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Never Let These Things End In The Kitchen Nor, There Will Be Financial Crisis

Mata Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. 

Due to her grace, happiness and prosperity remain in the life of a person, so when Maa Lakshmi gets angry, poverty starts coming into the house and the person has to face a financial crisis. 

That's why everyone wants that the blessings of Maa Lakshmi remain on us. People do not know what other measures are taken apart from worship to please Goddess Lakshmi, but sometimes there is a lack of money in the house. 

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The happiness and prosperity of your home are also linked to your kitchen as the kitchen is the place of Maa Annapurna. There are some things in Vastu that should never be allowed to completely disappear in the kitchen. It is believed that eliminating these things increases negativity and angers Goddess Lakshmi. Due to this, there may be a financial crisis in your house. 

So let's know which things should never disappear completely.

1. Flour-

This is what is truly significant in the kitchen. Although flour is kept in most of the houses, sometimes you are not able to go out due to some reason, due to which the flour ends. According to Vastu, take out the dough before it runs out. Flour utensils should never be left completely empty. It is believed that it can damage your family's property and honor.

2. Turmeric-

Turmeric is mostly used in food. Turmeric is also used in rituals and in deity worship. Turmeric is believed to be related to Jupiter. 

The complete absence of turmeric in the kitchen makes Guru second and there may be a lack of happiness and prosperity in your house and good works may get hindered. Therefore, turmeric should never be completely eliminated.

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3. Rice-

People often ask for rice after eating it for fear of getting infected by insects etc., but this is not true. Rice is considered as the factor of Venus and Venus is considered as the factor of material happiness. If you have run out of rice in your house, the order in advance.

4. Salt

By the way, salt is present in every house because without salt everything is incomplete. However, it should be noted that the saltbox should never be completely empty. As a result, you may face financial difficulties. Also, never order salt from someone else's house.


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