Monday, October 10, 2022

Feng shui tips for financial crisis

Feng shui tips for the financial crisis 

We are on the whole completely mindful that the world is confronting a tremendous monetary emergency now. We call it a Hamburger Crisis. It starts from the Us and outbreaks to almost every part of the world. Many people get laid off. Many businesses from SMEs to global businesses are suffering to survive the crisis. The bad news is that everything is just started! We expect to see the real things next year.

As a blog writer of Feng Shui Tips, I would like to apply Feng Shui Philosophy to help every cure the crisis or at least to make you feel relieved and positive enough to fight for tomorrow. Under the situation that nothing much you can do, moving things around will help you in many ways.


the result of good Feng Shui will build an auspicious atmosphere in your house. You may never think about it because you were so busy with daily activities and problems or your business plans so on and so forth but now that when you have more time, look around and notice that your desk is so messy, the light of your restaurant is a bit too much, which making your restaurant so hot and waste more energy than normal, etc.

Look around, refer to my blog and start moving things around to follow the Feng Shui Tips. Let the energy flows etc. It may not solve all the problems in one day but when you do some improvement it does give you some hope that things will get better doesn't it? One of the goods of using Feng Shui during this time is that it's not a required investment at all. You don't need to do a commercial, discount promotion, or anything. A thing of Feng Shui Tips as a free way to improve your business.


the Feng Shui Tips will greatly help you to relieve and fade away from all the serious problems. When you spend time on something interesting, you will find that the time passing by so fast. It can even help freshen your brain and you may come up with some good ideas better than just sitting and keep thinking about the same thing. Sometimes you can solve the problem by not thinking about it too much. So, now get up and move things around..... Let the energy flow.....


it is from my own experiences that I have few friends who become a Feng Shui Practitioner or even interior design and do make a lot of money after they learn about Feng Shui. Who knows you will find new brighter jobs during the crisis.

After all, the positive mindset and fighting spirit are very important during this time. If your current job doesn't work out anymore, get up and find new things. It doesn't have to be Feng Shui, It can be swimming, writing, or anything that you like. I believe that all the effort will pay off one way or another as long as we do not give up... 

So don't give up and good luck everyone

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