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According To Vastu Earthen Things In The House, Your Luck Will Shine

In ancient times, pottery was used to decorate children's toys, According to Vastu earthen things in the house, your luck will shine

People used earthen utensils for food and drink. Whether it is an earthen pot tea or potable soft water. The fragrance of the earth calms the mind. At the same time, the hand-made clay artwork looks very beautiful. 

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In today's modern era, pottery toys and utensils have been replaced by plastic and metal objects but did you know that pottery not only looks beautiful but also makes a difference in architecture. considered important. Vastu mentions some things made of clay that bring prosperity and happiness to the house. You too can brighten your luck by bringing these things home. 

So let's find out the items now.

1. Earthenware

Nowadays, the freezer has taken the place of earthen pots, but drinking water from earthen pots is very beneficial for health. It can also bring happiness and prosperity to your life. According to Vastu, the north direction is considered to be the direction of Kubera.

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While bringing an earthen pot in the house, keep it in the north direction of the house but make sure that it is always filled with water, keep changing its water every few days. It removes all negativity and maintains prosperity, peace, and tranquility in your home.

2. Earthen pots should be kept in this direction.

According to Vastu Shastra, the north-east direction (east direction) and south-west direction of the house are also related to the earth principle. Keeping earthen pots in this direction can be beneficial. 


You can keep earthen pots for decoration in both these directions but keep in mind that if there are light objects in the North-East then heavy objects should be kept in the South-West direction. This maintains balance. Vastu says that clay idols should also be worshiped in the temple of the house. It's great.

3. Kerosene lamp

Although we mostly light metal lamps at the place of worship in the house, Vastu Shastra says that it is very auspicious to light an earthen lamp. If the earthen lamp and Tulsi lamp are kept at the door of the house every day, then happiness and prosperity always remain in the house.

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