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Flying Stars Feng Shui : Predictions and Remedies for a North Facing Main Door

Flying Stars Fengshui : Predictions & Remedies for Main Door Facing North

Flying Stars or Fei Jing is a powerful form of Feng shun derived from the famous Xuan Kong Feng Shul. This is an analysis of the five elements and the Nakshatras (representing specific energy patterns) that pervade each building. As these annual stars change each new year, the qi (energy) changes, bringing with it good and bad energy - creating different effects.

As of February 2004 all Feng Shul energy patterns are referred to as period 8 energy cycles. This means that the large-scale evolution of mankind has begun with a completely new energy dynamics. The implication is that the new, vibrant energies of Period 8 affect buildings differently than before, and the previously active energies now need to be remedied to reduce any ill effects from previous influences.

The Flying Stars Chart or Bing-Zhou, a 9-grid meteor plan for the Year of the Young Red Fire Dog has been developed and the impact of their energy patterns is analysed. The analysis also includes suggested measures/remedies to reduce the effects of negative energy and recommended enhancers to enhance and improve beneficial energy.

For remedies/enhancers to be effective, they must be purified, energized, blessed and programmed not only for the specific individual/family but also for the specific purpose/problem. They should be placed at the indicated places.

The direction in which your main door is located is very important for Feng Shul and any kind of astrology including Vaastu. The primary reason for this is that the opening of the main door allows air to flow and energy to move in and out. Thus if the main door faces auspicious stars or meteors (powerful energy bodies) and the main door faces inauspicious stars or meteors then you will get positive energy for the year. If negative effects are predicted, you can drive away the negative energy by instituting the remedies suggested there. Any or all of these measures can be reused for the next year, the only thing is that they should be reset as per the new year.

Please note that the effects may be felt to varying degrees depending on the exact compass degree of the main gate.

Annual predictions and remedies for the main door of North facing flat/house/office/factory:

Have a great year for you to enjoy. Whether the people of the house are in job or in job or business, there will be progress. The money star of period 8 will bring you fame and excellent cash flow. Traders can plan properly to convert the incoming cash into assets. Your sphere of influence will expand and fame and reputation will strengthen. If you have a budding businesswoman in your home, installing a white porcelain dog figurine will help.

Children at home may have stomach ache and digestive problems. Don't overdo it. Try to stay away from smoking, alcohol etc. Be careful about blood and kidney problems. Be careful to read "between the lines" in any document you sign. Avoid taking decisions in a rush. Do not use this sector for storage purposes otherwise you may lose some part of your wealth. Hang a large natural, original Chinese ulu inside the main door to reduce health problems. To ward off theft and loss of money, set up a pair of Chi-Lines or Kuna Kung in front of your main entrance.

This year the three Surya Sha Kalashas (also known as the three demons or the three murders) reside here. Hence good money earning potential will not be achieved fully and continuously. Do not install any moving object like fish aquarium or water fountain here this year. But you can keep potted water plants. Do not dig, build, renovate, renovate or repair near your main door this year. Don't even drill or nail into this wall. It is not advised to sit or sleep near your main door for a long time. If you do any of these things, you invite betrayal, theft, accident, injury, money loss and other terrible calamities for your family members. If you have already started any of these tasks last year and want to continue and complete them this year, hang a gold, metal woo-loo and a wind chime near the main door.

It is also recommended to place a pair of Kuan Kung or Three Generation Dragon Head Turtles or Pai-Yau near your main door facing north, as even opening and closing a door is considered a "violation" of the three demons. Also remember not to sit with your back facing North when you read, eat, watch TV, use computer.

Door Mat Colour: Red or Yellow (outside) for main door.

Common minimum measures for all buildings for 2006:

Avoid green and blue colours in the centre of your home to reduce harm due to gossip and rumours, disputes and disputes. Do not place moving water features such as fish aquariums or water fountains. Display 8 red roses without thorn and leaves in the middle of your home/office/building and light a small red bulb that will burn continuously 24/7. This applies to all buildings irrespective of the direction of the main entrance.

This is a copyrighted work. Permission is granted to reproduce the article in its entirety (both in electronic media and print media), including full biodata of the authors and their links. All links must be "clickable" hyperlinks. An acknowledgment mail from the republishes would be appreciated.

The author of this article Janardhan Gupta is an energy consultant, Vaastu and Feng Shul researcher, crystal master and a clairvoyant karma reader. Her specialty is permanent, lifetime remedial solutions, exclusively in the crystal energy field. His wife Mrs. Kalpana Gupta is also a psychic reader. The energy couple can be reached at 

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