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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Why tantra mantras are mysterious

Why tantra mantras are mysterious
Most of what has been said in relation to Tantra in scriptures is more symbolic. But what is said, there are two things in it - one is the fruit of spiritual practice and the other is a small part of the method. The methods are set out in the legislative signs. The person of which mind, at what time, by which instruments, with which mantras, what to use, all of that has been hidden in that sign.

It is hidden so that unauthorized people cannot use it. And it is said that the fact should not be forgotten. Know the basis of learning. There is also a spiritual reason to keep our practice and its legal practices secret. When the fame of cultivation spreads to others, it is also natural for the seeker to spread fame.

This respect awakens the tendency of ego in the mind of the seeker, which proves very fatal for the seeker. If the seeker has reached such a level that he can help others with his tenacity capital, then the possibility of his spiritual decline also appears.

The reason is clear - after hearing his discussion people start approaching him to fulfill their wishes and wishes. If someone has benefited in any way, he declares the seeker to be a perfect man. The seeker also takes delight in his success. Now they get stuck in confusion. If someone had to return disappointed, their honor would be shocked.
If you start fulfilling everyone's hopes, then you will have your spiritual wealth, which will have to do austerity to fulfill it. During meditation, one should not depend on others. All the routine work along with food, clothes and accommodation etc. has to be done on its own. Even from laying your bed and posture etc., you have to clean them yourself. If a little help is taken from others for your body, then there will be a possibility of spiritual practice being corrupt, because those who are serving others, do not know how it is?

The mental construction depends on the grain. It is clear in the Kularnava system - homeland on Yasyanen and you confirmations. Annadatu fruitful charge -The Kularnava Tantra means - the meditator, who takes shelter of service of another person, the seeker who performs the Havan gets only half of the fruit, half of it is given to the Giver of food. The loss in manifesting the practice is reflected loss. It is because it nourishes the ego. It is considered an enemy of spiritual cleansing.

As long as the ego resides in the mind, progress in cultivation stops. Therefore, to ensure that it does not get confirmed, strict rules have been laid down in the tantra-sastras, the main among them is - do not reveal your practice to anyone. When the general public comes to know that this person is a tantric seeker, then the death of that seeker must be accepted on the same day. ”Therefore it is for the good of the seeker not to drink the drum of his sadhana, but only keep it in secret By the end it will be able to succeed in its smooth operation.

Monday, May 18, 2020



Herbal Vendetta

You Will Need the subsequent Items For This Spell:

A Red Candle, For Passion.

Casting Instructions For 'Herbal Vendetta'
Haunting Curse
Change Your Enemy Into Anything
Zeus Prayer
Witch's Bottle
Weather Jinx
Twisting Their Sixth Sense
To Summon Kima
Summon An Evil Guardian
Struggling Vengeance Spell
Spiteful Demon Of Torment
Henbane, Foxglove, Bleeding Heart,
A Life Once Together,
Now Torn Apart.
Daphne, Laurel, Golden Chain,
I Cast Upon You Eternal Disdain.
Jasmine, Nightshade, Elderberry
Your Fate Will Break You,
Leaving You Weak And Wary.
Mistletoe, Moonseed, Jimson Weed,
Pay You Shall For Your Misdeeds.
As I Will It,
So Mote It Be.

You Will Need the subsequent Items For This Spell:


Casting Instructions For 'Induce Anger And Hate'

You Must Only Use This When It Is Needed Most. Like Say, That Person Is Too Good, Nice, And Kind For Their Own Good. They Have To Learn That The World Is Not As Bright As It Seems. You May Also Use This For Revenge, But Expect The Consequences. 

Just Chant:
Happiness And Good Will Has Taken Its Toll
Preventing Conflict To Learn.
Let Anger And Hatred Take Control
Like An Evil Fire That Burns.

You Will Need the subsequent Items For This Spell:

A Candle
Bowl Of Cold Water
Strip Of Paper
Quill With Ink (a Pen Will Do Fine)

Casting Instructions For 'Misfortune'

First you want to Light The Candle Near The Bowl Of Water. Write the complete Name Of The Person Whom you would like To Cast The Spell On, On The Strip Of Paper. Speak  Into The Flame, Making It Flicker. 

The Spell For Misfortune:

Alaka Mon At-tu Ala (Al-aka, Mon, At-too, Ay-la) May Luck Fade, Dying Away Kissa Ra Oreume (key-sa, Ra, Or-em) Luck Burns Away From Thee, Until Thy Water Sets Thy Free Quet Revera Sef Mopilee Aquar Pudeo (key-et Re-vehr-a Seph Mop-e-lee Aquar Pood-eo)

Now Light The Flame And Place The Paper Into the hearth . As Soon As It Disappears And Turn…

You Will Need the subsequent Items For This Spell:


Casting Instructions For 'Revenge Death To Your Enemies'

Set The Photo Of Your Enemy Alight As You Chant: i'm To Avenge Myself. I Was On the trail Of Destruction, But Now I Set You Down That Path. I Take My Revenge Upon You . Allow The Photo To Burn To Ashes.

You Will Need the subsequent Items For This Spell:

4 Black Candles
1red Candle
Paper (white, Not Lined)
Black Rose Petals
2 Redstones
Mental Or Physical Picture Of The Person(s)

Casting Instructions For 'Revenge Of The Ravens Spell'

1.Make A Circle With The Four Black Candles

2. Put The Red Candle In The Middle

3.light Every Candle

4.grab The white book And Write, Dark Ravens,come Take Revenge.

5.spread Black Rose Petals round the Mini Altar Candle Thing

6.put The Small Redstones In The Middle Of The Paper.

7.grab The Picture Of Your Enemy And Place It In The Altar Youve Made.(if You Have A Physical Picture)

8:if Mental Picture, Think About Him/her As Hard As You Cant

9. Chant, O Ravens Of Darkness, cause Pyroc and provides A Taste Of My Revanche To (full Name Of Person). He/she Will Now Feel My Pain And Hatred. Earth,air,fire,water. By The Power Of Three So Mote It Be.

10.burn the image and therefore the Paper With The Candle Flames(for Extra Power,optional)

Warning: This Is A Spell To Get Revenge. Alright, Remember there's Karma Involved during this Thing. Remember

You Will Need the subsequent Items For This Spell:


Casting Instructions For 'Black Death Revenge'

To Get This Started You Must First Meditate. Clear All The Bad Stuff Out.If Wanted Take a pleasant Bath With Sented Salts And red Rose Peddles. This Will Clear Everything Up. Next, Around 9pm-4am Go Into Your Room (make Sure No One Can Disturb You).

Sit On Your Bed Facing South. Close You Eyes And consider All The Thing Your Enemy Did To You. Get Angry. Then Chant This: you're The One Who Ruined Me. You Shall Be Stinged By 1000 Bees. You Shall Get The Nasty Plaque. Your Whole Body Shall Turn Black. You Will Pay. Now You'll Pay. So Mote It Be!

You Will Need the subsequent Items For This Spell:

A Pentacle

Casting Instructions For 'Curse For Revenge'

Place The Pentacle Where You Wanted It To Be. Place Your Hand Above It. Close Your Eyes And Concentrate. Imagine Your Negative Energy Going To The Pentacle And The Pentacle's Sending It To The One You Hate. Imagine What's Going To Happen To That Person. And Say This Chant--

 My Beloved Witches
Please Help Me
For I Think (name Of The One You Hate)
Is So Not Funny
I Want My Revenge
So I'll Do This
Make Him Or Her (event)
Mote It Be

You Will Need the subsequent Items For This Spell:

Black Candle
Herbs: Dill, Anemone, Salt (use As Incense)

Casting Instructions For 'Black Magic Spell For Justice/Karma/Revenge'

Spell To Bring About Justice/Karma

Moon: Wayning
Days: 8 Days Starting On Saturday At Midnight And Ending On Sunday At Midnight
Color: Black Candle
Herbs: Dill, Anemone, Salt
Element: Earth
Goddess: Hecate
God: Vishnu
Solar System: Saturn

 Employing a Black Candle To affect Setting Hexes, cause Justice, And Karma, Night Magic, And Truth. Saturday Is With Saturn, Hecate And Lends Power To Justice, And Karma. The Moon Cycle Addresses Binding And Crone Magic. The Number Of Days Is Eight Because Eight Lends Power To Binding, Justice, And Karma. The Time Of Midnight Corresponds With Revenge. The Goddess Hecate are going to be Invoked To cause A Hex, Karma, Black And Crone Magic, And Revenge. The God Vishnu Deals Directly With Justice, And Karma. The Herbs Being Burned As Incense For This Spell Correspond To Hexes (dill), Justice (dill), Karma (anemone), and therefore the Earth (salt). This Is A Black Magic Spell. Be Careful In Casting. If you would like To Be Really Nasty Burn The Candle For 11 Days. The Number 11 Deals With Hexes.

You Will Need the subsequent Items For This Spell:

Pen(red Or Black)
Melted Wax
A Lock Of The Person's Hair

Process For 'Revenge On Someone Who Has Done You Wrong'

Be Worked Into A Rage At The Person. Draw A Pentagram In Red Or Black Ink. Write The Person's Name In The Middle. you have to Use A Q-tip And Put Melted Wax Over The Person's Name.

Chant (Person's Name) You Have Done Me Wrong And Have Angered The Wrong Witch And Now You Deal With The Consequences Of My Rage, You Also Deal With The Problems From The Hex I even have placed on You.

You Will Need the subsequent Items For This Spell:


Casting Instructions For 'The Perfect Revenge'

Say, 'Though I Am A Messin', My/his/her/their (name Of Person You're Mad At) Needs A Lesson.'

You Will Need the subsequent Items For This Spell:

Have The Right To Get Revenge
1 Black Candle

Casting Instructions For 'Revenge On Someone That Had Hurt You Or Someone You  Care About'

Set Up ur Altar and lightweight A Black Candle & Remember The Reason For Revenge .Then Chant:Oh Nemesis Greek Goddess Of Revenge Help Me Get Revenge Because (name Of Person) Has Hurt Someone Dear To Me allow them to Suffer And Pay the results . I Beg You Please So Mote It Be.



The spell to punish an enemy
If you would like to harm Someone within the Name Of Revenge, you'll Never Run Out Of Spells To Use On Them. First And Foremost, you'll Be Required to urge Your Hands On 9 Nails, Athame, A Black Bowl, a photograph Of The Person, A Lemon, A Black Candle And Cursing Oil.

To kick starter The Spell, illuminate The Candle; Then Cut Deep Into The Lemon And Place The Photo Of The Person within the Lemon.  then Step Of The Spell Involves Channeling All Of Your Anger While Penetrating The Lemon Using The Sharp Nails. Each Nail That you enter, Your Levels Of Anger Should Increase. Once you're through with This Spell, subsequent Step Is what is going to Make Things Difficult For The one that causes you to Sick. Make Sure That The Lemon Is Rotting In Sulphur, Graveyard Dirt, Mullein Or Patchouli to finish The Charm.

The aftermath punishing curse
To Pull Off This Voodoo Spell, you'll Be Required to possess Some Specific Ingredients With You.  Require A Pot Of Water, Cinnamon Sticks, Cinnamon Powder, Vinegar, And Milk. A Picture of somebody You Hate and need To Punish also can Work Just Fine. Once you've got The Water during a Pot Or Bowl, Dip Your Hands In It And consider All The Pain Someone Caused By Wronging You! Then Put The Seven Sticks Of Cinnamon Or Cinnamon Powder Into The Water you only Infused With The Negative Energy. Proceed With Chanting And ensuring That Your Pain Is Felt.

Proceed With Summoning All the weather And Invoke Them to try to to Your Revenge Bidding. Ask For Your Enemy To Experience Fear, animosity And Guilt. Invoke The God Of Cursing, Carman, And Ask Him to try to to Your Bidding. Once you're Done, Throw The Ashes within the Pot And allow them to Cook For a short time . Recite The Spell While Burning the image Of The Victim, Be It A Former Lover Or Someone Who Wishes Ill Into Your Life.

Dark Moon Revenge Spell
A Common thanks to Cast Spells Is With the utilization Of Candle Magic. This Spell Is Performed On The New Moon When The Banishing Energy Is Strongest. If The New Moon Happens To Fall On A Saturday, Even Better! It Will Be More Powerful.

Materials And Supplies:

1 Black Candle
Sharp Tool To Scribe The Candle
Piece Of Onyx Or Jet

Spell Casting:

Carve The Name Of Your Target Into The Candle While you think that Of Them Intently
Place The Candle Into A Candle Holder And Light A The Wick
Focus On And Visualize What This Person Did To You As You Watch The Flame Burn
Feel All Of The Negative Emotions This Person Caused You
As Candle Begins To Melt At The Name, Take The Candle And Drip The Wax Onto The Stone
Return The Candle To Its Holder
While The Wax remains Soft, Carve The Person’s First Initial Into The Wax On The Stone And Let It Cool.
Imagine The Pain They Caused You Returning To Them
Let The Candle Burn Completely
Place The Stone during a Safe Place Out Of Sight And await The Spell to figure
After The Revenge Has Occurred, Bury The Stone within the Earth to finish The Spell.

Revenge Curse
Fire There Are Even More Powerful Spells Out There That Seek To Destroy Everything for somebody . But Beware, If You Cast Your Spell On Another Witch Or Someone Who May skills to reply , they might Always Break The Curse. And If you think within the Law Of Threefold Return, That Broken Curse Could Return To You, Its Master, Threefold Stronger.

Typically, Negative Energies That Are Attached To Something, A Person, Place Or A Thing, Will Return To Where They Originated When Their Connection Is Cut. Think Long & Hard Before Engaging In Such Magic, Or Use A Spells Professional Instead. You Can Always Add Incense, Drumming And Dancing To Your Spells In Order To Increase Their Effectiveness, But It Is Not Mandatory.

Materials And Supplies:

Your Voice
Full Name Of The Enemy
Picture Of The Enemy
Timing: Black Moon, A Saturday, At Night

Spell Casting:

Light Your Fire And Burn Incense If You Have Any
Visualize Your Enemy and start to collect Your Anger And Vengeance
Look All Of Your Intense Rage Into The Photo
You Can Raise The Power With Drumming And Dancing
Chant Loudly:

Goddess Adrestia Hear My Cry,
For (Enemy Full Name) Shall Not Die
Rather Than Death, I Wish Upon Suffering Unto
And Leaving His/her Heart Dark And Blue
Taking Away Everything He/she Loves Most will definitely Do
An Eternal lifetime of Suffering And Depression (Enemy Full Name) Will See
This Is My Will
So Mote It Be.

Immediately Burn The Photo within the Flame After the mantra

Reflect and Revenge Spell
Mirrors Can Return The Energy That Someone Has Sent To You, Whether Positive Or Negative. What’s More Is That They Are Safer Than Curses Or Hexes. Some Wiccans Would Even Argue That They Are Legitimate, Though That Would Be Controversial.

Materials And Supplies:

A Small Mirror
Black Permanent Marker
Long Piece Of Black Ribbon
Whole Bay Leaf
Burnt Wood Ash
Cast This Spell On A Saturday Night When The Energy Is Highest For Cleansing And Banishing. The New Moon Is Also A Good Time For Banishing And Leaving Behind Unwanted Energies And Forces.

Spell Casting:

Write The Person’s Name On The Face Of The Mirror In Large Letters
Set The Bay Leaf Over The Name
Wrap The Mirror And Leaf within the Ribbon a couple of Times
Place A Generous Pinch Of Ash Over The Leaf
Wrap It A Few Times More And Then Tie Together With A Knot
Focus Your Energy Intently On The Source Of The Negativity
Place One Hand On Either Side Of The Mirror, And Say:
From Me To You,
Comes Back Times Two.
Place The Wrapped Up Mirror Charm Under Your Bed Until You Feel That The Spell Has Been Effective. Then Remove The Mirror And Dismantle The Parts To Remove The Spell. You May Even Want To Bury The Leaf And Ash.

Saturday, May 16, 2020


What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui ( Wind & Water) is that the practice of arranging your environment to flow the energy or “chi” flows gently and smoothly through your home or business environment.

In this way your space just feels good–and supports what you would like out of life whether it’s a far better career, new romance, improved health, or more income.

Feng Shui isn't a meditation practice, a faith , or a replacement Age cult.

Not too fast or too slow—just right!

Feng Shui is predicated on the concept that everything in your environment features a vital force or energy called “chi.”

Just as chi flows through your body, chi also flows yours through living environment. When the energy flow is stagnant, moves too quickly, or is obstructed (think walls, trees, or maybe cars within the wrong place), the unbalanced chi may cause unhealthiness , domestic strife, or financial concerns.

Feng Shui adjustments can assist you confirm that the chi energy flow is simply right in order that everything in your environment supports your wish permanently luck, healthiness , harmonious relationships, and prosperity.

When did Feng Shui start?

The practice of principle was developed in China over a 4,000-year period. Initially, people wanted to return up with principles that ensured their homes—and more importantly their tombs!—were placed during a location that offered shelter from winter storms, floods, and blazing heat.

As the practice of principle developed, people also began to consider architectural features, from the location of fireplaces, windows and doors, to gardens and landscaping.

Using the Bagua

The success of those principles led to the appliance of principle to indoor furnishings, including everything from sofas and pictures to dishes and art objects. Practitioners of principle developed the bagua, a principle map that indicates where within the home specific enhancements are to be applied.

The bagua is placed over the ground plan of a home (or room) and shows the situation of nine main areas of energy in every home: Helpful People/Travel, Children/Creativity, Relationships and Romance, Fame, Wealth, Family, and Self Development.

The principle practitioner arranges the house to bring “good luck” to those areas and to form sure the chi flows smoothly in order that each area on the bagua map is nurtured and energized.

As a part of arranging a home or business, traditional Chinese practitioners also include a posh mixture of compass directions, birthdays of occupants, and Chinese astrology and cultural elements.

Feng Shui for the West

To make principle more accessible to Western society, the leader Grand Master Lin Yun developed a Western sort of principle called the Black Hat Sect principle that has removed the complex formulas of traditional principle and therefore the strict adherence to Chinese cultural elements.

He incorporated spiritual practices from round the world and was the primary to specialise in how one’s intentions can impact the physical environment and energize the nine specific areas of each home.

Grand Master Lin Yun introduced this Western sort of principle to the us within the 1970s.

Moving into the cultural mainstream

As people within the us (and Europe) also started experiencing the advantages of arranging their homes and businesses consistent with principle principles, principle has moved into the cultural mainstream.

Now most Americans have a minimum of heard of principle , and lots of are using the practice to rearrange their homes permanently luck and prosperity. Even the British Royal family is rumoured to use Feng Shui principles. Businesses, from Citicorp to Donald Trump’s companies, are integrating principle principles into their business practices.

Types of Feng Shui

Types of Different principle Schools and designs Explained

Books on principle sometimes seem to contradict one another . This is because, over the years, principle has developed in various different directions, which has resulted during a sort of ‘schools’. And even when the underlying core principle concepts remain similar, each situation requires selective individual analysis, with the result that different principle consultants may offer different suggestions. It doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone is wrong. There is usually more than one way to achieve the desired result.

The Origins of Feng Shui

Feng shui originated in ancient China and every one the classical principle schools and methods were developed there. The observation and analysis of landforms, waterways and structural placement are basic to classical principle . So are the formulae for calculating things like the distribution and quality of qi, elemental balance, auspicious and inauspicious directions and locations, etc, which determine the measures to be taken in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Different Feng Shui Approaches: Classical and Contemporary

The main principle approaches and differences between them are summarised below.

Form School
The form school is that the oldest documented sort of classical principle . It was originally concerned with the location and orientation of tombs for the dead, and later its principals were transferred to the buildings employed by the living. It examines & assesses the ‘form’ of physical objects and shapes, along side transformation elements, qi flow and therefore the manifestations of yin and yang.

Compass School
The classical compass school involves numerical calculations supported the direction.
, which is decided employing a western compass or a Chinese ‘luo pan’. The analysis is then based on the eight compass sectors and the trigrams of the Ba Gua, and the Luo Shu is used for ‘flying stars’ analysis. Birth dates are sometimes taken under consideration in certain calculations that help to spot the connection between individual people and therefore the energy pattern of the environment.

Contemporary Feng Shui
A contemporary western interpretation of principle has gained popularity, particularly in America, since its introduction within the 1970-80s. This approach is predicated on the psychology of the way to achieve goals through a targeted specialise in the various aspects of life also as classical form school principles.

What Feng Shui Is and Isn’t
Feng shui isn't a science, as its core concepts haven’t been tested by methodology but this is often changing. There is a movement towards the scientific validation of feng shui. There is now a tutorial Journal of principle , and principle has been examined from a scientific perspective at several International Conferences on Scientific principle and therefore the Built Environment.

Which Feng Shui Approach is Best for Me?
Although the varied sorts of principle are often confusing initially, whichever approach most appeals to you is perhaps an honest place to start out . All types of principle (and related principle disciplines) have certain basic similarities, and even the traditionalists welcome the various books using non-classical methodology which have appeared in recent years, since they have doubtless helped stimulate the current growth of feng shui and are helping feng shui to evolve and meet the needs of modern life.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Secret of ॐ pronunciation

Secret of ॐ pronunciation

There is a compulsion to write Om to Om, otherwise it is ॐ . Now you think how to pronounce it? This sign of Om 'ॐ ' is amazing. It is a symbol of the entire universe. Many sky Ganges is spread like this. Brahma means expansion, spread and spread. More than 100 meanings of Omkar sound have been given. It is eternal and symbolizes the state of infinity and nirvana.

Einstein has also said that the Brahman is spreading. Lord Mahavira had said before Einstein. It is mentioned in the Vedas before Mahavira. Mahavir did not read the Vedas and said, when he looked down into the deep depths of meditation, he said.

ॐ is called Om. In that too, there is more emphasis on 'O'. It is also called Pranav Mantra. This is the √ mantra × all the rest. The beginning of this mantra is not the end. It is the soundless sound of the universe. Anahata does not mean any kind of clash or sound produced by the combination of two things or hands. It is also called Anhad. It continues uninterrupted throughout the universe.

The ascetics and mediators heard in the deep state of meditation that there is a sound that is heard continuously, both inside and outside the body. Everywhere, the same sound continues continuously and by listening to it the mind and soul feel peace, so they named that sound Om.

Ordinary man cannot hear that sound, but whoever keeps chanting Om, positive energy starts to develop around him. Yet to listen to that sound it is necessary to be completely silent and in meditation. Anyone who starts listening to that sound starts connecting directly to the divine. The simple way to connect with God is to keep chanting ॐ.

* Symbol of Tridev and Trilokya:
The word हुआ is composed of three sounds - A, U, M. The meaning of these three sounds also comes in the Upanishads. It is also a symbol of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and it is a symbol of bho-loka, bhuva-loka and heaven people.

* Shun disease: 
Monocular Mantras also have special significance in Tantra Yoga. Each word in the Devanagari script has been given the form of a mantra by placing a reminder. For example, Co., Khan, Gan, Gh etc. Similarly, Shrin, Klein, Hreen, Hoon, Phat etc. are also counted in monolithic mantras.

All mantras are pronounced with the combined effect of the air coming out of the tongue, lips, palate, teeth, throat and lungs. The sound emanating from it hits all the chakras of the body and the hormone secreting glands. By controlling the secretion of these glands, diseases can be banished away.

* Method of pronunciation:
 Get up early in the morning and chant the Omkar sound. It can be pronounced by sitting in Padmasana, Ardhapadmasana, Sukhasana, Vajrasana. It can be pronounced 5, 7, 10, 21 times according to its time. हैं can speak loudly, speak slowly. ॐ Chanting can also be done with garland.

* Its benefits:
 This will help the body and mind to concentrate. The heartbeat and circulation will settle. It cures mental illnesses. The working power increases. Both its pronunciation and its hearer are benefited. In its pronunciation, purity is taken care of.

* Fluctuation of impulses in the body:
Both the listener and the speaker feel the impulses of joy, sadness, anger, hatred, fear and libido by the sound of beloved or unpleasant words. The sound emanating from unpleasant words causes a heartbeat to be triggered by the feeling of work, anger, fascination, fear, greed etc. due to which 'toxic' substances are produced in the blood. In the same way, the sound of the words dear and auspicious, like the nectar on the brain, heart, and blood, pours forth the harmful chemical.



Punish someone with the changing spell
If you would like To Punish Someone In Ways they're going to always remember, Then you ought to Consider Casting The “change Your Enemy Into Anything” Spell. For This Spell, you'll Require A Pencil, Their Hair Or the other Bodily Fluids, a bit Of Paper, And Your Imagination. Then Draw The Image Of What You’d Like Your Enemy to vary Into I.e. A Frog Or A Snail. Let Your Imagination Run Free. Place The Hair On The Paper And Chant With All Of Your Heart, Might Committed To The Hex. Say that you simply Want that specific Someone to vary Into What you would like For Revenge. Finish By Saying “so Mote It Be” .  Believe In Whatever you're Saying, regardless of How Sick It Feels.  The Spell Will Hurt Someone You Dislike.

The effective Hecate justice spell
If you would like To Punish Someone In Ways they're going to always remember  Then you ought to Consider Casting The “change Your Enemy Into Anything” Spell. For This Spell, you'll Require A Pencil, Their Hair Or the other Bodily Fluids, a bit Of Paper, And Your Imagination. Then Draw The Image Of What You’d Like Your Enemy to vary Into I.e. A Frog Or A Snail. Let Your Imagination Run Free. Place The Hair On The Paper And Chant With All Of Your Heart & Might Committed To The Hex. Say that you simply Want that specific Someone to vary Into What you would like For Revenge. Then Finish By Saying “so Mote It Be”.. Believe In Whatever you're Saying, regardless of How Sick It Feels. The Spell Will Hurt Someone You Dislike.

The day of misfortune spell
Even Though This Spell Isn’t As Powerful because the Rest, it's Been Known To Effectively Punish Someone Who Hurt You. All You’ll got to Do Believing within the Spell, Then Walking Towards Your Enemy Or Someone you would like To Punish then Proceed With Chanting Quietly.

They Don’t Really need to Hear What You Say When Chanting The Spell. As Long As They Are In The Vicinity When Chanting The Spell, It Will Take Effect. Your Chant Should Include Asking Misfortune To Mar His Or Her Life All Day and every one Night. If you are doing This Spell Right, Then that specific Someone goes to possess A Difficult Time For the remainder Of The Day. This Spell won't Cause Any Bodily Harm thereto “unfortunate Someone” But they're bound to Have a very , Really Bad Day. This Is A Spell that you simply Can Do To people that Haven’t Hurt You That Bad.

Bluen’s Satanic death spell
You Will got to Really Hate Someone To Wish Them Death. For This Spell to require Effect, you'll got to Be during a Dark Room With A Makeshift Altar, And Have A Dark Outfit. A Couple Of Candles and therefore the Satanic Bible Should Also Do The Trick. You Can Either Get The Person’s Picture Or Write Their Name On a bit Of Paper Before Folding It Into A Ball. Then Proceed With Beseeching Satan To Open Hell And Grant Your Sick Desires of getting Someone Die. Remember to possess The Visual Image of somebody you would like To Punish In Your Mind, Triggering All The Pain you're Feeling. Chant “in Nomine Dei Nostril Satans Luciferin Excelsi!” Which Is Lifted From Satan’s Bible In Xerox. Tear that Piece Of Paper in pieces, throw in four way And Take One To The River, Calling Upon Leviathan The Raging Sea To Let The Person Die Via Drowning.

Burn Another Piece within the Black Candle Wishing Your Enemy To Die within the Name Of Ingernal Diatribe. The Third Piece Should Be Buried In The Ground And In The Name Of Belial The Master Of The Earth, Wish Someone Dead. Finally, Burn The Fourth Piece And Throw The Ashes within the Sky Wishing The Person To Die within the Name Of Lucifer The Enlightenment. This Is Meant For Extreme Revenge And For The Voodoo to figure , You’ll got to roll in the hay Right. Also, Believe that somebody Who Wronged You Or Your Ex-lover Will Suffer Punishment Once The Spell Is Successfully Cast.

The evil guardian spell
If Someone Hurt You, you'll Sermon The Evil Guardian to hunt Revenge On Your Behalf. All you would like to try to to Is Chant While Painfully brooding about Someone Who Hurt You. Believe In What You Say And Ask The Evil Guardian to form Their Enemy Feel Bad For What They Did To You. This Will Make Someone Feel disgusted What They Did And most likely Call To invite Your Forgiveness. Only Black Mages Can Cast This Spell And this is often So Because they need Evil Energy Around Them.

The revenge spell
For This Revenge Voodoo Spell To Work, You Need A Candle Which You’ll Light Then Seat Before It. Proceed With Calling Upon His Higher Self For The Spell to figure . Ask Their Higher Self To Derail Their Current Muppet Life. & As you're Chanting The Spell, it's Important to see Them within the Flames Before Blowing The Candle Out. That’s How The Spell Will Work, Whether It’s Meant For a devotee Who Hurt You Or Is Looking to urge Back At Someone Who Hurt You. Again, believe Order For The Spell to figure . Spell Works Perfectly When Cast At Exactly Midnight. All you would like to try to to Is Setting Everything Up Right Before Your Chanting, Repeatedly Beseeching Evil to return Forth.

The cheater revenge spell
This Spell is supposed To Punish Someone You Once Loved But Ended Up Betraying Your Trust And Love Altogether. Need Their Photo, A Bottle, Four Sharp Objects, And Vinegar. Put The Sharp Objects within the Bottle Or Jar. Dig A Hole within the Garden After Filling The suppress With Vinegar and a few Water. This Spell Will Make Him Or Her Sick

Monday, May 11, 2020

Feng shui tips for financial crisis

Feng shui tips for financial crisis 

We are all fully aware that the world is facing a huge financial crisis now. We call it a Hamburger Crisis. It starts from the Us and outbreak to almost every part of the world. Many people get laid off. Many business from the SMEs to the global business are suffering to survive the crisis. The bad news is that everything is just started! We expect to see the real things next year.

As a blog writer of Feng Shui Tips, I would like to apply Feng Shui Philosophy to help every cure the crisis or at least to make you feel relieve and positive enough to fight for tomorrow. Under the situation that nothing much you can do, moving things around will help you in many ways.

Firstly, the result of good Feng Shui will build an auspicious atmosphere to your house. You may never thought about it because you were so busy with daily activities and problems or your business plans so on and so forth but now that when you have more time, look around and notice that your desk is so messy, the light of your restaturant is a bit too much, which making your restaurant so hot and waste more energy than normal etc.

Look around, refer to my blog and start moving things around to follow the Feng Shui Tips. Let the energy flows etc. It may not solve all the problem in one day but when you do some improvement it does give you some hopes that things will get better doesn't it? One of the good about using Feng Shui during this time is that, it's not required investiment at all. You don't need to do a commercial, discount promotion or anything. Thing of Feng Shui Tips as a free way to improve your business.

Secondly, the Feng Shui Tips will greatly help you to relieve and fade away from all the serious problem. When you spend time for something interesting, you will find that the time passing by so fast. It can even help freshen your brain and you may come up with some good ideas better than just sitting and keep thinking about the same thing. Sometimes you can solve the problem by not thinking about it too much. So, now get up and move things around..... Let the energy flow.....

Lastly, it is from my own experiences that I have few friends who become a Feng Shui Practitioner or even interior design and do make a lot of money after they learn about Feng Shui. Who knows you will find the new brighter jobs during the crisis.

After all, the positive mindset and fighting spirit are very important during this time. If your current job doesn't work out anymore, get up and find new things. It doesn't have to be Feng Shui, It can be swimming, writing or anything that you like. I believe that all the effort will paid off one way or another as long as we do not give up... 

So don't give up and good luck everyone...

Friday, May 8, 2020



What is a revenge spell?

A Revenge Spell Is Any Magical Spell That Causes Harm To Someone Who Deserves It. It’s a sort Of sorcery Or Dark Magic That Uses The Powers Of Spell casting to harm somebody else . There Are some ways to try to to This and much of various Schools Of Witchcraft Cast Revenge Spells.

There Are Hexes And Curses. They Can Make Someone Get Sick Or Even Die. They Can Cause Someone’s Relationship Or Career To Fall Apart. Finally, They Can Also Cause Someone Physical Pain Or Incessant Nightmares.

Voodoo Revenge Spells Are The Most Well Known. You’ve Probably Heard Of The Voodoo Doll. Well, The Doll Itself is simply A Simulacrum Or A Representation Of The Person you're Casting A Spell On. But What You Do With It Is What’s Important, So You Can Imagine That Method Opens Up A Lot Of Possibilities On How To Hurt Someone For Revenge.

Love revenge spells

Did Someone You Love Cheat On You With Someone Else? Well, There Are many Professional Spell casters which will assist you With Casting A Revenge Spell On An Ex Lover. Love Revenge Spells are literally a number of the foremost Common Revenge Spells Out There Because it's So Common For People To Suffer Heartbreak And Deception. And Unless You’re Married, They’re Not Breaking The Law, So Who Is Going To Defend You?

Well, Don’t Despair. There Are Even Free Revenge Spells For Cheaters Out There. Nobody Deserves To Treat Someone Like Garbage And Then Go On With Their Happy Life As If Nothing Happened. When Karma Has Left You Unfairly Treated And you only Can’t Stand It Anymore, a strong Revenge Spell Can Set The Scales Of Justice Back In Balance.

Curses And Spells For Revenge Against Enemies
There also are many other forms Of Revenge Spells, Like Curses And Spells For Revenge Against Enemies. These Are sorcery Revenge Spells which will Cause Your Enemies Great Harm, Even Death. Sometimes, When There Is Someone Truly Evil Out There Who Is Harming Those Around Him And Will Never Be Caught, A Powerful Black Magic Revenge Spell Is In Order

Black magic revenge spells

Black Magic Is Any Magic That Has The Intention Of Harming somebody else For Your Own Personal Gain. Whether It Is Binding Them To Keep Them Away From You (even If They Deserve It!), Reflecting Something Bad That Someone Did Back At Them, Hexing Or Cursing, These Are All Forms Of Magic That Fall Into The Same Category.

There Are Definitely Different Degrees Of ‘color, In Fact, Many Practicing Witches Believe That Magic Has No Color At All. What Is Interesting About Practicing Witchcraft Is That You Make Your Own Rules. You Decide What You Feel Is Acceptable, And Unless You Belong To An Actual Religious Group Like The Wiccans, Your Moral Code Is Your Own. As Long As You Are Willing To Suffer The Consequences, So Pay Attention!

White magic revenge spells

The Definition We Usually Use To Separate Black Magic From White Magic Is The Wiccan Rede. Although White Magic Can Be Practiced By Anyone, You Need Not Be A Wiccan, The Wiccan Religion Is Founded Upon A Central Idea That Also Applies To White Magic.

The Wiccan Rede States “An It Harm None, Do What Ye Will.” That Basically Means So Long As You Are Not Hurting Another Person Or Thing, You Can Proceed. But When Followed Through To Its Most Extreme Interpretation, This Applies To Many More Things Than You Might Think!

The Foundation Of This Moral Code Is That We Cannot Restrain Or Influence Someone Else’s Free Will – That In Itself Is Against The Rules. So, What About Love Spells? Well, If You Are Casting A Spell To Make Someone Love You, That Is A No-no! What About Getting A Promotion At Your Place Of Employment?

Was There Someone Else That Was Meant To Get That Position, And Your Spell Got In The Way Of What They Were Supposed To Get? These Little Details Can Become Quite Complicated And Throw Much Of Traditional Witchcraft Out The Window, Or Do They?

Dark magic revenge spells

There Are Many Shades Of Grey When It Comes To Spells. Crossing the road Into Casting A Love Spell On Someone, won't Intentionally Wish Them Ill. It Does Take Away Their Agency And Does Go Against The Wiccan Rede, But It Is A Far Cry From A Curse Or A Hex.

What About A Binding Spell For Someone Who Has Hurt You And Keeps Pursuing You? Or Perhaps A Spell which will Simply Be Payback – Returning To Them More Of an equivalent They Gave You? Some Wiccans Even Argue That The Threefold Law Of Return Allows This Because You Are Simply Returning To Another What They Have Sent To You. As I Said Earlier, You Decide For Yourself What Your Moral Compass Is, But Just Understand The Risks Involved.

More Traditionally, The Law Of Threefold Return States That Whatever Energy You Send Out Into The World Will Come Back To You Threefold. So, If You Send A Dark Spell To Break Up Your Ex With Their New Lover, This Law Claims That Heartache And Separation Will Follow You Three Times Over! That Sounds Really Bad! However, It Works Both Ways. If You Send That Person Love, You Ought To Receive Love Of Your Own Threefold – Just Not Necessarily From Them!

Below Is A Reflective Spell. This One Is Definitely A Grey Area. If You Are Simply Reflecting Energy Back That Is Aimed At You, Then Is It Really Energy That You Are Sending Into The World? Aren’t You Just Acting As A Shield? Are You Prepared To Suffer The Consequences And Take Responsibility For Your Actions If You Are Wrong?

Spiteful demon of torment spell to punish someone
This Is one among the foremost Popular Voodoo Spells that you simply Can sew Someone you would like To Punish. The Spell is straightforward To Cast And Would Only Take a few Of Minutes to end . Begin By Drawing A Circle then A Triangle Before Chanting The Spell, Word For Word. The Circle Will Protect You because the Demon Is Summoned And Directed To Someone You’d wish to Punish.

Once you're Ready, Beseech The Demon Of Torment to return Forth From The Depths Of Hell And Torment Your Enemy As they need Tormented You. Cleanse The Circle And Plant the thing You wont to Cast The Spell In Your Enemy’s Home. This Spell could be Cast To Punish Someone You Once mentioned As Your Lover Or Friend. Remember To Beseech The Demon to not Harm You But Your Enemy. You Also Need a private Item From Your Ex-lover Or Someone you would like To Punish.



Some people may think it takes special knowledge or a personal assistant to put feng shui principles into practice, but that's not the case...

People are also a part of your environment. Any one who sucks the life out of you isn't likely to help you manifest more of your purpose in life. There are enough obstacles in life that just pop up; you don't need to cart around people who exhaust you with endless drama or suck the life from you.

Star by brightening dark rooms. Opening more windows, adding an extra lamp or even painting rooms a brighter color can make a huge difference . When things are bright, its easier to keep your attention on what makes you happy.

I was reminded recently about taking the "path of least resistance " rather than fighting life, why not flow with it? In home, if you have lots of clutter you may be blocking the easier paths for yourself! A clutter - clearing project can help you find easier ways to flow through your space. Clutter clearing also trends to create lots of inspiration and focus that makes for great results in life!

Art is therapy, expression, creative fuel and emotional power during a space. When you actually make your, you infuse your home with your personal style. The act of making art begets more ideas and more creativity. That momentum helps you to create tons more of what you want in all of life.

According to some successful people, they referred to their stellar housekeeper as their life coach in getting stuffs organised, since each of them had become dramatically calmer, more focused and more optimistic thanks to the organization that entered their lives.

Thursday, May 7, 2020



Giving special attention to our relationship areas can foster loving, Harmonious and lasting relationships bulit on trust and unconditional love. Right before I met the love of my life, I did all the things listed below. 

Clear your clutter. Clutter represents the past. You want to create love in the present. Clear your clutter first before doing any of these cures. Clutter in the mind will clutter your relationships with issues. Clutter may be a big no-no when drawing love or wealth. It is a sign of too much on your mind. Too many things left undone unfinished business, projects etc. Clean your bedroom thoroughly. Make sure there is no mess or clutter under your bed, as energy circulates underneath the bed. Get into corners and burn sage if you've got it. Sage will clear sadness, negativity and any left over conflicts from past arguments or relationships.

It takes two, make sure you have two bedside tables in your bedroom, one on either side of your bed. Two end tables on the either side of your couch are necessary as well. This shows that you are open to having someone else share your space.

Make sure that each of your relationship corners(SW) have artwork depicting happy couples touching and more than one element. Look around your home and move artwork or any photos that have only one element in them, Example: a photo of alone tree in the landscape. You want art work that depicts couples, loving and touching. Paintings of a bunch of flowers in a vase, rather than a single flower. Peonies are especially auspicious for love and romance, both in photos, artwork and fragrance.(Eg Peony)

Sheets that are white, bright green or maybe red will heat up your sexual love . Use red sparingly because it could burn your relationship out. Red denotes fire. Use decorator pillows sparingly. Beds that have too many pillows are trun-off for men. 

Two pink candles in your relationship area will add some apark and heat up your relationship if you are currently in one. Light them together. Pairs of animals, cranes, ducks, within the SW corner of your room placed approximate , or touching will draw like to you. Two cozy chairs (no table between them) also works. You are creating a comfy place for two.

If your closets are over stuffed and can't fit another article of clothing , clear out the old stuff you never wear. to draw love in, you want to create space for it to come in. It is called creating a void. When we create a void by emptying closets, drawers and getting rid of what isn't loved or used we make room for something new. When our homes are busting at the seams with furniture, decorations and belongings, there is no room for anything new to come in.

Best Master Bedroom Colors are : Rose , Pink, Purple, Pink, Green, Avoid peach as it can lead to affairs.
A vase of fresh Cut Pink Flowers within the relationship area will raise the vibration of the space faster than anything i discussed previously. Fresh Flowers within the home can transform the energy instantly. Do note usued dried flowers, they denote death. If you can't do fresh, silk are the next best thing.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020


Playing of natural sounds, such as gentle waves, mountain streams, chirping birds or a gentle breeze through the trees. When you listen to sounds of nature, your heart rate slows down, your breathing becomes more expansive and your nerves are calmed. Make sure it's a recording that's made from the actual sounds of nature, not electronically produced, since the life-force energy emanating from natural surroundings will be healing for your body and mind.
When your space is calm, your thoughts hamper and you'll begin to listen to the guidance from your soul. Your spirit is renewed once you create a home that invites you to take a seat still, stop doing and just be. At these moments, your environment offers you an area to revive your physical and spiritual energy. When you design a healthy living environment, you'll feel relaxed,rejuvenated and inspired to maneuver towards your dreams.

Make it a ritual to go away the strain of your job, traffic jams and bad days outside. Its a purposeful way to make your home a haven, only allowing peaceful energy to come inside. If you wish , place a trunk or an appealing shoe rack just inside the door. The simple act of removing your shoes is symbolic of casting off the worries and troubles, as well as the dirt, of the outside world.
Clutter disrupts your life. When it's rampant, you feel stressed about everything. You can't find your keys, important letters, the proper belt or a cherished memento . Disorder creates mayhem and hinders your ability to find peace. Make sure that your bedroom, closet and toilet are so as . If you'll begin your day with calm, you've got a far better chance of feeling centered as you leave into the planet . One of the simplest antidotes to worry is an organized living environment.

Open the doors and windows and invite nature in. As night draws near, avoid bright light for a minimum of an hour before bed. Instead allow your body's natural cycle to slow move towards night. Use soft light in the bathroom and place dimmers in rooms you spends a good deal of time. For more harmony, oxygen and life -force, accessories with plants. Choose ones that look happy as opposed to those with downward falling, droopy leaves.

It's preferable to choose a bedroom that's located away the noisy street. From a feng shui perspective, the position for your bed is in the back corner of the room, diagonally opposite from the door. This site provides grounding due to the solid wall behind the bed, the expanded view of the space and door, and protection from fast paced energy entering the space, Also, if possible, refrain from watching television before bed because it drains your energy. The violence and negative news are often absorbed into your subconscious and should cause bad dreams.
Incorporates blue, lavenders, greens, peaches and other soothing earth tones into your home . Weather it's wall color, bedding, artwork, fabrics or decorative objects, soft, neutral colors provide a sense of clam. Ask yourself what color would cause you to feel happy and peaceful, then find how to introduce it into our home. Try lighting a blue, lavender or creme colored candle for relaxation.