Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Spellbind Your Prospects

 How to Spellbind Your Prospects in 10 Seconds!

You've got yourself 10 seconds to HOOK your prospects or LOSE them!

If you can't make them interested in 10 seconds, there's a good chance you'll lose them forever. So, you'd better shoot it right and "grab" their attention -- fast -- if you don't want them to go to your competitors!

And how do you do this?

**Just write HARD-TO-RESIST headlines!

It works just like dating online. There are hundreds and even thousands of your potential dates floating on the net, waiting for you to pick for your Saturday dinner. You can't date them all at once. And you can't just read all of their ads either!

So what would you do?

IF YOU WERE A GUY, which lady would you "pick", and which one would you "pass" -- just by reading what they say in their headlines?

2 ladies post their photos, both looking like Jennifer Lopez. Which lady would you ask out?

Between the one that says "28 single latin lady, looking for a kind and sincere gentleman!"

And the one that says "Dance salsa with me, and you'll know I was born to surprise you!"

Wow!! I don't know about you, but I CERTAINLY like surprises!

NOW IF YOU WERE A LADY, which guy would you choose to go out with?

2 guys post their photos, both looking like Brad Pitt. Which guy would you pick and which would you pass?

Between a guy who says "A friendly, outgoing guy looking for a short-term relationship".

And a guy who says "If you let me, I'll make sure you get lost in my blue eyes as I sing to you".

Whoa!! This guy definitely knows how to turn the ladies' heads. He knows how to use romance and passion as his "secret weapons".

See the TEMPTING power of headlines??

Now it's time for you to SEDUCE your prospects! Remember, you've got 10 seconds!!

DON'T be the "Single Latin Lady". Rather, BE "The One to Surprise You"!!

DON'T be the "Fun-Loving Guy". Rather, BE "The Blue-Eyed Who Can Sing"!!

You'll be surprised how easy it is to get all the attention you want from your prospects and make explosive sales!

I'm going to make this really easy for you...

Here is the list of 111 READY-TO-COPY words I make exclusively for you. Make sure you include them in your emails as they will easily turn casual visitors into eager-to-pay buyers!

1. Use verbs that TURN THEIR HEADS

"unveil, discover, steal, kidnap, explode, shoot, skyrocket, blow, hypnotize, grab, surprise, reveal, expose, spin, increase, generate, stop, turbocharge, supercharge, launch, fire, boost, spark, reverse, bust, hide, arm, jump-start, score, hit, spill, spell, outsell, outsmart, skykick, burn, avoid"

2. Add words that CATCH THEIR EYES

"free, guaranteed, magnetic, magic, explosive, shocking, lifesaver, unbelievable, the number one, top-notch, secret, trick, pure profits, cash, non-stop, hands-free, all-in-one, step-by-step, shortcut, bullet-proof, fool-proof, no B.S., no hype, how to, instant, breakthrough, formula, front-page, master, top gear, six-speed, lightning fast, headache-free, insiders, jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, mind-blowing, head-spinning, jam-packed, power, success, weapon, surefire, kick-butt, sidekick, blackbelt, jealousy-guarded, pitfall-free, deadly-effective, sure-winner, warp speed, in a heartbeat, razor-sharp, mapped-out, armed, turn-by-turn, competitors, little-known, little-used, lifetime, turnkey, ringside seats"

3. Include specific numbers that STOP THEIR BREATH

"as easy as 1,2,3, by up to 927%, in as little as 7 days, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 5 days from now"

4. Use vivid, colorful comparisons that KNOCK THEM OFF THEIR FEET

"as easy as chewing gum, cheaper than a cup of Starbuck's coffee, sell as fast as fireworks on the fourth of July, sell as fast as ice cream in the heat of June, sell faster than frozen turkeys on Thanksgiving"

**Now that you're armed with this super-easy SHORTCUT, you can easily come up with the SLAM DUNK headlines like....

1. "Legally Steal the Jealousy-guarded Secret of the Heavy-hitters on the Internet!"

2. "Skyrocket your Profits with the Turnkey Marketing Tricks the Big Dogs Don't Want you to Ever Find out!"

3. "EXPOSED! The Search Engine Sealed Secrets that'll Sell Your Products Faster than Fireworks on the Fourth of July!"

4. "Discover Mind-blowing Techniques that'll Explode your $0 Website into a Knockout Worth $14,000 in as short as 8 weeks!"

Or 5. "REVEALED! How to Outsell your Best-selling Competitors with Little-used Pricing Tactics that Don't Cost you One Single Red Cent!"

P.S. Believe in the power of words! They can make your business prosper and make your dreams come true.

The author, Jaruda Boonsuwan, is offering one-of-its-kind, deadly-effective copywriting e-course -- at NO charge

Saturday, April 22, 2023

How to Have a Healthier Relationship With the Perfect Moon

How to Have a Healthier Relationship With the Perfect Moon
 Relationship With the Perfect Moon

The Perfect Moon

When we look at the night sky, most of us see a bright ball that changes shape and size and a whole bunch of pin-sized lights. It is now common knowledge that the Moon affects the movement of water on Earth. The tides ebb and flow with the pull of the Moon.

We're made up of 90% water, so it makes sense that the phase of the moon affects us, too. No scientific research has been conclusive in this area, and so it remains a theory - albeit a widely accepted one.

With such a mighty force upon us, shouldn't we try to understand the mystery of the moon? start small. Try to pay attention to the phase of the moon. Is it really full or does it just look full? Do you find that you feel differently when the moon is near full? What happens when the Moon is close to new and you can't see it?

Tradition says that the waning moon (decreasing visibility) signals a time to rid oneself of negativity. Quitting bad habits, losing weight, and letting go of negative thought patterns are examples of traditional waning moon activities. The cleansing energy is at its peak (no longer visible) at the time of the new moon.

Why is black Shivalinga always kept at home? What harm can be done by keeping white?

 Why is black Shivalinga always kept at home? What harm can be done by keeping white?

Since Shiva is content with little, there is no need to build a very big temple for him. A small temple is enough.

Shiva Tagore was only slightly satisfied. But if you want to worship Shiva, you need to be very sincere. Because any mistake in Shiva Puja means a great loss. Shiva is satisfied with just one bell leaf.

Many of us are Shiva devotees. We keep various idols or pictures of Shiva at home and worship them. But many of us do not know that there are many forms of Shiva that should not be worshiped or kept at home. It produces more bad results than good ones.

Many of us have a Shiva Linga in our homes. If the established Shiva linga is kept at home, then it can never fast i.e. it has to be worshiped daily. Daily worship of Shiva should be done according to the correct rules with all possible puja materials.

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Vastu Tips For Better Health

To avoid diseases, if you do some Vastu Remedies, you can get good health and a healthy body. 

Vastu Tips For Better Health
Vastu Tips for Better Health

It is very important to have the right Vastu of the house in order to stay healthy and fit. If the Vastu of your house is not correct, then it can also affect your health. 

ALSO VIEWAs Per Vastu Shastra In Which Direction Should We Sit While Having Food?

To get good health and stay healthy, you must also try these Vastu Tips.

1) To get good health and stay healthy, do yoga and meditation regularly. If you do this facing the northeast direction of the house, then you will soon start seeing positive results.

2) Worship the house in the North-East bearing to work calmly, increment positive energy, keep away from pressure, and increment your proficiency. If you do any chanting, does it sit in the same direction.

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3) Use light colors in the house to get good health. Choose from light colors for furniture, curtains, bedsheets, cushions, etc. Avoid using dark colors in the house.

Monday, April 10, 2023

Do this deed and prayer immediately if you have commit a sin

If you wrongly commit a sin, do this deed and prayer immediately

People make many mistakes willingly or unwillingly. Many sins are committed by forgetting these. In order to avoid the sin of error, the Qur'an-Sunnah has always said to fear Allah more and more. Because the fear of God will keep people free from the sin of injustice. It will show the way back to good deeds. This is what the Prophet himself said in the hadith.

Hazrat Abu Jarr Jundub Ibn Junadah and Abu Abdur Rahman Mu'adh Ibn Jabal (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, "Fear Allah whenever you are in a situation and do good deeds after every evil deed." Which will erase him (evil / unjust deeds). And treat people well.` (Tirmidhi)

Friday, April 7, 2023


Let's discuss the mysticism of it


First, let's define magic. Essentially, esoteric ism is concerned with the science of energy in its true and qualified form; Their reception, transfer and dispatch by each designated form. It refers to the unseen causes behind the world of effects. Next, it needs to be understood that when discussing forces, we are referring to the full range of forces affecting our planet; From the Solar System, from other planets and from different Astrakhan, and by extension, on each human being through his chakra centers. It should be understood that every human being is, by analogy, a "receiving set", much like a radio or TV. Man is the "center" of the collection of these diverse energies; Similar to the many transformer stations found in any major city.  Witchcraft demands from its followers a sufficiently independent character and a self-imposed discipline to stand apart from the masses; And should never be taken lightly.


The extent to which each entity can "register", or become aware of the effects of various energies, depends on the level of evolved consciousness. (How many "channels" can he receive or be aware of?) For the sake of clarity, a savage, who operates on an instinctive level, and an average human, who operates on a relative intellectual level, and The only difference is between a saint. , which operates on an innate level called Christ Consciousness, which is the level of competent acceptance of the receiving entity. Each human being varies in their level of receptive energy consciousness, although "mass psychology" has a leveling effect. Our standard I.Q. The tests are based on acquired knowledge to varying degrees, but their major drawback is that they are concerned with the accumulated knowledge of the materialistic world. The more consciousness there is, the more clearly we will be able to understand the relative truths of life. The whole purpose of human evolution on this planet is the gradual expansion of human and human group consciousness. (See, for example, Studies in Consciousness, Annie Besant, (theosophicalsociety.org, 1915.) All human pain, suffering, misery, illness, and "death" are due to the identification of the phenomenal world with the physical world; the major one hindrance to the higher life. All material things are temporary, transitory, mortal, transitory, mostly useless in our pursuit of spiritual forms, and end with material physical death, while everything spiritual is eternal, everlasting, immortal and Can be carried with us after physical death and even in our next rebirth in the higher folk. Character traits will be remembered.

Our individual level of consciousness depends on a variety of factors: our family, national and ethnic heritage; our own "legacy" from previous living incarnations on this planet; Our acquired status, through conscious effort, is under "evolutionary pressure" or, as our Bible expresses it, in our "return home to the Father." Our Higher Heaven, the Hermaphroditic Monad, originally descended in matter from the higher planes or dimensions of our Solar System; This descent is called "rotational strain". Having "arrived" at our cosmic physical plane, the nadir, or the lowest, most gross and materialistic plane of any solar system, we are now ascending the "evolutionary arc" as we gain spiritual awareness with each new physical incarnation. Are. Note: Reincarnation and Karma are the two basic or fundamental concepts of Gupta Science. It is understood that our western intellect mostly denies these logical truths, but an initiation says this: ridicule or denial does not change the truths of life. There are other planes above the cosmic physical plane; such as the cosmic astral plane and the cosmic mental plane, etc.; Each of these cosmic planes has seven vimanas and seven sub-planes. They are usually depicted as vertical in arrangement, but in reality they are seven plus seven spirals of streaming energy crossing each other; Draw a mandala. The more esotericism is understood, the more comprehensive and all-inclusive it appears to be, for all is one. Our solar system is a unity of dynamic life, and each manifestation is a small part of that wholeness. Our perception of being a separate entity is the "Great Illusion" in mysticism.

All forces are:

According to Tantricism, everything is energy, and our solar system consists of nothing but energy; The various manifestations of our solar system are all sentient beings, who embody different levels of energy. There is only one consciousness; of the Solar Logos, but differentiates between each manifested entity. The universal duty of every human being is to deliberately raise his level of consciousness gradually, gradually, through serious and steady meditation on spiritual matters. Intuition, or Christ Consciousness, for example, is the source of direct knowledge; That is, knowledge which comes to us from above in a flash, and which requires no words or symbols or mental explanation to understand. It points to the fact that words and human intelligence only color and confuse our interpretation of materialistic phenomena.  And insight comes from within the individual being that has attained this level of consciousness, not from any source outside of itself, which is the root cause behind many of the intellectual mistakes of our modern scientists and the use of "seekers of truth".  planet; through the application of the senses and the limitations of human intelligence. The subjects they are focusing on are the effects, the visible world, and never understand the invisible world of causes behind effects. This is also true of our medical practice, where attention is paid to symptoms, but rarely to symptoms. The accepted explanations of modern science mislead the rest of humanity, which looks to them for guidance on what to think and how to live and Acts as a barrier to a better understanding of the true nature of consciousness and the human being, which is in its essence the Divine; "God within." Existence in all forms is the Spirit of our Solar Logos in visible manifestation; our Solar System and all that it contains.

From the point of view of a true materialist, it is difficult to try to put into words the concepts of the so-called abstract, complex, mysterious and occult sciences; Yet once the basic principles are understood, they are easy to understand, consistent, and fairly easy to interpret, as exemplified in this paper. It is easy for scientists to deny the existence of a higher level of consciousness in the solar system and to turn to the more familiar materialistic, mechanistic paradigm of searching for scientific "truth." At the same time, conditioned terminology and mutually exclusive and repetitive constructions in various "scientific" institutions allow scientists to follow the "line of least resistance" in their thinking.


It needs to be reiterated that no study or research conducted strictly on the mechanistic, materialistic world paradigm can ever discover the real truth of life, consciousness, existence or our real purpose for being on this planet.

The Tantra's main question when observing worldly phenomena is: What are the invisible causes behind the visible effects? Reasons are what they want to discover and better understand.

What needs to be done is the acceptance and development of a spiritual/energetic paradigm such as the one suggested by the occult sciences, and careful consideration and consideration of some advanced initiative proposals whose effects are well known and received. . A great master of wisdom has said: There is a truth that exists, and humanity has the potential to discover it. To those wary of such truth-seeking, he simply asks, "Just try it."

Note: These comments are politely provided as ideas only, which may be helpful to some; Those who want to live high; Those who want to "live in spiritual existence".

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