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1) Kali Mahavidya

Kali Mahavidya: Kali Mahavidya is said to be the most important, important, and unique of the ten Mahavidya, as it may fulfill all the ideals of life according to the leading scriptures of Mohakhali, Mahalakshmi, and Maha Saraswati among the three Mahadevas and get the desired result only by pursuing Mahakali. In this regard, if we review the spiritual texts, then almost all yogis, monks, thinkers, devotees and sages have given importance and importance to Mahakali sadhana in one voice. The Kali Mahavidya is the highest divine power of the Kali dynasty, ranking first among the ten Mahavidya. His name is ‘Kali’ because of his birth in darkness.

Oth kali manakakshaye saddobhaksidipayakana

Arabitairya: Sarveshma Prannubanti Jan Bhuvi.

अथ काली मन्वक्ष्ये सद्दोवाक्सिद्धिपायकान्
आरावितैर्य: सर्वेष्टं प्राप्नुवन्ति जना भुवि।

Mahakali Mahavidya, the best of the ten Mahavidyas, is like the imaginary tree of Kali Yuga, immediately fruitful and beneficial in fulfilling all the desires of the devotee. Only when the virtues of life are awakened, the devotees engage in the pursuit of a powerful enemy, Mahisasur Mardini, speech, Maha vidya Kali. The devotee who attains Siddhi in this sadhana, there is no deficiency in his life and even after achieving the same success both in pleasure and salvation, he attains Siddhi in all spheres of life.

There are hundreds of thousands of sadhanas in the world, but our time has prioritized the practice of the ten Mahavidya in all these sadhanas. A devotee who has achieved as much as Mahavidya in his life can be equally successful, but without destiny, he does not get the opportunity to prove such an important achievement.

Benefits of Mahakali Sadhana:

In the last few decades of years, thousands of seekers have been doing this sadhana due to being the main and quick fruitful among the ten Mahavidyas, and there is a strong longing in the minds of even the highest order seekers that in some way Mahakali sadhana (Kali Mahavidya) can be accomplished when given an opportunity. Even then, according to the seekers who have perfected Kali Sadhna, the following facts are attained as soon as they complete their spiritual practice.

-By doing this, a person can be totally healthy, strong and capable, and free from all diseases.

-This Sadhana is able to give all the joy in life, as well as Kali sadhana towards liberation after death.

-There is no greater effort than this to appease the enemy, to win against them, to succeed in judgment, and to give full protection.

-All types of enemies and system obstacles are eliminated in this quest.

-Immediate financial and hard work benefits can be achieved with the performance of this effort.

According to ‘Kali Putra Falapradah’, Kali is said to be the best practice for having a child who is worthy of being devoted and for the advancement of the son, his protection, and giving him a full life.

With this sadhana, the sadhaka removes all the flaws of his life and achieves complete success by creating his destiny.

Cultivation rules:

The devotee or occupant of the house who wants to pursue Mahakali must follow the following steps so that he can achieve his goal -

To do this, one needs the Siddha Pran mantra, “Mahakali Yantra” and Rudraksha (Kali Mahavidya) beads. Arrange this material before chasing.

Mahakali sadhana can be started at any time but this sadhana has special importance in Navratri. This Sadhana should start from the first day of Navratri and should end on Ashtami.

As many as one million mantras are chanted in this sadhana. However, the result of this practice is chanting twenty -four thousand spells, here we give the allocation of twenty -four thousand (the benefits of pushcharan).

This sadhana can be performed by any man or woman, but if a woman gets mensuration during the sadhana, then this sadhana should be stopped at that time.

During the chase, female intercourse is prohibited, seekers may not drink alcohol or gamble.

The chase can be done in the morning or evening. If the seeker desires, he can use it in the morning and evening.

It is considered more appropriate to use rudraksha garlands during sadhana.

Seats can be cotton or wool but must be black. If you are practicing at home, place a ghee lamp in front-facing east, no need to light an incense stick.

Full awareness should be placed in front of the seeker in the picture frame of Mahakali yantra and Mahakali (Kali Mahavidya), which should be full of Siddha mantras and prestige of life.

On the first day, after worshiping Goddess Mahakali, after meditating, the mantra should be started. There is no complicated method of worship, the worshiper can perform mental worship or panchopachar.

You must sleep on the ground at night. The bed cannot be used.

Food can be eaten at a time, but the use of alcohol, meat, garlic, onion is to be rejected.


They are great

Tara Mahavidya Sadhana: Bhagwati Tara Devi (Tara Mahavidya) is worshiped by seekers in many states of India. Tara is the main deity of the Buddhist community. This practice is considered to be very beneficial for gaining knowledge and attaining all happiness and wealth. Other variations of the goddess are known as Ek Jaat, Nilsaraswati, Ugratara, Tarini etc.

The verses of Nastadalam in Saini Chandan are written as follows:

Write Maya Purba Dalet in Madvasnam Samadhaya.

Bijam II Yame Fat-Ute Paschia Mathutham.

Madhe Bijam was written by Taram in Bhutsuddimathachare.


In the power of Tantra, a person must be possessed of supernatural and miraculous powers. Even today, people have a deep faith in the power of Tantra-sadhana. Kalighat in Calcutta, Tarapith in Birbhum, Kamakhya in Kamarupa, Chhinnamasta in Rajarappa, all the Siddhapiths considered as the perfect land of Tantrics. These seats are the center of attraction for the general fans

The specialty of Tarapith Dham, 160 km away from Kolkata, is the crematorium here. This place is a little far from the temple and falls on the banks of the river Brahmakshi in the village of Bilkandi. In the great crematorium here, Vam Khepa and his disciples Tara Tara Khepa gained fame as the Tarapith Siddhapith as it was the spiritual foundation of the two Kapalikas. It is said that Bham Khepa used to feed his mother Tara with his own hands. This is the highest place of Siddhapeeth Sadhana.

Of the 51 Shakti Peethas, it is believed that Sati's right eye ball fell here, hence the name of the place. According to the Puranas, it is also the place of worship of Muni Basishta in Kali Yuga and the place of worship of the Tantric devotee Bamkhap. It is said that the temple of the goddess here was built by Muni Vasishta which was destroyed. In the modern era, a merchant named Jayabrata built the temple on the basis of a dream.

They are Mahavidya:

They are the pursuit of a high quality Mahavidya out of the ten Mahavidyas of Mahavidya. One of its forms is also called Dhanvarshini, the giver of incomparable wealth. Through which it is possible to acquire wealth. This opportunity depends on the awareness of the exploiter.

Pursuit Rules:

For Mahavidya, on Navratri or any Friday, the seeker should wear a pink dress and place a pink wool foot on a bajot (post) in front of him. ‘Establish, this is the famous mantra proven life. Make a sheaf of rice around the instrument and place a clove on top of it, then worship the instrument, place a pure ghee lamp in front of the instrument and take the water in the right hand by resolution.

Asya sri mahogatrara mantrasya akshomya ishi: brhatichand: sri mahogatrara devata hun bijam fat shakti: hridaya chilkam mombischittasiddharthe jyojnogo :.

Ysyadi Nias: Touch different parts of the body with water with the left hand and with the lower five fingers of the right hand with the help of mantra and maintain the feeling that all these organs are becoming bright and pure ... ... ... ... .... .. ... ... and ... by doing this the organs are strengthened and consciousness is acquired.

Akshodhya Rishaye Namah Shirasi (Touch the head)

Brahatchandase namah mukhe (touch face)

Namah Hridaya (Heart Touch) in Srimahogratra

Hun Vijay Namah Guhe (touch the genitals)

Fat shaktiye namah padoh (touch both feet)

Harim Kilakaya Namah Navau (Touching the Navel)

Vinyogai Namah Sarabhanga (touch the whole body)

Tax Nias: Touch the different fingers of your hand with the thumbs of both the hands, by doing this the consciousness in the fingers is acquired.

Yes Anustayam Namah.

Harim Tarjani Namah.

Haram Madhyamdhyam Namah.

Hey Anamikavaya Namah

Haram juniorikavaya namah.

Hours: Cortalcar PizzaBam Namah.

Heart Nias: Touch different parts of the body with the following mantra with the five fingers of the right hand group with the water in the left hand again and keep the feeling in the mind that all those organs are becoming radiant and pure. By doing this the organs are strengthened and consciousness is gained. .

Hr Hriday Namah (Heart Touch)

Harim Shirse Swaha (Touch Head)

Hrin Shikhai Bashat (Touch the Crest)

Haram Kawachaye Hum (Touch Shoulder)

Forbidden eye rain (touch of two eyes)

HR: Austria Foot (pinch your right hand around your head)

Meditation: Then worship Maa Bhagwati Tara with folded hands. Then with incense, lamps, rice and flowers they chant the mantra of Mahavidya.

Pratyodhodharapitagi va svahabhad ghodtahas para,

Khadendrivarttikarpurbhuja hankarabijodhava.

Short blue giantpingaljatajutaju taknagaita,

Yadajnyasya Kapalke Trijagat Hantugratra Swayam.

After the puja is over, chant the 22 rosary mantras of the following mantra and chant with the sculpted pink 'Hakik Mala' for 11 days

They are the mantra of Mahavidya:

Heart the Women's Foot or. Aaye heer kri hun kumre

They are Mahavidya Kabach:

Caro I head: Patu Brahmarup Maheshwari.



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