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Flying Stars Feng Shui for 2006: Predictions and Remedies for a North Facing Main Door

Flying Stars Fengshui for 2006 : Predictions & Remedies for Main Door Facing North

Flying Stars or Fei Jing is a powerful form of Feng shun derived from the famous Xuan Kong Feng Shul. This is an analysis of the five elements and the Nakshatras (representing specific energy patterns) that pervade each building. As these annual stars change each new year, the qi (energy) changes, bringing with it good and bad energy - creating different effects.

As of February 2004 all Feng Shul energy patterns are referred to as period 8 energy cycles. This means that the large-scale evolution of mankind has begun with a completely new energy dynamics. The implication is that the new, vibrant energies of Period 8 affect buildings differently than before, and the previously active energies now need to be remedied to reduce any ill effects from previous influences.

The Flying Stars Chart or Bing-Zhou, a 9-grid meteor plan for the Year of the Young Red Fire Dog has been developed and the impact of their energy patterns is analysed. The analysis also includes suggested measures/remedies to reduce the effects of negative energy and recommended enhancers to enhance and improve beneficial energy.

For remedies/enhancers to be effective, they must be purified, energized, blessed and programmed not only for the specific individual/family but also for the specific purpose/problem. They should be placed at the indicated places.

The direction in which your main door is located is very important for Feng Shul and any kind of astrology including Vaastu. The primary reason for this is that the opening of the main door allows air to flow and energy to move in and out. Thus if the main door faces auspicious stars or meteors (powerful energy bodies) and the main door faces inauspicious stars or meteors then you will get positive energy for the year. If negative effects are predicted, you can drive away the negative energy by instituting the remedies suggested there. Any or all of these measures can be reused for the next year, the only thing is that they should be reset as per the new year.

Please note that the effects may be felt to varying degrees depending on the exact compass degree of the main gate.

Annual predictions and remedies for the main door of North facing flat/house/office/factory:

Have a great year for you to enjoy. Whether the people of the house are in job or in job or business, there will be progress. The money star of period 8 will bring you fame and excellent cash flow. Traders can plan properly to convert the incoming cash into assets. Your sphere of influence will expand and fame and reputation will strengthen. If you have a budding businesswoman in your home, installing a white porcelain dog figurine will help.

Children at home may have stomach ache and digestive problems. Don't overdo it. Try to stay away from smoking, alcohol etc. Be careful about blood and kidney problems. Be careful to read "between the lines" in any document you sign. Avoid taking decisions in a rush. Do not use this sector for storage purposes otherwise you may lose some part of your wealth. Hang a large natural, original Chinese ulu inside the main door to reduce health problems. To ward off theft and loss of money, set up a pair of Chi-Lines or Kuna Kung in front of your main entrance.

This year the three Surya Sha Kalashas (also known as the three demons or the three murders) reside here. Hence good money earning potential will not be achieved fully and continuously. Do not install any moving object like fish aquarium or water fountain here this year. But you can keep potted water plants. Do not dig, build, renovate, renovate or repair near your main door this year. Don't even drill or nail into this wall. It is not advised to sit or sleep near your main door for a long time. If you do any of these things, you invite betrayal, theft, accident, injury, money loss and other terrible calamities for your family members. If you have already started any of these tasks last year and want to continue and complete them this year, hang a gold, metal woo-loo and a wind chime near the main door.

It is also recommended to place a pair of Kuan Kung or Three Generation Dragon Head Turtles or Pai-Yau near your main door facing north, as even opening and closing a door is considered a "violation" of the three demons. Also remember not to sit with your back facing North when you read, eat, watch TV, use computer.

Door Mat Colour: Red or Yellow (outside) for main door.

Common minimum measures for all buildings for 2006:

Avoid green and blue colours in the centre of your home to reduce harm due to gossip and rumours, disputes and disputes. Do not place moving water features such as fish aquariums or water fountains. Display 8 red roses without thorn and leaves in the middle of your home/office/building and light a small red bulb that will burn continuously 24/7. This applies to all buildings irrespective of the direction of the main entrance.

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The author of this article Janardhan Gupta is an energy consultant, Vaastu and Feng Shul researcher, crystal master and a clairvoyant karma reader. Her specialty is permanent, lifetime remedial solutions, exclusively in the crystal energy field. His wife Mrs. Kalpana Gupta is also a psychic reader. The energy couple can be reached at 

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How to pray in easy way regularly

 Some easy ways to be regular in prayers

Prayers are an important pillar of Islam. It is possible to get close to Allah through prayers. This worship is a unique means of communicating with God. God has made prayers obligatory on us five times. For this reason, regardless of how bustling we are,, we must find the time to appear in the court of Allah five times a day.

The main difference between a Muslim and a disbeliever is prayer. Abdullah ibn Shakik (may Allah be pleased with him) said: The Companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) did not consider it kufr to give up any action other than prayer. 

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 There are some ways to perform regular prayers-

Knowing the meaning of what is recited in the prayers: Knowing the meaning of the surahs and other prayers recited in the prayers, on the one hand, makes it easier to concentrate on the prayers as well as builds a good relationship of the worshiper with the prayers. So we need to know the meaning of the surahs and prayers that are usually recited in the prayers so that the prayers do not become meaningless for us. In this way, if there is any reluctance towards performing prayers, it will be removed.


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Proper planning of daily activities: Before starting each day, you need to make a proper work plan for that day. When making a work plan, care should be taken that there is no work during the prayers. When going to class school,  office, or market, or on the other hand anyplace with relatives, in all cases, there should be a separate time for prayers.

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Always be ready for prayers: If you are planning to go out for any work, you should take with you the prayers, hijab, and other necessary items for prayers, so that not having one of these may not be a reason/excuse for skipping prayers. The body must always be kept pure for performing prayers.

Setting alarms on mobile: There are many apps available now that will show the time of prayers in your local time and the call to prayer will start automatically when it is time for prayers. Such an app is quite effective for performing prayers on time. And if you can't find such an app, you can at least set an alarm on your phone during prayer times. This will make your used phone a nice reminder to pray on time.

Creating a checklist for daily prayers: Tick the prayers you performed at the end of the day. This will increase your interest in praying regularly. If prayer is missed, its cause must be found out and it must be remedied. Praying: Always pray to Allah so that Allah Ta'ala makes prayers a part of your daily work. If you make a routine for regular prayers, then you have to pray to Allah so that you can follow that routine properly.


Prayers must be given due importance. As important as meeting family and friends is, remember, meeting God five times a day is even more important.



How can I be regular in prayer?
How I Created a Regular Prayer Routine (7 Tips)
Remember why we pray. ,
Review the benefits of prayer. ,
Make prayer a non-negotiable commitment. ,
Make life easier by scheduling prayer. ,
Hold yourself accountable. ,
Go easy on yourself. ,
Remember, it's never too late to start!
How can I be more consistent in counseling?
To be aware when it is almost time for prayer, set the alarm for each prayer five minutes before the actual prayer. It can help to prepare yourself, such as dressing properly, finding a place to pray, performing ablution, and encouraging your Muslim friends or family members to prepare for prayer as well.
What are the 5 daily prayers?
Examples of Some Simple Ways to Be Regular in Prayer
When is the 5 time prayer?
Salat al-Fajr: Fajr or anytime before sunrise.
Salat al-Zuhr: Noon, after the sun has crossed its maximum.
Salat al-Asr: The last part of the afternoon.
Salat al-Maghrib: Evening or immediately after sunset.
Salat al-Isha: Between sunset and midnight.




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Use of diamonds

Use of diamonds

General Introduction: Diamonds lead to a luxurious life. Diamonds are also believed to enhance a person's name, fame and artistic quality. Diamond is a hot gem that creates auspiciousness and removes the effects of evil. Apart from having decorative value, diamonds also guarantee strength, power, beauty, happiness, longevity and a sense of permanence. It is the most expensive gem in the gem category.

The most auspicious diamond is one that is colourless with a blue tint or that emits blue and red rays and has no black dots. A red or yellow collared diamond is considered beneficial and auspicious for kings, political leaders and administrators. White collared diamonds are suitable for religious, social and spiritual functions. A shower of yellow collared diamonds is success and prosperity. Black collared diamonds are suitable for those engaged in low level jobs or professions. Women desirous of having a son should wear a flawless white diamond with a light black colour. A diamond wearer is protected from the evil influence of evil spirits and snake bites. A flawed or flawed diamond does a lot of damage to the wearer.

It removes bad and fearful thoughts, improves financial condition and blesses the native with ease and peace of mind. It also cures diabetes, urinary and genital diseases.

Use of Gemstones: Gold or platinum should be worn on Fridays on the third or first finger of the right hand. Weight can range from 4 to 7 carats.

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 Astrology treatment from the troubles of enemies

Problem: If Saturn is within side the 8th residence of a man or woman's horoscope, is related to the enemy planet or its vulnerable signal is sitting in Aries, then many enemies are born, each step of the manner hurts, there's a opportunity of evil. Fate. The sickness destroys lives and property.

Sadhana Vidhan (Astrological Remedy for Enemy Problems):

 Start fasting on the primary Saturday of Shuklapaksh of any month with the aid of using carrying smoke beads across the neck and do it for 31 or fifty one weeks, donate oil after bathing at the day of fasting, pour water. Mix black sesame, cloves, milk and sugar and visit peepal or shami tree, then provide water dealing with west, first consume five-7 grams of urad dal, numerous culmination and oily meals, then take different materials and donate those things. Donate to a black dog, beggar or terrible man or woman in this day. Sit at the black seat dealing with west and chant the five factors of Om Pram Prem Prousah Shanishcharaya Namah Mantra.

On the remaining day of fasting, do Shamir Samidha. Donate oil, sesame seeds, urad, umbrellas, footwear and blankets, feed the pigeons grains and chook droppings. - Remedy the enemies

Benefits (Enemy Problem Astrology Remedy):

 Using it for a hard and fast time period destroys the enemy. All issues and boundaries cross away. It does now no longer purpose any damage and those dispose of illnesses and disorders.

To get out of courtroom docket:

Problems (Enemy's trouble astrological treatment): 

According to the enemy's treatment, if Mars is in a man or woman's horoscope in his vulnerable zodiac signal Cancer, then it's far ominous, the kid has much less imaginative and prescient within side the residence or it's far with an enemy. Planet, then that man or woman will ought to face a whole lot of trouble. The burden of debt is at the head. The courtroom docket instances got here up again. The monetary scenario stays horrific and the kids are harmed.

Rules (Enemy Problem Astrology Remedy):

 On the primary Tuesday of the lunar month of any month, begin fasting with the aid of using carrying Hanuman arm across the neck, take a look at this rapid for forty five weeks, first upload wheat pudding, modak and coarse bread within side the meal. Take 5 grams of churma made from molasses, do now no longer consume salt, feed the animal a few meals earlier than eating, mild oil lamp in Hanuman temple on that day, put on purple flower garland and gram at the idol of Hanumanji, observe vermilion. And positioned coconut at the feet.

Then take a seat down on a purple fur seat in the front and recite Hanuman Chalisa, Bajrang Ban or Hanuman Ashtak and chant Om Kran Kreen Kronsa: Bhoomaya Namah with a coral garland, forty five weeks later, at the remaining Tuesday. Feed the scholar pudding or laddu. In the south, use purple cloth, copper pot, molasses and coconut, use sabidha of ghee and ghee in Haban.

Fruit (Enemy Problem Astrology Remedy):

 Examining this sadhana with complete devotion and religion until the appointed time eliminates all of the issues. Get rid of debt rapid. The courtroom docket case changed into settled quickly. At the equal time the monetary scenario improves and happiness begins off evolved from the kids.

To win the trial:

According to the treatment of the enemy, Bajrang Siddha has to visit the courtroom docket with 5 Gomti chakras in his pocket, the choice of the case might be to your favour.

To manipulate anger:

According to the treatment of the enemy, if any member of the family receives indignant in conversation, smooth the conch at the south facet and fill it with water.

Do You Know The Vastu Story Behind Sawan Somwar Vrat?

Do You Know The Story Behind Sawan Vrat? Those who observe fast must recite it

Do You Know The Vastu Story Behind Sawan Somwar Vrat?
Do You Know The Vastu Story Behind Sawan Somwar Vrat?

Sawan is going on and there is an echo of Shiva devotion everywhere. Sawan is considered to be the best and the best to please Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is worshiped this month with full pomp and ceremony. Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati roam the earth during Sawan. He eliminates every difficulty of his lovers. Shiva is specially worshiped on all Mondays of Sawan. 

Let us know what is the fast story of Sawan Monday. What is the benefit of reading and listening to it?

Story of fasting on Monday of Sawan

There lived a very rich moneylender in a town. But he was very sad to be childless. He was constantly stressed over this  He used to fast and worship Lord Shiva every Monday to get a son. Seeing whose devotion, Mother Parvati told Shiva that this moneylender is a great devotee of you. He does your worship and fasting with great diligence. You should fulfil his wish. Shiva told the mother that O Parvati, this world in the field of work. Whatever action they do in this world, they partake in a similar outcome But Shiva had to bow down in front of the stubbornness of Mother Parvati.

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Lord Shiva said that even if he does not have a son in his face, I give him the boon of getting a son. But this son will live only for 12 years. The moneylender was listening to all the talks of Mata Parvati and Shiva. Because of which he was neither happy nor sad. Although he continued to fast and worship Lord Shiva as before. After some time she got a beautiful son. Happiness was going to the moneylender's house but he was not happy. When the boy turned 11, he sent his son to Kashi to study. The moneylender also sent the child's maternal uncle along with him. The moneylender had told his brother-in-law that wherever you go on the way, go for yajna and feed Brahmins.

Uncle and nephew were going on yagna and feeding Brahmins. On the way, they reached a capital where the king's daughter was getting married. But the king's son who brought the procession was Kana. The prince's father was worried that seeing the groom, the girl would not refuse to marry. Then, seeing the son of the prince's father, an extremely attractive moneylender, thought why not make this boy a bridesmaid till marriage. The marriage ceremony was completed with the moneylender's son. Showing honesty, the boy wrote on the knot that is tied in the marriage of the princess during the marriage, that your marriage is with me. I Will send you with the prince, he is an ear with one eye and I am going to study Kashi. Knowing the truth, the girl refused to go with the procession. 

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After reaching Kashi, the moneylender's boy started his studies. At the point when the kid turned twelve years of age. In the 12th year, the boy told the uncle that his health was not well, then, at that point headed inside and slept. The kid died. When Mama came to know about it, she began crying boisterously. Coincidentally, Shiva and Mother Parvati were going from there at the same time. While watching all these, the heart of Mother Parvati became distraught. He said that the child should be alive or else its parents will die in agony. At the request of Mother Parvati, Shiva gave her the boon of life, due to which the boy became alive.

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The boy and maternal uncle went towards their home after performing the yajna and feeding the Brahmins. They returned by the same route in which the moneylender's boy and the princess were married. The king recognized the boy and bid him farewell with the princess. At the point when the kid arrived at home, the parents were sitting on the roof of the house and had made a vow that if the son did not return, he will end his life. Seth welcomed him with joy and started living with great happiness. Whoever observes the fast on Monday and reads or listens to this story, everyone desire is satisfied

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Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati roam the earth during Sawan. He was constantly stressed over this He used to fast and worship Lord Shiva every Monday to get a son. Lord Shiva said that even if he does not have a son in his face, I give him the boon of getting a son.


Nadi Essential Package
Nadi Essential Package

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Never Let These Things End In The Kitchen Nor, There Will Be Financial Crisis

Mata Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. 

Due to her grace, happiness and prosperity remain in the life of a person, so when Maa Lakshmi gets angry, poverty starts coming into the house and the person has to face a financial crisis. 

That's why everyone wants that the blessings of Maa Lakshmi remain on us. People do not know what other measures are taken apart from worship to please Goddess Lakshmi, but sometimes there is a lack of money in the house. 

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The happiness and prosperity of your home are also linked to your kitchen as the kitchen is the place of Maa Annapurna. There are some things in Vastu that should never be allowed to completely disappear in the kitchen. It is believed that eliminating these things increases negativity and angers Goddess Lakshmi. Due to this, there may be a financial crisis in your house. 

So let's know which things should never disappear completely.

1. Flour-

This is what is truly significant in the kitchen. Although flour is kept in most of the houses, sometimes you are not able to go out due to some reason, due to which the flour ends. According to Vastu, take out the dough before it runs out. Flour utensils should never be left completely empty. It is believed that it can damage your family's property and honor.

2. Turmeric-

Turmeric is mostly used in food. Turmeric is also used in rituals and in deity worship. Turmeric is believed to be related to Jupiter. 

The complete absence of turmeric in the kitchen makes Guru second and there may be a lack of happiness and prosperity in your house and good works may get hindered. Therefore, turmeric should never be completely eliminated.

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3. Rice-

People often ask for rice after eating it for fear of getting infected by insects etc., but this is not true. Rice is considered as the factor of Venus and Venus is considered as the factor of material happiness. If you have run out of rice in your house, the order in advance.

4. Salt

By the way, salt is present in every house because without salt everything is incomplete. However, it should be noted that the saltbox should never be completely empty. As a result, you may face financial difficulties. Also, never order salt from someone else's house.


Vastu Reason Know Why Is Tilak Applied On The Forehead?

Tilak is applied on the forehead in most Hindu religious ceremonies. Know Why  It is Applied?

Vastu Reason Know Why Is Tilak Applied On The Forehead?
Vastu Reason Know Why Is Tilak Applied On The Forehead?

There is a custom of applying tilak in events like worship, marriage, etc., but do you know what is the scientific reason for applying tilak on the forehead. 

Why tilak is applied on the forehead?

Tilak is always applied to the center of the brain. The reason behind applying Tilak to the center of the head is that there are 7 small energy centers in our body. Tilak is applied in the middle of the brain because there is a chakra in the middle of our brain. Which is also called Guruchakra. This place is the center of the human body. It is full of concentration and knowledge. The Guru Chakra is considered to be the center of the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the Guru of the relative multitude of divine beings. That is why it is called Guru Chakra.


Tilak should be applied with this finger: 

Tilak is always applied with the ring finger. The ring finger is a symbol of the sun. Applying tilak with the ring finger gives splendor and prestige. Also, whenever a tilak is applied to the thumb for honor and respect. Tilak is applied by the thumb, one gets knowledge and ornaments. Tilak is applied with the index finger for victory. 

White, red, and yellow tilak:

Tilak may be of any color, everyone has energy, but white color ie sandalwood tilak is applied to make it cool, red-colored tilak to be energetic and yellow-colored tilak to remain happy. At the same time, Shiva devotees also apply Bhabhuti i.e. black colored tilak, which is an indicator of staying away from attachment.  

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There is a custom of applying tilak in events like worship, marriage, etc., but do you know what is the scientific reason for applying tilak on the forehead. The reason behind applying Tilak to the center of the head is that there are 7 small energy centers in our body. Tilak may be of any color, everyone has energy, but white color ie sandalwood tilak is applied to make it cool, red-colored tilak to be energetic and yellow-colored tilak to remain happy.

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