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Wednesday, October 12, 2022


 Astrology treatment from the troubles of enemies

Problem: If Saturn is within side the 8th residence of a man or woman's horoscope, is related to the enemy planet or its vulnerable signal is sitting in Aries, then many enemies are born, each step of the manner hurts, there's a opportunity of evil. Fate. The sickness destroys lives and property.

Sadhana Vidhan (Astrological Remedy for Enemy Problems):

 Start fasting on the primary Saturday of Shuklapaksh of any month with the aid of using carrying smoke beads across the neck and do it for 31 or fifty one weeks, donate oil after bathing at the day of fasting, pour water. Mix black sesame, cloves, milk and sugar and visit peepal or shami tree, then provide water dealing with west, first consume five-7 grams of urad dal, numerous culmination and oily meals, then take different materials and donate those things. Donate to a black dog, beggar or terrible man or woman in this day. Sit at the black seat dealing with west and chant the five factors of Om Pram Prem Prousah Shanishcharaya Namah Mantra.

On the remaining day of fasting, do Shamir Samidha. Donate oil, sesame seeds, urad, umbrellas, footwear and blankets, feed the pigeons grains and chook droppings. - Remedy the enemies

Benefits (Enemy Problem Astrology Remedy):

 Using it for a hard and fast time period destroys the enemy. All issues and boundaries cross away. It does now no longer purpose any damage and those dispose of illnesses and disorders.

To get out of courtroom docket:

Problems (Enemy's trouble astrological treatment): 

According to the enemy's treatment, if Mars is in a man or woman's horoscope in his vulnerable zodiac signal Cancer, then it's far ominous, the kid has much less imaginative and prescient within side the residence or it's far with an enemy. Planet, then that man or woman will ought to face a whole lot of trouble. The burden of debt is at the head. The courtroom docket instances got here up again. The monetary scenario stays horrific and the kids are harmed.

Rules (Enemy Problem Astrology Remedy):

 On the primary Tuesday of the lunar month of any month, begin fasting with the aid of using carrying Hanuman arm across the neck, take a look at this rapid for forty five weeks, first upload wheat pudding, modak and coarse bread within side the meal. Take 5 grams of churma made from molasses, do now no longer consume salt, feed the animal a few meals earlier than eating, mild oil lamp in Hanuman temple on that day, put on purple flower garland and gram at the idol of Hanumanji, observe vermilion. And positioned coconut at the feet.

Then take a seat down on a purple fur seat in the front and recite Hanuman Chalisa, Bajrang Ban or Hanuman Ashtak and chant Om Kran Kreen Kronsa: Bhoomaya Namah with a coral garland, forty five weeks later, at the remaining Tuesday. Feed the scholar pudding or laddu. In the south, use purple cloth, copper pot, molasses and coconut, use sabidha of ghee and ghee in Haban.

Fruit (Enemy Problem Astrology Remedy):

 Examining this sadhana with complete devotion and religion until the appointed time eliminates all of the issues. Get rid of debt rapid. The courtroom docket case changed into settled quickly. At the equal time the monetary scenario improves and happiness begins off evolved from the kids.

To win the trial:

According to the treatment of the enemy, Bajrang Siddha has to visit the courtroom docket with 5 Gomti chakras in his pocket, the choice of the case might be to your favour.

To manipulate anger:

According to the treatment of the enemy, if any member of the family receives indignant in conversation, smooth the conch at the south facet and fill it with water.

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