environment.

 Adults start behaving like adults, youth into youth, and children like children. That is why they are respected everywhere in society and they remain popular in all sections.

There is excessive expenditure from the hands of the people of Mulank Number 5, but such expenditure can never be called wastage. They think many times before spending and if the expenditure increases more than you want, then they take care of it immediately.

They have an amazing ability to do work. The work which they take in their hands, they leave it after completing it. As soon as a new idea, a new understanding, or a new plan comes in their mind, they make a plan to complete that task after observing all its aspects and when they get involved in the work, they eat, drink. 

They don't care about living conditions and comforts. Such people take rest only after reaching the goal and this is said to be the specialty of their life.

In life, they are not satisfied with the same work or the same livelihood. It is necessary for them that there should be more than one work in life, there should be more than one financial source and more than one plan should be in front of them.

 It is very difficult for them to cut free time, mainly such people are business-oriented. Even if such people do a job or take any other work in their hands, but in those works also their vision remains business-oriented. How work should be done so that it can be beneficial, this thought keeps swirling in their mind.

However, they have to face disappointments many times in life. Many times there are obstacles and troubles in their work, but they neither lose courage easily nor deviate from their path. 

The speed and enthusiasm with which they start the work, while working with the same speed and enthusiasm, they also complete that work. If such people do business or focus on side business along with the job, then they can definitely be successful.

There is always a chance of getting sudden money for such people. Such moments are present many times in life. They should keep taking little interest in lotteries etc., so that money can be benefited from this site as well.

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The specialty of this type of person is that they are always ready to take risks. In today's era, only the person who takes the risk can be successful. There are many such occasions in the life of these persons. 

To adapt oneself according to the time, place, and country and take easy risks to progress in life, these are the two qualities due to which they easily rise high.

Some helper remains in the life of these people. If a helper or friend turns away, they find another helper at the same time. In a way, there is no dearth of true friends and helpers in their lives, and with their cooperation, they become successful in achieving their goals.

They have the urge to learn every new thing or every new task in life. They easily learn even the most complex tasks and become proficient in them after some time. 

They are not able to do the same work for a long time and keep changing their line in between. In a way, this is the demerit of their life. They have to change their schedule time and again and can not get completeness in any work.

Establish contacts with friends and try to maintain them for life. Friends are the wealth of their life, they are helpful in happiness and sorrow and they are helpful in rising high.

People belonging to the number five (Mulank Number 5) believe in living life properly and are successful in achieving the goal in their life with their own efforts.

This planet is unique in itself, full of new ideas, new ideas and absolutely amazing tricks, irrefutable arguments, and extraordinary intelligence. 

The brain of such a person is most active, which keeps on thinking something all the time. He can bow himself but can make others kneel. He can change his thoughts, but after bewildering others and can rob himself, but after making others completely naked and mystic.

The biggest quality of his life is the art of hypnotizing others. In just a few moments of conversation, you make others fit with your thoughts. Not only this, you make him your permanent friend and because of this one best quality, you will never feel lonely anywhere.

It is their nature to travel and you will get pleasure from these journeys. It is a different matter that they will be so busy in their work that they cannot take out time to travel, but they will definitely benefit from any journey, understand this for sure.

People of the number five (Mulank Number 5) are of sharp intellect. Their mind is fertile, due to being influenced by the planet Mercury, they are adept at making quick decisions. On seeing someone, you wonder why he has come? What do you want to say? 

Not only this, their fertile mind even thinks that when this visitor says this, what should I answer immediately? Taking its immediate and an early decision can be said to be the specialty of this radix.

No matter what business, business, or job these people do, their mind is mainly business-oriented. Making money out of sand can be said to be the specialty of their mind. 

They have not been taught in life to accept defeat. Although they will have to face disappointment in between, they will have to face failures, but this will not affect their work, they will continue to work at their own pace.

Whenever possible and convenient, they should advance the business sector or work in partnership with someone, then they will definitely benefit. Not only this, but the partner who will be with them will also get lucky because of them.

People of Mulank Number 5 have a special quality of learning and understanding. They do not rely only on their servants but try to understand any new work, complex machinery, complicated business tricks themselves, but soon this teaching-learning work gets slack and it becomes one line. Let's move on to the second line.

The luck of the people of Mulank Number 5 will favor in the 23rd year of life and from the 34th year, it will present more favorable opportunities. There will be sudden gains in the middle of life so that they will be able to fulfill their material comforts.

By taking care of the body, they look young even in adulthood. The saddle of their body is such that they can take heavy work from their body. Their body will not become shabby, loose, and weak till death.

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