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Feng Shui depends on the Chinese strict book Tayo. It considers how energy has positive and negative effects and how natural forces exert a massive influence on life. 


Feng Shui items are effective in converting negative energy into positive energy. There are many benefits of using them at home and office. If you want to get success in job-business then one of the best Feng Shui tips can prove to be very beneficial for you.

Monday, June 26, 2023

What are the different spiritual practices that can help in achieving inner peace and harmony?

Exploring Spiritual Practices for Inner Peace and Harmony: 

Nurturing the Soul


 In our fast-paced and chaotic world, finding inner peace and harmony has become a priority for many individuals. While external factors may seem uncontrollable, there are spiritual practices that can help cultivate a sense of peace and harmony from within. In this article, we will explore various spiritual practices that can guide you on a transformative journey toward inner peace and harmony. By incorporating these practices into your daily life, you can nurture your soul, connect with your inner self, and experience a profound sense of tranquility and alignment.

Tuesday, May 9, 2023


1) Kali Mahavidya

Kali Mahavidya: Kali Mahavidya is said to be the most important, important, and unique of the ten Mahavidya, as it may fulfill all the ideals of life according to the leading scriptures of Mohakhali, Mahalakshmi, and Maha Saraswati among the three Mahadevas and get the desired result only by pursuing Mahakali. In this regard, if we review the spiritual texts, then almost all yogis, monks, thinkers, devotees and sages have given importance and importance to Mahakali sadhana in one voice. The Kali Mahavidya is the highest divine power of the Kali dynasty, ranking first among the ten Mahavidya. His name is ‘Kali’ because of his birth in darkness.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Spellbind Your Prospects

 How to Spellbind Your Prospects in 10 Seconds!

You've got yourself 10 seconds to HOOK your prospects or LOSE them!

If you can't make them interested in 10 seconds, there's a good chance you'll lose them forever. So, you'd better shoot it right and "grab" their attention -- fast -- if you don't want them to go to your competitors!

And how do you do this?

**Just write HARD-TO-RESIST headlines!

It works just like dating online. There are hundreds and even thousands of your potential dates floating on the net, waiting for you to pick for your Saturday dinner. You can't date them all at once. And you can't just read all of their ads either!

So what would you do?

IF YOU WERE A GUY, which lady would you "pick", and which one would you "pass" -- just by reading what they say in their headlines?

2 ladies post their photos, both looking like Jennifer Lopez. Which lady would you ask out?

Between the one that says "28 single latin lady, looking for a kind and sincere gentleman!"

And the one that says "Dance salsa with me, and you'll know I was born to surprise you!"

Wow!! I don't know about you, but I CERTAINLY like surprises!

NOW IF YOU WERE A LADY, which guy would you choose to go out with?

2 guys post their photos, both looking like Brad Pitt. Which guy would you pick and which would you pass?

Between a guy who says "A friendly, outgoing guy looking for a short-term relationship".

And a guy who says "If you let me, I'll make sure you get lost in my blue eyes as I sing to you".

Whoa!! This guy definitely knows how to turn the ladies' heads. He knows how to use romance and passion as his "secret weapons".

See the TEMPTING power of headlines??

Now it's time for you to SEDUCE your prospects! Remember, you've got 10 seconds!!

DON'T be the "Single Latin Lady". Rather, BE "The One to Surprise You"!!

DON'T be the "Fun-Loving Guy". Rather, BE "The Blue-Eyed Who Can Sing"!!

You'll be surprised how easy it is to get all the attention you want from your prospects and make explosive sales!

I'm going to make this really easy for you...

Here is the list of 111 READY-TO-COPY words I make exclusively for you. Make sure you include them in your emails as they will easily turn casual visitors into eager-to-pay buyers!

1. Use verbs that TURN THEIR HEADS

"unveil, discover, steal, kidnap, explode, shoot, skyrocket, blow, hypnotize, grab, surprise, reveal, expose, spin, increase, generate, stop, turbocharge, supercharge, launch, fire, boost, spark, reverse, bust, hide, arm, jump-start, score, hit, spill, spell, outsell, outsmart, skykick, burn, avoid"

2. Add words that CATCH THEIR EYES

"free, guaranteed, magnetic, magic, explosive, shocking, lifesaver, unbelievable, the number one, top-notch, secret, trick, pure profits, cash, non-stop, hands-free, all-in-one, step-by-step, shortcut, bullet-proof, fool-proof, no B.S., no hype, how to, instant, breakthrough, formula, front-page, master, top gear, six-speed, lightning fast, headache-free, insiders, jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, mind-blowing, head-spinning, jam-packed, power, success, weapon, surefire, kick-butt, sidekick, blackbelt, jealousy-guarded, pitfall-free, deadly-effective, sure-winner, warp speed, in a heartbeat, razor-sharp, mapped-out, armed, turn-by-turn, competitors, little-known, little-used, lifetime, turnkey, ringside seats"

3. Include specific numbers that STOP THEIR BREATH

"as easy as 1,2,3, by up to 927%, in as little as 7 days, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 5 days from now"

4. Use vivid, colorful comparisons that KNOCK THEM OFF THEIR FEET

"as easy as chewing gum, cheaper than a cup of Starbuck's coffee, sell as fast as fireworks on the fourth of July, sell as fast as ice cream in the heat of June, sell faster than frozen turkeys on Thanksgiving"

**Now that you're armed with this super-easy SHORTCUT, you can easily come up with the SLAM DUNK headlines like....

1. "Legally Steal the Jealousy-guarded Secret of the Heavy-hitters on the Internet!"

2. "Skyrocket your Profits with the Turnkey Marketing Tricks the Big Dogs Don't Want you to Ever Find out!"

3. "EXPOSED! The Search Engine Sealed Secrets that'll Sell Your Products Faster than Fireworks on the Fourth of July!"

4. "Discover Mind-blowing Techniques that'll Explode your $0 Website into a Knockout Worth $14,000 in as short as 8 weeks!"

Or 5. "REVEALED! How to Outsell your Best-selling Competitors with Little-used Pricing Tactics that Don't Cost you One Single Red Cent!"

P.S. Believe in the power of words! They can make your business prosper and make your dreams come true.

The author, Jaruda Boonsuwan, is offering one-of-its-kind, deadly-effective copywriting e-course -- at NO charge

Saturday, April 22, 2023

How to Have a Healthier Relationship With the Perfect Moon

How to Have a Healthier Relationship With the Perfect Moon
 Relationship With the Perfect Moon

The Perfect Moon

When we look at the night sky, most of us see a bright ball that changes shape and size and a whole bunch of pin-sized lights. It is now common knowledge that the Moon affects the movement of water on Earth. The tides ebb and flow with the pull of the Moon.

We're made up of 90% water, so it makes sense that the phase of the moon affects us, too. No scientific research has been conclusive in this area, and so it remains a theory - albeit a widely accepted one.

With such a mighty force upon us, shouldn't we try to understand the mystery of the moon? start small. Try to pay attention to the phase of the moon. Is it really full or does it just look full? Do you find that you feel differently when the moon is near full? What happens when the Moon is close to new and you can't see it?

Tradition says that the waning moon (decreasing visibility) signals a time to rid oneself of negativity. Quitting bad habits, losing weight, and letting go of negative thought patterns are examples of traditional waning moon activities. The cleansing energy is at its peak (no longer visible) at the time of the new moon.

Why is black Shivalinga always kept at home? What harm can be done by keeping white?

 Why is black Shivalinga always kept at home? What harm can be done by keeping white?

Since Shiva is content with little, there is no need to build a very big temple for him. A small temple is enough.

Shiva Tagore was only slightly satisfied. But if you want to worship Shiva, you need to be very sincere. Because any mistake in Shiva Puja means a great loss. Shiva is satisfied with just one bell leaf.

Many of us are Shiva devotees. We keep various idols or pictures of Shiva at home and worship them. But many of us do not know that there are many forms of Shiva that should not be worshiped or kept at home. It produces more bad results than good ones.

Many of us have a Shiva Linga in our homes. If the established Shiva linga is kept at home, then it can never fast i.e. it has to be worshiped daily. Daily worship of Shiva should be done according to the correct rules with all possible puja materials.

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Vastu Tips For Better Health

To avoid diseases, if you do some Vastu Remedies, you can get good health and a healthy body. 

Vastu Tips For Better Health
Vastu Tips for Better Health

It is very important to have the right Vastu of the house in order to stay healthy and fit. If the Vastu of your house is not correct, then it can also affect your health. 

ALSO VIEWAs Per Vastu Shastra In Which Direction Should We Sit While Having Food?

To get good health and stay healthy, you must also try these Vastu Tips.

1) To get good health and stay healthy, do yoga and meditation regularly. If you do this facing the northeast direction of the house, then you will soon start seeing positive results.

2) Worship the house in the North-East bearing to work calmly, increment positive energy, keep away from pressure, and increment your proficiency. If you do any chanting, does it sit in the same direction.

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3) Use light colors in the house to get good health. Choose from light colors for furniture, curtains, bedsheets, cushions, etc. Avoid using dark colors in the house.

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Feng Shui depends on the Chinese strict book Tayo. It considers how energy has positive and negative effects and how natural forces exert...

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